A Star-Crossed Love

Made from 100% medical grade silicone, Fun Factory delivers a fun, themed vibrator that is good to your body and sure to last a long time. With clever, raised designs, the Capricorn Astrovibe's look is both adorably kitschy and stimulating. Who says you can't be silly and sexy at the same time? A perfect birthday gift for a Capricorn you care for or whimsical treat for any star sign!
Clever design, nice texture, non-porous and easy to clean, would make a cute birthday gift.
Few settings, can be turned on unintentionally, very weak vibrations, G-spot curve.
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Fun Factory's Capricorn is a well made, simple multi-speed vibrator that is perfect for those that require only mild vibrations to climax. For these individuals, this little vibe is perfect for clitoral stimulation and vaginal use, although due to its lack of flanged base it is not safe for anal play. Those that require moderate to strong vibrations can still enjoy the Capricorns deeper, slightly more rumbling thrumming to tease the clitoris or to use to reach G-spot orgasms through thrusting. While this is a rather straight toy, it can be angled for moderately strong G-spot pressure. For internal use the vibrations may not be enough to bring you to orgasm by themselves. However, with a combination of a motor charged by two AA batteries and some clever maneuvering you can certainly have some fun with the Capricorn.

Capricorn is also a great toy for beginners because its twist dial and basic design are easy to use and non-intimidating. It's a great starting point for those just beginning to develop their taste in vibrators!

Material / Texture

The Capricorn is made from a lovely matte silicone that buyers have come to expect from Fun Factory. The more textured surface creates a nice bit of friction, however combined with its size, this drag may necessitate a bit of lube even for those of us that don't usually use it. Luckily, the matte surface has a tendency to "grab" and hold on to lube better, especially water based which has a tendency to run a bit. Because this is made from 100% silicone it is completely non-porous and does not had any inherent scent or taste.

In addition to having a nice bit of texture due to the silicone, the Capricorn is also carved with some swirling raised marks that would seem to lend the toy's namesake. Fun Factory's Astrovibes line features a vibrator for each star sign, each sporting clever relief designs that pay tribute to their astrological character. The Capricorn's sign is a half goat and half fish beast which seems to be invoked more in the abstract here. Undulating waves call to mind the horns of the goat. These raised "horns" create more stimulating texture that is felt more so internally than when applied to the vulva or clitoris. If you are sensitive to a lot of texture, or think that the texture in combination with the relatively large size of this toy may be too much for you, this may not be the best Fun Factory vibe for you!

Design / Shape / Size

A deceptively cute toy if I've ever seen one, the Capricorn is actually quite a bit larger than it appeared to me in the pictures. Nearly two inches in diameter at its widest point and seven inches long (with six and a half of those inches being insertable,) this is not for the faint of heart if you intend to take the entire length of the shaft. For those that enjoy girth, those will be six and a half inches of joy, but for the rest of us the more narrow upper end of the shaft is far more interesting. There is no curve for G-spot stimulation which may prove troublesome to those just getting acquainted with theirs, or those that need firm pressure. However, with a little angling the Capricorn can be thrust shallowly into the vagina, pointed upward to provide moderately firm G-spot stimulation. The end of this may be too pointed to be comfortable for some, but for others this may be just the kind of touch that your G-spot craves. This vibrator is not for everyone, so it's important to be aware of how it may interact with your anatomy before purchasing!

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrating functions on the Capricorn are controlled through a classic, and perhaps even old-fashioned, dial-base cap. The cap screws over the battery compartment to secure the two AAs needed to make your motor run, and the dial on this cap can be turned clockwise in increments to turn the toy on and increase power. This design has benefits and pitfalls of course, as is the case with many toys. The dial design makes the toy easy to turn on and off quickly, and if you are ever disturbed during use it is easy to snap this vibe off and answer the door or telephone. Other toys with complicated and multiple sets of buttons take longer and can be a pain to get going and turn off. This design is also very user-friendly and accessible to beginners who have perhaps never owned a vibrator before, and the dial also allows a simple way to control intensity. On the downside, the Capricorn is very easy to turn on unintentionally and it can be dialed up to higher or lower speeds accidentally as well. There is also not a tremendous amount of variety in the speeds and there are no pulsing, escalating, rollercoaster or any other patterns at all to speak of.

Those that require moderate to strong stimulation from vibrators to climax will be disappointed in this toy. I typically need moderate strength to achieve a clitoral orgasm with a vibrator and after many attempts I decided that climaxing with the Capricorn was just not going to happen in this way. It would likely not bring most women to a straight clitoral orgasm, although those that are very sensitive and irritated by stronger toys will absolutely love the Capricorn. It's not a complete bust for those that lust after powertool-like motors, however. This can still be inserted for some relatively strong G-spot pressure, and the mild internal vibrations combined with clitoral stimulation has provided me some very satisfying combination orgasms. Certainly this vibrator can work for a wide variety of people with a little effort and some creativity.

Care and Maintenance

This vibrator is somewhat more difficult to care for as a result of not being water proof or splash proof. It is made from silicone and is therefore non-porous, meaning is cannot absorb bacteria, but only gather it on the surface. For this reason a quick swipe with a 10% bleach solution or an anti-bacterial wipe should kill most microbes, and you also won't damage the motor with water. Just don't forget to wipe off your toy with a towel moistened with plain water after using either of these cleaners so you don't leech any of these solutions into your body during playtime! If you'd prefer to use soap and water, you can carefully scrub your toy with anti-bacterial soap and a moist towel. Take care to avoid the battery compartment and ALWAYS make sure the cap is screwed on tightly when cleaning in this way so you don't get water inside and ruin your vibrator!

The Capricorn can be stored easily in a plastic Ziploc bag or lint-free pouch to prevent it picking up dust, lint and hair. It should not be stored openly with toys made from soft materials like TPR, TPE, rubber or jelly as silicone can melt or warp the shape of soft non-silicone toys. Only use water or oil based lubricants with your Astrovibe because silicone lubricants can bond to your toy and leave behind a gummy mess that is difficult to remove.
Follow-up commentary
I try to find the upside to a toy, even one I really hate. This one though? It just makes me mad when I even think about using it. The taper makes no anatomical sense: my vagina wants to push this thing out every time I insert it. The vibrations are weak and the dial base is shockingly primitive for such an awesome company. Fun Factory has impressed me so thoroughly with toys like the Delight that I hold it to a very high standard, and this falls way, way short.

After trying this a few more times I ended up giving it away. I'd like to see it put to use because it's silicone and all that, but gosh I hate it.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Contributor: kck
    DAMMIT. Why is this so beautiful yet so disappointing? Major meh-age!
    PS - The Bard and I love your title
  • Contributor: Selective Sensualist
    Excellent review. I love the title, too!
  • Contributor: Owl Identified
    Oddly enough, this is not my first Bard reference for a review title. My Lit. undergrad roots showing? Or the ubiquity of Shakespeare in pop culture?
  • Contributor: Sammi
    Too bad it's so weak - I love the design
    Good review!
  • Contributor: mnc5051
    Good review, I agree with Sammi, sucks its so weak!
  • Contributor: anonomous
    Thank you!
  • Contributor: pinkzombie
    Very nice review, thank you!
  • Contributor: Red Riding Hood
    Great detailed review. Thank you so much!
  • Contributor: klyte
    Thanks for the review!
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    Thanks for a great review
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