A Brilliant Bullet

The Flirty Plush Pack Magic Ball is a 7 function bullet, which is powerful and virtually silent. Its waterproof, EZ load, battery compartment allows for bath and shower play, and its 30" cord between bullet and battery pack, allows for use during various position intercourse.
Quiet. Powerful. Comfortable to use.
TPE material. Water-based Lube Only.
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I don't own a lot of bullets and I don't know why. The Flirty Plush Pack Magic Ball was my much needed opportunity to add another into my, what I thought was diverse, sex toy collection.

What I love most about this toy, is the fact that the bullet is housed in a large soft squishy TPE bubble, that has little hearts protruding off its surface. While I crave powerful toys, sometimes direct stimulation is too intense for my clitoris; and it tries to slink away from too powerful vibrations. This puff of material prevents the vibrations from becoming too intense serving as a buffer between my clitoris and the bullet.

While the "Magic Ball" TPE covering prevents severe stimulation, it does not detract away from the power of the mini bullet it houses. Even I (who has nothing but extreme adoration for the Hitachi) was able to easily get off. Very easily, and I was left with numb fingers and weak knees.

The Magic Ball has 7 functions that are controlled by a button on the controller pack that says "7". It also offers a separate on/off button that is positioned just below the functions button.

- The first pattern is a low hum continuous vibration. The light on the controller pack holds a steady green light with this setting.

- The second pattern is a medium vibration that has a shallower feel but a faster pace. The controller park holds a steady red light with this setting.

- The third pattern is a higher vibration at a higher intensity. This vibration has a way of working its self deep into the muscles resulting in a very good orgasm. The light on the controller pack holds a steady red light with this setting.

- The fourth pattern is a gradual escalation. It starts as a deep low chug, and increases into a higher intensity vibration at a faster speed. This pattern restarts once it has reached the peak of its intensity. The controller pack light flashes between green and red for this setting.

- The fifth pattern is a fast on/off pulsation. The vibrations are high and shallow while still being powerful. The light on the controller pack flashes between red and green for this setting.

- The sixth pattern is a faster on/off pulsation with deeper vibrations at a shorter interval than the fifth setting. The controller pack light flashes green and red for this setting.

- The seventh pattern is a deep on/off pulsation that pulses three times and holds the fourth as a continuous buzz for a few seconds. Once it has reached the fourth pulse it repeats the cycle. The light on the controller pack flashes green and red and on the last pulse that is held out like a music note, it holds a steady red. This is by far my favorite as it ensures a gradual buildup to orgasm. It teases with the quick pulsations and then delivers with the continuous vibration.

The controller pack has a 30" long cord, that is perfect for having a partner handle. It also allows you to hold the bullet in one hand and the pack in the other. The bullet however, will stay in place if you squeeze your legs together once you have it positioned against your clitoris. It also stays fairly well in position for those that like to masturbate on their stomachs and grind their vagina's into the mattress beneath them.

What makes this bullet even better is that it's waterproof. To access the "EZ- Load" battery compartment on the controller pack, you must pull the bottom of it out. It pulls out as a tray which holds the 2 AA batteries and then snaps into place when you pop it back inside. This design prevents water from seeping into the battery compartment, making this toy ideal for shower or path play.

The one con I have is, is the TPE material phthalates-free? The box says things like, "safe and pure" and "hygienically superior TPE material", but California Exotics says that about some of their Futurotic products and I've never known Futurotic for its hygienic properties. I've emailed them and the reply I received was: "Thank you for your inquiry! The item listed below is from our Safe and Pure selection... there are no harmful material in it." Which neither confirms nor denies if the TPE is phthalates-free.

Overall, I truly enjoy the Flirty Plush Pack Magic Ball. Not only is it a powerful toy but it's virtually silent, making masturbation a discreet event. It also has a long cord between the bullet and battery pack, making this one of the best clitoral toys I've found to use during doggy style sex.
To clean the Flirty Plush Pack Magic Ball, simply use soap/water or an antibacterial toy cleaner. Use only water-based lubricant.
Follow-up commentary
After 4 months I'm surprised EF hasn't made the decision to carry it. It's a good bullet/egg vibrator and yes, I've tried better- but for the price and the features, it's definitely a decent toy. Whatever the reason, I have to admit I'm a little disappointed.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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    I need a waterproof bullet - this looks cute.

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    Lauren, I suppose but up close it has little hearts which are actually kinda cute..... did I just say cute?
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    It's just normally they are oval.
  • Contributor: Nashville
    I've tried a lot of round ones, but you're right, a majority are oval.
  • Contributor: xoflxokcxo
    i've been searching for a water proof bullet, and ur review has pretty much sold me on it. Big smile i've never owned a round one b4
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    I'm sad EF decided not to carry this too, it seems wonderful from your review!!!
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    Awesome review. Got mine lined up. Cant wait to try it!
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