A Little Piece of Heaven

Waterproof, 7-function, and made of medical-grade Japanese silicone, Celestial is a g-spot vibrator that delivers heavenly delight. The shaft is just soft and flexible enough to adjust to the demands of individual bodies while remaining firm enough for a good thrusting. Three rings just under the perfectly curved head provide wonderful stimulation. 2 AA batteries are all it takes to get this beauty buzzing.
Medical-grade Japanese silicone, ergonomic design, light-up button.
Battery compartment difficult to open.
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Celestial is the G-Spot angel of California Exotics' Couture Collection. It comes in a plastic bag inside a box inside yet another box. No nude humans prance on the packaging, just a photograph of the toy itself and a splash of water, along with all the selling points of the toy in bold letters. Just from a quick look at the box, you get the idea that it is made from medical-grade Japanese silicone, is waterproof, has seven vibrating functions, and runs on two AA batteries.

Celestial is pale lilac in color, and is completely scentless right out of the box. At 1 5/8" in diameter, it is one of my girthier toys and has a certain heft to it. Of the 9 1/2" length, about 6 1/2" are insertable. The insertable portion of this toy starts out fairly straight, but gradually curves to achieve a good g-spot angle. There are three rings at the curve which stimulate quite well during thrusting. The shaft is entirely seamless and velvety. It is of moderate firmness with a nice amount of give when squeezed, and is also quite flexible near the head. I found that I could bend the toy quite easily, but the shaft does not hold an angle or flop around. Rather, this bendable quality makes it easier for women to stimulate their g-spot by adapting to the required angle that varies from user to user.

Celestial requires two AA batteries, which are loaded into the back of the base. The battery compartment opens by means of a sliding lid. I found it somewhat difficult to open this compartment and had to ask my boyfriend for help a few times. Once opened, the batteries are easily placed inside and the lid goes back on without complaint. I did not observe a watertight seal on the battery compartment, but am sure that the toy is at least splash and shower proof as I have tested it under both conditions and found no leakage.

There are only two buttons on Celestial's control interface. The first is a small on/off button. This turns the toy on and off with a single click. Below this, right at where the thumb comfortably rests on the base, is a larger function selection button. This button lights up when the toy is turned on, which is a bonus for those of us who like to play in the dark. This button cycles through all seven functions, which include three intensities of straight vibration, and then four escalating/pulsating functions. After the last function, another click brings you back to the first function. A drawback of this one-button design is precisely that it is in such a convenient location--right at the base of the toy. When thrusting with Celestial, it is easy to accidentally change the function. As the manufacturer boasts, all it takes is a feather-light touch to change the function.

The strength of the vibrations on two semi-fresh AA batteries is a pleasant tickle at lightest and a wonderful throbbing hum at the strongest steady vibration. Celestial doesn't keep quiet about its talents, either. It purrs loud enough to be heard through a bedroom door, but softly enough that it can be covered up by playing music at a comfortable volume.

Since Celestial is made from silicone, it can be sterilized with a 10% bleach solution. Silicone's a lint magnet, so be sure to wash before and after playtime. Only use water-based lube with Celestial, as silicone lubes may deteriorate the toy's silicone material.
As someone who is usually wary of larger toys (1 5/8" diameter is large for me), Celestial's success was something of a surprise. Its material is soft enough and bends with my natural internal curves to give the best sensations. Although I don't usually like ribbed toys all that much, the three rings at the bend in the shaft worked perfectly for me and coaxed nice, drawn out orgasms. The head adjusts to the perfect angle to massage my g-spot as well. Celestial is truly an angel!
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  • Contributor: Sammi
    I've been wanting to try something from the Couture collection. This one has a good size and looks like a good one to try!

    Good review!
  • Contributor: Liz2
    This sounds awesome! Does it really deliver on only 2 AA's? Loved your review!
  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    That's two good reviews on Couture Collection products.

    Now I REALLY lust for one!

    Great review. Those ridges look interesting as hell.
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Sammi-- This toy has definitely raised Cal Exotics' image in my mind. Thanks!

    Liz2-- I was pretty surprised at how good the vibrations were, too. Thanks for stopping by!

    Carrie Ann-- I'm sure they lust after you too Winking Thanks!
  • Contributor: Mamastoys
    Waterproof..purple...uses "regular" batteries...and multi speed...what else you you ask for!!!!
    Thanks for a great review...going on my wish list! Smile
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Mamastoys--Well, a slightly less sensitive button would have made this toy utter perfection in my eyes. The slight flaw doesn't make it any less awesome though--I still love it! Thanks for stopping by!
  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    For the price I wuld hae expected something rehargeable, I'm not sure I would spend that much for something that uses AA batteries.
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Naughty Student--It is a bit pricey, but most rechargeable silicone toys are upwards of $100. That said, the 2 AA batteries deliver a decent vibration! And you can always get rechargeable batteries Smile
  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    Great review! Sounds wonderful.
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Lauren-- Thanks!
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    Those ribs seem really unique. Glad you enjoyed them. I do think the price of this is a little steep. =/
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Adriana Ravenlust--if you were interested in getting this toy but the price is in the way, I would recommend doing a little bargain hunting online. Some sites currently sell this toy for less (due to sales, etc.) Thanks for dropping by.
  • Contributor: Tester 100
    Uh, so nice review, but "Battery compartment difficult to open" - this is awfull!

    God bless this Little Piece of Heaven, if it can work without batteries...
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Tester 100--Yeah... if it weren't for that problem, Celestial would have gotten 5 stars from me. If only it were rechargeable!
  • Contributor: tickle me pink
    Great review! Glad to hear the ridges felt nice, I always think that toys textured that way would feel uncomfortable.
  • Contributor: ThatGirlOverThere
    Love the review
  • Contributor: zeb
    Thank you
  • Contributor: Emily12
    Thanks for the review
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