Rechargeable beaded dolphin - g-spot rabbit vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Oggins


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A so so vibe, not recommended for beginners!

I found that this toy was just not for me! The direct clitoral stimulation was too intense. If you are looking for extreme g-spot stimulation and extreme clitoral stimulation this would probably work for you but, every time the "nose" of the dolphin hit directly upon my clit, I wanted to jump through the headboard! Thrusting wasn't much better for me. The three waves became somewhat irritating on my g-spot. It's just not suitable for me...
Cute, Rechargeable.
Jelly, Dolphin "nose" too intense!
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When my rechargeable beaded dolphin|Rechargeable beaded dolphin arrived and I removed it from the box, it gave off an odor very similar to most jelly type toys. It wasn't an overpowering icky smell but, even after washing it, the smell did remain. From what I have experienced, this seems to be very common with this type of material. Jelly material is porous and cannot be properly sterilized so, it is recommended that you cover this toy with a condom before use. Jelly can be cleaned with warm water and toy cleaner. I also use mild soap and water but, it is recommended that you do not use "strong" soaps to clean these. You can use water based and silicone lube with Jelly.

The rechargeable beaded dolphin seemed a bit larger at the head than I thought it would be but, this didn't deter me because it looked amazing! It has three "waves" for the head which are supposed to stroke your g-spot and then narrows down to the shaft that contains 5 rows of non-jamming beads. Lastly, there is the dolphin shaped clitoral stimulator at the base of the shaft.

On the control panel, there are very simple controls. There are two + and - buttons. One located on each side while one controls the dolphin clitoral stimulator, the other controls the rotation/gyration(the head also gyrates). There are 3 levels of intensity that these buttons control. There is also a button in the center that can reverse the rotation of the beads and the head. I pressed the buttons to turn it on so I could try out these features but, I was surprised to find that this vibe was NOT charged even though the box stated it came "charged and ready for action". There are 3 rechargeable AA batteries inside of this vibe but, there isn't any way to replace them if they go bad. The box says a 6 hour charge will give you 75 minutes of use. There is a light on the charging stand that actually does go from red(not charged) to green(charged) when it’s ready to be used.

When I did(finally!)get to try out this vibe, I was pleased to find that the dolphin clitoral stimulator was pretty intense! This dolphin felt amazing during foreplay! We held the dolphins back against my clit and vaginal opening and I loved this feature! Upon insertion, the head felt amazing on my g-spot but, once fully inserted it was actually too far in and was above my g-spot. The gyration also felt wonderful but, the rotating beads were not as pronounced as I thought they would be. They also seemed to slow considerable when I clenched down on them. While I did get stimulation from them, it was not as intense as from other toys I've tried. While thrusting this toy in and out, the "waves" seemed to be kind of irritating. They didn't hurt but, didn't feel very good either. I found it better to just let it sit still with possibly some mild movement. The "nose" on the dolphin clitoral stimulator seemed a bit too intense for me. It’s pretty firm and applies a lot of stimulation pinpointed on your clit. I had to either move it to the side or keep it on settings 1 or 2.

I definitely would not recommend this as a first vibrator! If you like a lot of g-spot stimulation and intense, direct clitoral stimulation then this would probably be what you are looking for. I just found it to be too intense for my clit and not very good for thrusting.
Follow-up commentary
Believe it or not, I actually began enjoying the sensations that this vibe produced more and more each time I used it. Well, that was until I realized I was allergic to the material. I have never had a reaction to any other jelly toys before but, apparently this one is the exception to that rule! Since jelly is porous and cannot be properly cleaned, you should cover it with a condom before each use anyway so, I am never going to use this one without a condom again! That is on the rare occasions that I will be using it. I say that because, not only do I appear to be allergic to it but, it also doesn't hold a charge very long at all. I mean, you actually have to have this on the charger all the time and take it straight off the charger to use it or, it will not last very long at all before it goes completely dead rendering it useless. As long as you keep it on the charger, it seems to last for quite awhile but, if you think you can charge it and put it on the dresser to use that night, don't expect too much of a performance! I would honestly recommend looking into other options before purchasing this one! It's way to expensive for it's performance and it's jelly. There are better options out there!
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  • Bulma
    Too bad the beads aren't very pronounced, but it sounds like the clit stimulator is right up my alley ;)  Great that this has so much power, just wish it was made of a material other than jelly.  Good suggestion about using condoms, thanks for mentioning that :)

    Nice review!
  • That's so lame that a $100+ vibrator is still jelly!
  • Dame Demi
    I also like more pronounced beads.  I suggest looking for vibes with beads that protrude from the shaft a bit.
  • Oggins
    Thank you all for the comments!

    To Bulma-there appears to be a full size egg in the dolphin clitoral stimulator so, it does pack quite a whollop!  The "nose" is also pretty firm.  I just prefer mine softer.

    To Epiphora-I totally agree with you!  I wish everyone would just go to silicone already!

    To Dame Demi-Thanks for the tip and I will definitly be keeping an eye out for this feature in the future!
  • Essin' Em
    Hmm...too bad...for that cost, I'd go with a Lelo toy.

    Did it actually hold the charge for 75 minutes, or kick the bucket before that? 
  • Oggins
    Essin', to be honest, I didn't use this for the full 75 minutes at a time yet.  I have used it for 30-40 minutes without it kicking the bucket yet.  The power didn't really seem to be any weaker at that point either.  I do have concerns about whether or not the batteries will stay "good" though.  I'm not really sure if you are supposed to run these batteries completely dead before recharging or if you can just stick it back on the charger when your finished with it like I do.  There were no instructions included so, I really have no clue.....yeah....probably should have gone with a Lelo....
  • Intensity is right up my alley, stinks like heck it's jelly though...
  • Oggins
    I totally agree with you sleeping dreamer!  It's just too bad that these companies seem so slow at making a change for the better!
  • pinkcupcakes
    thanks for the review!
  • nicole07
    nice review
  • darkkitty
    Thank you!
  • jeangel246
    Thanks for the review
  • Nemon
    Thanks for the review.
  • Rhinobaby
    nice review!
  • Kekej
    thanks great review
  • kierrakeke
    thanks for the review
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