As Powerful (and As Loud) As a Jackhammer

Every aspect about the rechargeable wand is outstanding and makes this purchase an OVERALL wise decision. For the toy fetish lovers out there, this would be one of those toys that you could always depend on to be durable, multipurposed, and erotic. Basically, this toy is the equivalent of a sexy jock combined with a sensitive nerd because it's hot and steamy but also reliable and caters to your needs. If you don't have a wand in your toy box yet, this one will expand your sexual experiences ten.
versatile, variety, rechargeable, waterproof, and intense
very noisy and hard to keep a secret if you're masturbating
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First impression

This was one of my first purchases from EF and also my first wand purchase ever, so I expected the worst and hoped for the best. It just so happened that it turned out in my favor to have this perspective because I seriously wasn't expecting to be as delighted with this addition to my toy box as I was. My immediate first thought was that I had to get this wand plugged in because I wanted to play! The smooth texture of the head of the wand seemed as if it would be very pleasant for all of my downstairs activities, with or without a partner, so I was anxious to take this toy on a test run!

First Use

Upon completing my initial experience with this rechargeable wand, I have to say that I was more than satisfied with my end result. The variety of features that this piece presents is phenomenal, plus it's rechargeable and has a heated mode that really tops off any kind of play session. For my first trial run of the wand, I played by myself like I always do while I was lying in bed and watching porn. The orgasm was definitely more messy than I had anticipated due to the numerous sensations this wand provides, like intense vibrations mixed with both mode variety and the heated feature. Its versatility is also notable, seeing as it can be used for muscular massages, nipple play, and genitalia play, so this provides a large number of options for both beginner and advanced toy enthusiasts.

Further Experience

Now, after a couple of solo sessions, I decided to pack this little rod of joy up and take it to a "friend with benefits" house to try it out with a partner. Let me tell you, I experienced orgasms that were close in nature to some of the first orgasms I had ever experienced in my life; in other words, this thing was FANTASTIC for couple play! These follow up sessions involved my partner using the wand to massage my body from neck to foot on my backside, then him flipping me over and teasing me with it by rubbing it lightly on my nipples and slowly moving it down my stomach, and all the while his mouth was buried between my legs. Once he got to my clit with the wand, he penetrated me with his tongue while he vibrated and bounced the toy on my clit with its spring-assisted headpiece. Needless to say, I was deliciously cumming all over his face within 30 seconds at the very most. After pleasing me several times via cunnilingus, he handed me the wand, held my legs spread wide, and penetrated me missionary style while I aggressively rubbed the wand on my clit; this sent me over the edge into several more orgasms that were even more intense than the first one, you guys! The battery lasted for a couple of play sessions with my partner on just a single charge, which I thought to be impressive all by itself. For the piece to be as powerful as it is, it is considerably lightweight and easy to maneuver even in close body-to-body circumstances. The only complaint that I have about this wand is the noise; NEVER try to use this toy in a setting where you are trying to be quiet, and I'm not talking about the animal noises that you'll want to make when you're playing, I'm talking about the actual vibrational noise. This thing is certainly a LOUD toy! No matter how loud it is though, it is definitely worth putting on your wish list or adding to your shopping cart!

Vibration Map

All of the vibration is released through the spring-assisted headpiece at the tip of the toy. The spring is awesome for bouncing the toy for clitoral play and for bending the toy in any angle or direction you might need. Plus, I've already mentioned it before, but I'll say it again: the heated feature on this wand is AMAZING! The fact that it is so versatile for all sorts of tantalizing play for solo or couple sessions is reason enough to make this purchase, but when you add in the heated parts, mode variety, smooth/flexible headpiece, and the rechargeable function as well, it makes the wand a must-have for every toy enthusiast's collection!
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I'm not a "squirter" and this device still made me so wet when I had my orgasms that I made a few wet spots on the bed all by myself. With the experience that I've gained with this toy so far, I would have to say that using it with a partner is always going to be the best option, but I think just about everything is better with a partner, so that's nothing new. My tip would be to start out at the first level and slowly work your way up so that you don't wear yourself out quickly because this toy has the endurance and the variety to make for a very nice and lengthy play session if you pace yourself. Just some food for thought. Plus, I could see it easily desensitizing certain body parts very quickly if you go too strong too fast. My orgasms with this toy were a surprising 5-stars!
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  • Contributor: Leil@
    I was also pleasantly surprised with my first wand experience. These are rightly called - MAGIC WANDS!!!
  • Contributor: WildOrchid31
    Thank you for clarifying how loud this wand can be. Sometimes you don't know until you receive it. Very helpful review.
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