Luxury clitoral vibrator discontinued

A Lover's Gentle Caress

It all boils down to how you enjoy your clit vibes. If you have a clit of steel, you might prefer more direct sensations. This might not tickle your fancy, but if you're into more spread-out vibrations with a near tongue-like sensation. Then this toy is for you.
Soft and intense vibrations.
The vibrations are a little dampened but not too much.
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First impression

I didn't know what to expect with the Mimi soft, especially since I had an original Mimi close to 10 years ago now. The packaging was a little more colorful but still didn't spoil what was actually in the package. The toy itself has the same hard shell as the original Mimi but smaller with an extra bit of silicone padding at the tip. I thought this would dampen Mimi's strong vibrations, but we'll get to that later.

First Use

This toy was bought for solo play and potential partner plays in the future. I was hoping that it had the same pinpoint vibrations as the original Mimi, and while that is true, the vibrations are a little dampened from the soft silicone at the tip. This is good and bad. Good because when the big O hits, it doesn't overstimulate your clit, which means you can ride out that orgasm to its end. It's bad because it does take a little more poking, prodding, and massaging to get a good vibration going.

The way that the vibrations are a bit diffused did allow for more of a slow build-up and a very satisfying orgasm; pairing this with a nice vibe or a nice dildo would be amazing, or with a partner to give a little extra clitoral stimulation during the act.

Further Experience

Further experiments with the toy, using it solo for a slow build, and using it with another toy really made me fall back in love with the style. It doesn't give me the overstimulation that some vibes give, but I think that is because of the soft tip that I kind of scoffed at in the beginning.

My favorite part is the silky smooth texture and how it can put enough pressure on the clit without getting in the way of my vibe or my dildo if I'm using it with one of those toys.

Vibration Map

The tip does dampen the vibration, but it isn't that bad. It still offers an amazing experience, but if you're one of those with an iron clit or live for pinpoint stimulation, you might have to find that sweet spot.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

The soft silicone brought my orgasm down a notch or two without messing with the intensity, just the feeling of overstimulation that tends to happen with some harder vibes.
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