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6 in one hand, Half Dozen in the other....

This is a difficult toy to summarize, and the directions that weren't exactly included didn't help. While this toy did make me come (hard), I'm not completely sold on the price + materials. It's comfortable to use, attractive, and the motor is very high quality.
Quiet, Interesting Vibes, Filling, Attractive, Smooth.
Cannot Sterilize, Injection Point Dimpling, Cost.
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It’s true, I had a bit of a crush on it. I loved the black, with the octopus extending its tendrils upward. I was drawn to it, and being drawn to a toy is sometimes enough to overcome common sense.

Clearly, I gave in. And while I really like it, the Nagi, as a famous Hollywood spy would no doubt say, is a mixed bag. It has many pros and cons, and therefore is difficult to recommend and advise.

The Sin-Five line is made of hygienic TPR. TPR is porous, and is not able to be sterilized, however it IS safe to use it without a nonporous barrier, with two provisions. You can’t share an unprotected TPR toy, and an unprotected TPR toy is (generally speaking) confined to the vagina. A TPR toy *must* be washed diligently, being lax and lazy will certainly lead to uncomfortable results. A vagina-only, unshared vibrator does not actually *need* to be sterile, to be used in the vagina – it does, however, need to be hygienic.

I am speaking basically, for brevity’s sake (hah!). Silicone is rightfully a popular choice, because it’s easy to care for, less fiddly than other materials, and you can easily sterilize it. I must say, I don’t mind TPR. I do not share my toys, and I don’t practice anal sex (yet). I also use antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner, every time I clean my toys.

This TPR is smooth and firm. It has just a little give. In fact, I do not see how TPR did this vibe any real favors. In my opinion, this vibe could have been made out of silicone and achieved the similar results, with easier care.

I purchased a Nagi and an Akmeo at the same time. They have identical motors and materials. Both have injection point dimples from the moulding process. This occurs when the TPR is still an a liquid state, and sets incorrectly. These dimples are often seen in products with less quality control than is desired. The ‘dimple’ is exactly that, a recessed point right at the tip of the vibe. I pinched, twisted, rolled, and pressed very hard at these points, and while they would squish, they’d always return to shape, and never became worse. I may kegel like a mofo, but my pussy can’t pinch yet, so I felt safe using the toy. Yes, it is ugly, but it does not appear to compromise its use, it’s just a little nook to clean extra.

The motor has impressed me. It is remarkably quiet for it’s strength, and it provides an unknown number of variations. An interesting choice was made here. The controls are Plus and - signs, which are slightly raised. The button itself is actually beneath the TPR, so you have to push into the vibe to change settings. These buttons can be difficult to press in the heat of the moment, as it’s easy to lose where the button is underneath the TPR. The only way to turn off the vibe, is to press and hold the - symbol. Pressing the Plus symbol endlessly cycles it through the vibration settings. After a certain point, the vibrations seem to randomize. I count at least 9 settings, before they appear to randomize. I like this choice, as I tend to be a button masher when I use vibrators. If you press and hold the button, you can seamlessly escalate to any strength of steady vibration.

I need to say this twice. I really like the motor this toy uses. I think it’s strong enough, interesting enough, and impressively quiet enough.

I also love the taper. I did not believe I could fit a 5.25” circumference toy into my body. I know my shoe size, my WPM, and I thought I knew what I could fit in me. The taper was so gentle and smooth, that I did not feel even an ounce of discomfort. I was using only the point of the toy, and it just naturally progressed to using the whole thing. The mere act of filling me up ‘to capacity’ engaged my G-spot, and I found myself really really pleased with the result. While 5.25” isn’t likely to make a size queen happy, I was started to find that it made me ecstatic.

The Nagi passed the bathroom sink test, for waterproofing. It was fine running under water.

All taken into account, I’d be hard pressed to figure if I’d buy it twice. The cost of exporting this toy from Germany to the USA, to Eden, to me, raises the price a good $20USD, it’s made of cheaper materials, that appear to not be as quality controlled as I’d like. However, this toy made me come really hard, and I think it’s cute.
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  • Spiking Glue
    You know what's crazy? I coulda written more. :x
  • Epiphora
    Injection point dimples! Wow, I learned something new.
  • Spiking Glue
    *nods* I learned about injection point dimpling from other toy hobbies, amusingly enough. As in, nonsexual toys. I never thought what I'd learned there, would ever apply, here.
  • Cock Wrangler
    Seriously, any line of vibes with that price tag should be using pure silicone.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Thanks for the great review! :)
    Dimples & not 100% silicone, that price tag is very high...
  • Foxxy Kitty
    Why so expensive? I could get more out of a cheaper priced silicon or glass toy than something that costs this much and isnt made out of either!
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