Rabbit vibrator
by Nasstoys

a dual action vibe for anyone who enjoys variety but especially those with hard to reach clitorises

With a plethora of intensity settings and vibration and rotation patterns, the Fluttering Butterfly can provide pleasure for most moods. The clitoral vibe's large butterfly wings allow it to hit higher placed or enlarged clits, making this a great dual action vibe for those who have previously been disappointed by this style.
Hits hard to reach clitorises, many settings, relatively quiet, large enough for most size queens.
Not low enough clit vibe settings, cannot be sterilized, no quick off switch.
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The Fluttering Butterfly|Fluttering butterfly has been a pleasant surprise, assuaging my previous fears that a dual action vibe would never work for me. Between a naturally high-placed clitoris and the enlargement due to testosterone injections for years, the clitoral stimulators on dual action vibes rarely hit my clitoris directly enough to make me come. Enter Fluttering Butterfly's massive wings and bullet vibe with an adjustable neck, though, and I found a happy ending.

The clitoral stimulator comes with four settings, which range from somewhat intense to very intense. Though this is really nice for those who love strong vibration, it might be a little much to start with for those who are more sensitive, especially given that the vibe is being directly applied to the clitoris once the shaft of the toy is in. Perhaps starting with another, less intense vibe would help for those folks. The bullet also can be adjusted in any of eight patterns of vibration. Those are the standard set of clitoral vibration patterns, from a consistent vibration to patterns of short, short, long vibrations to alternating strong and weaker vibrations. I really enjoyed one vibration pattern in which it vibrated in a staccato pattern. One problem here is that once you pass on from a vibration style, you have to cycle back through the entire eight (or turn off the toy and start from the first one again) in order to get back to it.

As I said earlier, the bullet vibe is part of a neck extending from the shaft which can be bent easily while you use the Fluttering Butterfly to better hit your clit, wherever it might be. In addition, the butterfly's wings vibrate, as do little antennae, though I can't say I really felt the antennae vibrating.

The rotating beads also come with four intensity (in this case, speed) settings and six rotation styles. The most important factor here was that the beads could rotate either left or right. Although, when they were moving in a single direction, I couldn't feel a distinct difference in those two (once the initial moment of new direction had passed), I did really enjoy the sensation of the rotation pattern in which they switched direction periodically. The six patterns essentially involve the rotation going in each direction in different proportions: everything from all one direction to equal rotations alternating direction to going left for a second and then right for three (and the opposite).

This is one of those toys where lube and a condom make all the difference. It's big. I happen to like big toys since I enjoy the feeling of fullness they provide but I also am well aware of the less than wonderful feeling of a toy your vagina isn't quite ready for. Lube is great, as is taking your time relaxing those muscles with a smaller dildo. The Fluttering Butterfly is waterproof (hooray for shower fun!) so you'll want to use a silicone based lube with it. Also, use a condom. Jelly is incredibly absorbent and, whether or not you want to share the toy, you should keep it as dry as possible. With respect to sharing, this isn't a toy that you should be sharing with anyone you aren't comfortable sharing bodily fluids: although a condom can keep the shaft clean, the butterfly itself can also absorb fluid. You can't sterilize jelly toys, though you can clean them with toy cleaner and warm water.

The really nice thing about this toy is that it's pretty hands-free. I like being able to throw arms back and grab at pillows when I'm on the verge of coming. The tricky part of hands free orgasms, though, is that once I come, I really want it to stop. Immediately. This leads me to a downside of the fluttering butterfly—no one-click-off button. If, like me, you have the toy on the top vibration or rotation intensity (there are four levels for each) when you come, you have to pull it out completely or click four times on each off button to get it to the off setting. This is doable but annoying.

Finally, sound. The Fluttering Butterfly dual action vibe passed my sound test: it cannot be heard through a door if music is playing. This doesn't mean it's silent but it's more of a dull roar than the construction sounds that accompany some vibrators, particularly dual action vibes.
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  • Contributor: Epiphora
    Ooh, I'm intrigued...a lot of rabbits also don't hit my clit right. But is this jelly or TPR silicone? It makes all the difference, to me.
  • Contributor: MaxD
    I'm also interested in Epiphora's question because the properties tab states this is TPR silicone not jelly. I would be so much more interested in this toy if it is TPR silicone!
  • Contributor: Gabe
    Hmm. That's a great question. The toy information on Edenfantasys says it's TPR silicone. The box itself describes it as a "clear jelly shaft" with a "hygenic silicone base." So, not clear, but I'll email the folks up above and see what I can find out. I totally agree- TPR silicone is a much more appealing material than jelly.
    In the mean time, to know: if this toy is TPR silicone, you shouldn't store it in a place with other pure silicone toys--the TPR silicone will melt with extended contact with pure silicone. You also shouldn't use a silicone based lube. That's tricky, though, since this toy also shouldn't be used with water based lube due to being waterproof. So, the solution I'd go with is to just always always always use a condom and from there, use whatever lube you want.
  • Contributor: Betty Rocket
    Great review! I may have missed it, but does the shaft itself rotate, or just the beads? :)
  • Contributor: Gabe
    The shaft actually doesnt rotate, but the head does. In my experience, the beads were much more obviously felt than the rotating head, though.
  • Contributor: Oggins
    Weird about the material confliction. I would buy it if I knew it was TPR silicone.... I've just had too many jelly toys melt on me.....
  • Contributor: Gabe
    Yeah, definitely. I'm wondering whether toy companies use the word jelly on product descriptions to describe anything that more or less looks like jelly (including materials like TPR silicone) because they figure most buyers won't know/care about the difference.
  • Contributor: Bulma
    I would definitely say that this is TPR Silicone if the box says it has a silicone base, or at least that's what my experience says. Also just wanted to clarify that water based lube CAN be used on water proof toys, it just isn't the best option during water play as it washes off super fast. A condom and silicone based lube would be a really good option though like you stated, as the condom would protect the TPR silicone from coming in contact with the silicone lube if care was taken.

    This seems like a pretty reasonably priced dual action vibe, and the large butterfly does look great for actually doing it's job. I do have a question about the "pearls" though, then I swear I will leave you alone :P Are they on a track or are they free floating inside? Thanks for the review, and I think I'll add this one to my wish list as the large butterfly sounds pretty nice to a girl with a large AND high placed clit :)
  • Contributor: Gabe
    Hmm. I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but let me give it a stab- the strings of pearls aren't directly connected to one another, if that's your question. They are somehow connected to the metal core which makes the head of the toy rotate--I can't see the specific spot where they connect but, when I squeeze stop the beads from rotating, the head also doesn't rotate. Does that answer your question?

    Thanks for the insight regarding the material. It's good to know about the water based lube tip-- I hadn't realized that it was only a bad idea in water play, though that makes a whole lot of sense. I hope you enjoy, if/when you end up getting this one-- It's so frustrating to have a great toy that only works for people with specific clit placement.
  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    Hands-free huh? I tried one of these vibes recently (granted it was a bad one) and can't figure out how that would work- mine had a big base-rotating outside my body problem anyway.

    As far as material, I think companies do use 'jelly' pretty broadly, not to refer to actual material differences like we use it. Also, you'll want to avoid silicone lube if this is TPR silicone, since the lube will react with the silicone and melt the toy. Covering with a condom might not do it, since there are still going to be exposed parts...
  • Contributor: Gabe
    Alright, folks, we have an answer. In fact, the base is made of silicone while the shaft/clitoral vibrator are made of PVC- a material very similar to jelly. Because the base is silicone, it's a bad idea to use silicone lube with this one. You can use water based lube, except when you're using it in water, at which point you can do your best with the water based lube or try the silicone lube but keep it away from the base as best you can.

    Cock Wrangler- I had had the same disappointment with another dual action vibrator and hadn't been too optimistic for this one. But, to my surprise, it actually does work hands free, or at least worked for me hands free. I think it's probably because of the adjustability of the neck which holds the clitoral vibe in place- it's pliable enough to be moved if you need it to, but firm/heavy enough to stay in place when you want it to. Nifty thing. I haven't had the base rotating outside my body problem, but will let you know if it happens in the future.
  • Contributor: Harlequin
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: barrettbn2
    Great review...thanks
  • Contributor: Anjulie
    Great review!
  • Contributor: damnbul12
    Thank you for the review
  • Contributor: LavenderSkies
  • Contributor: kierrakeke
    thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: sweetpea12
    Thanks for the great review!
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