A nice…oh so arousing..surprise!! O MY!!

This massager is great for sore, tight muscles all over your body that need some TLC. It’s also perfect for stimulation in more intimate areas. With 10 different vibration settings for clitoral stimulation, you’ll be sure to orgasm and relieve that built-up tension from a long day! Invite your significant other to join in too because this massager is excellent for couples play--it feels incredible to both men and women. It would be a great addition to your toy box!
Range of Vibration Settings
USB Rechargeable
Quiet/discreet for a vibrator
Not waterproof
No attachments
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First impression

First, I have to say that because I respect what this wand massager can do for my body in a matter of minutes, I think it deserves a name. For this review, I’ll call it the O My! massager.

I was very excited to get this package from EF! I had been looking forward to trying out the goodies I had ordered, and the O My! was a promotional item that I received FREE with my order. The thought of this massager was arousing, and I couldn’t wait to use it—-even more than the toys I ordered. When I pulled it out of the box, it was in a pretty pink drawstring pouch.

Packaging-drawstring pink pouch

Inside the pouch, I found the O My! massager and a white USB charging cord (with no instructions for use).


It's an attractive massager with a shiny, black body and soft silicone, ribbed head. It's lightweight and easy to hold. The head to the O My! is very flexible yet still stiff enough to provide that extra pressure if needed for stimulation (which should feel really good in my most sensitive areas). The USB charger plugs into the bottom of the body, which seems to have no seal. There is no mention of whether the O My! is waterproof in the specs online, but I would imagine that due to this factor, it is not.

Charging-USB cord

I'm impressed with the fact that it's cordless and rechargeable. I'm excited to try it out!

First Use

I immediately turned the O My! on to check out the vibration power and was pleasantly surprised at the intensity of the first three settings (low, medium and high solid vibrations). I plugged it in to make sure it was fully charged, and the controls began blinking, which I assumed meant it was partially charged. After doing some chores, I came back to find the lights had stopped blinking (indicating a full charge). I quickly checked all of the vibration settings, grabbed a bottle of lube and positioned myself on the bed for a solo session with my newest toy. I first wanted to see what the O My! would do for my sore muscles. I started on the low setting and worked on my neck and upper back muscles. I increased the intensity and worked through the different vibration settings with muscles on my shoulders and my lower back. The O My! works well as a regular massager but does lack the power that other back massagers have, in my opinion, for deeper muscle pain. However, my main use for the O My! isn’t for my back. I was already aroused thinking about where I was going to use it next, so I grabbed my lube and covered the silicone head well. I began to massage my vaginal lips and clit on medium speed, closed my eyes and was in ecstasy! I turned the O My! up a notch to high and within minutes could feel my inner thighs warming up and my abdomen tightening. I had the most intense, wet orgasm, and I never left setting 3. My entire bottom (and my hand, unfortunately) buzzed for about 30 minutes after masturbating!
After my stimulating session with the O My!, it needed to be cleaned. I noticed that the head was plastic (like the body) with a ribbed silicone cover that could be removed for easy cleaning.

Head with silicone cover

I removed the cover, washed it in soap and water, and let it air dry.

Removeable silicone cover

I wiped the O My! down with toy cleaner and stored it in the pink drawstring bag with its charging cord.

Further Experience

My favorite experience so far with the O My! has been with my husband. The next night we started fooling around with the different settings applied to different parts of the body. He really liked the pulses on the head of his penis, on his shaft and he loved the feel of the steady vibration in the area between his balls and his anus. He was hard and leaking pre-cum, so I knew he was ready to go! He tried different settings on my nipples which gave me goosebumps, and then he began massaging the skin around my clit and my vagina. We did use some warming lube with the O My! for enhancement. I could feel the vibrations in my clit without it actually touching, and I started to get wet. He turned the O My! on high, pulled back my clitoral hood and went up and down from my clit to my vagina--barely inserting part of it—-just enough to make me moan. He then tried a couple of massager attachments that we already owned that happened to fit the O My! One was a G-spot attachment, and the other was a clitoral stimulator (put directly on the plastic head without the silicone cover).

G-spot attachment

Clitoral attachment

It didn’t take long using these with the O My! for me to enjoy a long, intense, squirting orgasm! We both really enjoyed the O My! and it will continue to be one of our go-to toys during foreplay and sex.

Here are some more technical aspects of the O My! massager--

The O My! is safe to use:
-Made with safe materials: Food-grade material/Hypo-allergenic/Latex-Free/Non- porous/Phthalates-Free
-Made of medical silicone and hard plastic for safer play

The O My!’s design and specs:
-The body is smooth plastic; the silicone head is smooth with a ribbed area
-Typical cone-shaped, medium-sized wand massager with a vibrating head
-Length is approximately 10"
-Head is approximately 1 1/2" wide
-If using attachments, those that will fit nicely must measure 1 1/2" to 2" wide to fit over the head of the O My! without the silicone cover. I stretched my attachments over the O My! with no issues.

Size comparison-water bottle
Length of massager-about 10 inches
Head width- 1 1/2 inches

Using the O My!:
-While charging, the lights on the controls will blink; when fully charged, they stop blinking; a full charge takes a little over 1 hour, 40 minutes.
-The O My! is easy to use with only 2 buttons: the On/Off button and the button to change the vibration settings.
-To turn off, hold the On/Off button down for about 3 seconds.
-If you press the button to change the vibration settings, see the vibration map for more details.

Maintaining the O My!:
-Cleaning the silicone cover is easy; Just remove and clean with soap and water or toy cleaner; rinse and dry.
-Clean the body with toy cleaner and dry; I would not recommend submerging in water.
-Use water-based lube (not silicone-based) during toy use
-May need to clean the ribbed area on silicone cover with Q-tip or toothbrush.
-The drawstring bag makes storage easy.

Vibration Map

The vibrations are strongest in the head of the O My! massager, but they actually travel all the way through the body and into your hand pretty strongly while you are using it too. I would say depending on what setting you are using, the vibrations can be moderate all the way to the massager's controls. After using the O My! for approximately 20 minutes, my hand was numb and buzzing. One thing to mention: it's fairly quiet for a vibrator with some power. You can't hear it outside of my bedroom with the door closed.

Here are the vibration patterns.

1. Solid vibration-low
2. Solid vibration-medium
3. Solid vibration-high
4. Steady pulsing-short, fast
5. Steady pulsing-long, slow
6. Pulse, pulse, pulse, long vibration
7. Series of fast pulsing, pulse, long vibration
8. Solid vibration slowing down until stopped, then starts again to full speed (rollercoaster)
9. Pulse, pulse, vibration, solid vibration
10. Small, fast pulses (rumble) working up to solid vibration
Rechargeable Massager "O My!" 10 Vibration Settings video clip
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

With my first orgasm using the O My!, I was alone, and I took my time to slowly massage everything between my inner thighs, while twisting and turning the O My! to see if the ridges felt different or if the vibrations felt different with the massager in different positions in my hand. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the solid low, medium and high settings on my vaginal lips and clit until I couldn't hold my climax back anymore. It was an intense, abdominal-clenching orgasm that almost took me by surprise. No attachments, no hubby. Just me and the massager.

My second orgasm was with my hubby after foreplay and sex using the O My!, some massager attachments and some warming water-based lube. That orgasm was a mixed G-spot and clitoral orgasm. Those are always lengthy orgasms and always take my breath--no noises, abdomen clenched, back arched and squirting. The O My! did its job well.
Pleasure Meter

This is how
I describe
my orgasm

Follow-up commentary
I still love this massager! Although it doesn't get taken out of the toy cabinet as much anymore because there are so many different toys to try out, it is still one of my main go-to toys for a solo orgasm. I have also put together a diverse and stimulating collection of attachments for it that both my husband and I enjoy! No regrets with this toy!!
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