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V is for...Lube?

V warming is very good at lubricating, however when it comes to warmth, it falls short. If you are looking for a good water-based lubricant, then look no further. You will not have to keep reapplying, and you can use this with most sex toys. If you are looking for a warming lubricant, keep looking.
Lasts, easy to hide, nice logo, wide compatibility range.
Not much warmth, can be a little runny for some, may not be the best for anal use.
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V warming is a water-based lubricant that warms while also lubricating. Since this is water based, it is compatible with most sex toy materials.

Here is a short list of compatible materials:

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene)
Futurotic Plus
TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
UR3 (Ultra Realistic 3.0)
And many more

You should make sure that your read the sex toy instructions to make sure, your toy may have a part that is incompatible.

To make sure your sex toy is compatible; you should always research its materials.
    • Any couple
    • Fast session/quickie

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The lube dispenses out of the bottle like anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, it is thick then quickly turns runny. The runniness is similar to baby oil but not as bad. The lube seems to last for a good amount of time and I did not need to keep reapplying.

The Ingredients are as follows:

Propylene glycol, Vegetable
Glycerin, PEG-8, Purified water,
Carbomer, Honeysuckle extract,
Triethanolamine 99%,

This lubricant is Paraben free and Hypoallergenic

Taste / Aroma

When I opened the bottle for the first time, the scent made me think of a popular anti-bacterial hand sanitizer that is lacking the alcohol. That is not a bad thing by any means, I love that smell. The scent is not strong, even better! The taste though...

At first the taste is sweet and then...Kind of numbing. I could not wrap my mind, or rather taste buds around it. It tasted sweet, but not plea sent. As soon as it touched my mouth it warmed up instantly. There is a rather distinct aftertaste, and I have to say it is also not very pleasant, it sticks around.

I do not know if there are any hazards to consuming this, I would take the usual precautions.


At first I did not notice much warming, I believe that it absorbs body heat and retains it, this is all speculation though. After awhile I noticed some warmth, not much but some. You do not want this thing to put you in the hospital, and it’s safe to say it will not.

I tried using more, thinking it might amp up the heating, it did not. As a Lubricant I have to say I was impressed. A little runny, but it did the job quite well.

As for anal sex, you may want to find yourself a less runny and thicker lubricant.


I did not receive this product in a typical cardboard/card box package. Therefore I will describe to you the bottle and its label.

I found the bottle to be very well presented. The V logo is just cool, the blue background is pretty, and oddly enough the small red circle brings out the blue. The Small clash of warm colors on the cool blue background was a nice touch, it was not a big clash or splash, but nice all the same.

Again I must draw another reference to hand sanitizer, the bottle itself resembles some hand sanitizers. The label however does not.

I personally like this; no one could tell it is lubricant by looking at it. If they saw it, they would merely think it was hand sanitizer. Now they might pick it up and squeeze some out if you’re not careful, they would soon find out it is not a very good hand cleaner.

Special Features

This product is made in the United States, if that means anything to you.

Personal comments

I did enjoy this lubricant, while it does not live up to my expectations it still is a very nice lubricant. Due to the lack of warmth my partner and I experienced I will be giving this product 3 stars out of 5 stars. It is still a very solid (figuratively speaking) product.


I enjoyed this lube, and there is a fair amount in the bottle. I see this lasting me quite a long time. However, it may not last some singles or couples quite as long. It is all based on the person.

I can not say I recommend consuming this, there is a bad aftertaste, and due to its warming qualities I personally would not.

There was not a lot of warmth, luke warm at best. That did not really affect the effectiveness of the product, but it did not perform as well as I expected.
Follow-up commentary
This was a decent lube, but I never felt a warming sensation. This lasted me quite a while, maybe three month, although how long it lasts for each person will vary. Its not that I do not like it, it is that it remained a constant in my opinion.

I would recommend looking elsewhere when looking for a warming lube, but if you want a nice water-based lube, this isn't a bad lube to go with.
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