A Unique Sensation for the Brave Explorer

Using this unique toy, with it's intense texture and firm structure is not for everyone, but those who enjoy an intense sexual experience and rough style play may find this toy has a good niche in their toy arsenal.

Although the toy is arousing, some may find the structure off putting or may be frightened by the heavy dollops. But the dollops are soft and give an almost "massage like" experience, but the toy is still probably reserved for those who are ready for a Rough Ride.
large size, strong vibrations, G spot hook, interesting texture
may be too textured or large for some, takes C batteries
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This toy, the Taffy Ticker Water G is a uniquely textured G Spot vibrator. I see the texture as more of an appeal to this toy than the G Spot hook, although the hook is usable and firm enough for good G Spot work.

The thousands of tiny hand applied silicone "dollops" end in minute soft points, and give an internal or external sensation like no other toy I have ever tried.

It can be used internally (more about precautions later) on the labia, it is a great toy for clitoral use. The G Spot hook makes this toy a great clit massager, especially when lubricated. It can also be used on nipples, testes or any part of the body needing an intense experience.

I would not recommend this toy for anal use. It may be long enough (Tristan Taormino says most toys 8 inches or longer, with room enough to grab with an entire fist are usually "safe") but the dollops have room between them for both bacteria and possibly detritus to adhere to. It might be very difficult to clean after anal use, as sterilization is impossible due to the TPR added to the silicone. Also, as anal tissue is more delicate than vaginal tissue, it is probably best to reserve this toy for uses other than anal play.

This toy shines when used for intense texture play is desired. Whether in bedroom or dungeon, experienced lovers or even novices who love intense texture will find pleasure with this toy.
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Material / Texture

The Taffy Tickler Water G is made from TPR silicone over a hard plastic battery case. It has the traditional dial base.

The entire surface of the toy is covered with hundreds (thousands? I didn't count them) of hand applied silicone "dollops" similar to what you would see decorating a fancy cake. The dollops end in little soft points, which stimulate the selected tissue (vaginal lips, inside the vagina, clitoris, testes) in an very unique way.

Topco, the manufacturer says the toy is made of "silicone" but Eden says it's TPR Silicone. As it has a mild plastic smell (not bad, not like Sil-A-Gel or anything and it washes away easily) I am assuming Eden is correct. I went to Topco's site, but couldn't find any additional information about the material. The toy has no detectable taste, but if placed close to the nose, the mild plastic smell, which is one which seems like it will eventually dissipate, is a little stronger. I am very sensitive to smells and this one doesn't bother me at all.

I treat this toy like TPR silicone; that means no silicone lube and no oil based lube. Water based, or if you are brave and juicy, your own natural lubrication is appropriate to use with this toy.

I hate to say "this toy is for beginners" or "this toy isn't for beginners" because I don't know who considers themselves a "beginner" some newcomers to sex toys have a lot of sexual experience, and even some who are new to sex and toys may have a hungry appetite for intense toys and heavy experiences.

The texture of this toy does make insertion a bit of a challenge, it provides a lot of drag and the I feel one must go slowly with penetration, until lubrication is well established and the vagina becomes accustomed to the unique feel and large size (about 5 3/4 inches circumference) of this toy.
    • Bumpy
    • Flexible

Design / Shape / Size

This toy, as I said, is covered with soft slightly prickly dollops, about teardrop sized, over a hard, rigid plastic base. The product also has a G Spot hook, which is quite nice and works well for G Spot work (for some, depending on where your G Spot is, as the toy doesn't bend at all) and really shines when the lubricated tip is vibrating and placed against the clit and moved around. *Whew* This toy is intense.

I am not one to go after G Spot orgasms, as if they are not combined with a Clitoral orgasm, leave me frustrated (this is not the toy's fault, it's my body mechanism) I bought the toy for the texture. I also have a hard time sometimes telling when I have a blended orgasm, but I'm pretty sure this toy did bring me some blended orgasms.

The vibrator is a large toy. It is 8 inches in length, 7 inches are insertable. The toy is 5 1/2 to 5 3/4 circumference, which comes out to about 1 3/4 diameter. The dollops are very pliable, so the exact girth measurements are variable.

This toy also have no give to it. The hard plastic core does not bend or waver at all during use. This is often good for a G Spot toy, as many women desire a firm pressure on their G Spot for results.

However, given the size of this toy, the rigid construction may be a little too intense for more sensitive users.

This toy is not discreet. It looks like a wicked sex toy, and honestly, it is. This intensity may suit some users and not others.

I store mine in cloth, in a large toy bag. It's size requires a good hiding place, if you have nosy people who may go into your belongings.
    • Unusual texture
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy's unique qualities really intrigued me. I saw a review on an other toy in the Taffy Tickler line (the hand held clitoral massager) and thought that it would be an interesting toy to use.

This toy takes 2 C batteries. I have not owned a toy which required this battery configuration before. I remember many years ago, that old fashioned hard plastic sex toys (usually owned by aunts or older cousins and left where prying little eyes could see them, or at places like Spencers) required C batteries, but most modern sex toys use AA or AAA batteries. This required me to do a complete search of my house for batteries for the first use, as C batteries are not in as common usage as before. I found a set in a product, no longer used, but still fully charged, and was glad to find them.

The vibrations travel well all through the toy. They seem to emanate from the middle of the toy and radiate towards the tip. The C batteries provide a very strong vibration, which can be modulated by the dial bottom. The bottom control has enough quality that it is not easy to change speeds accidentally, as the dial usually stays where you put it. It also is easy to change intensities, one simply turns the dial to increase or decrease intensity of vibration.

The toy makes a moderate amount of low pitched vibrational noise. At first there was a rattling sound, made by the batteries moving around in the battery compartment, but a leaf of card stock quality paper, with battery specifications on it, was inside the toy, and I simply cut the card in half and placed it next to the batteries, and it solved the rattling problem.

The vibrations are fairly low in register. It is not a buzzy toy, thank heavens, as any toy with this intense texture should have a deep register to match.

The toy takes some time to use for penetration. Some reviewers have said it "absorbs" lube, but I have used it with and without lube and have had no problems in this area at all. Due to the size and the texture and the amount of drag the texture provides, please take your time while attempting to penetrate the vagina with this toy. The texture bumps are soft enough to not cause any damage to most women if used slowly and carefully.

I found alternating at first shallow penetration, with clit stimulation with the tip, then going back to penetration worked the best for this toy. I like large toys and found this one a bit of a challenge, but the challenge was certainly rewarded, both during penetration attempts and when the maneuver was achieved! Thrusting should only be attempted once the body has acclimated to the size and texture. I did not experience any pain or discomfort with this toy, I would suggest applying more lube, going back to more clitoral stimulation (or have your partner help with manual or oral stimulation of the clitoris and labia to assist in increased arousal and lubrication) before attempting slow and careful continued penetration.

If you are a lover of strongly textured toys, this toy will put you into heaven. The dollops massage, brush, stroke and manipulate the clitoris, the inside of the vagina and the G Spot like no other toy I have tried.

It is truly a unique experience and those with the patience and/or kink factor enough to attempt use with this toy will be rewarded with a great outcome!

The toy has the word "Water G" in the name. There is no O ring or any sort, and the packaging says "Never immerse battery or electrically operated items in water." I assume this is a generic warning, but I was not convinced the toy was totally waterproof, and as I don't use toys in water, I didn't find this to be troubling. The toy was washed (very well, due to the texture) many times under running water, with no evidence of any water infiltrating the battery compartment, so maybe it is waterproof. However, the contradictory claims on the packaging caused me to not want to ruin a toy with actions that I don't normally take with my toys.

Even if a user finds that complete penetration is impossible, this toy is strong enough and interesting enough to be used as a clitoral stimulator, and use on the nipples, labia etc could well enough justify the purchase of this toy for many.

I found the toy absolutely exciting, fun, arousing and very orgasm inducing. I came as close as I possibly can to orgasm while using this toy alone, only My Man's oral skills have brought me closer. As I do need additional clitoral stimulation to orgasm (my issue, not the toy's issue) I did pair it, while completely penetrated, with my Wahl 2 Speed, but it took only about 1 or 2 minutes or less of Wahl stimulation to finish the job. I am thinking this toy may actually, in the long run, provide climaxes on it's own, and for me, that is a very unusual occurrence for battery operated toys.

Most women come to orgasm more easily than I do, so I think it this toy will have the capacity to bring most users of large, textured toys to climax with very little effort, if used either for penetration or clitoral stimulation.

The toy's noise level is medium loud, depending on the location it may or may not be heard through a closed door. While used for penetrating, the sound is muffled, but using bed covers, or music or TV in the background or even a White Noise Machine, the toy's sound will usually be unidentifiable. I hate really loud toys and have been able to use this toy with no embarrassment.
    • Multiple settings
    • Not discreet at all
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

As this toy is TPR silicone, only water based lubricants should be used with it. Some users have complained that it "sucks up lubricant" but I didn't find this a problem. I was able to use it, fully penetrated, with natural lubrication alone, although I have used it with water based lubes when in a bit of a hurry and I found that the G Spot tip, used clitorally, was a fantastic feeling when slathered with water based lube.

This toy must be washed very carefully. The spaces between the dollops, although they are close together, seem to trap moisture, so careful washing is necessary. I usually drench the toy in Triclosan toy wash, let it stay on the toy for a moment, then use very hot water and liquid soap, and wash the toy twice. Drying is a bit of a trial. You dry the toy after washing, put it down, feel it, and it's damp again, so you dry it again with a towel and you find you need to dry it again. I thought of using a hair dryer to completely get the toy dry in one try, but I haven't as yet done it. This toy needs to be completely dry before storing.

I also open the battery compartment to make sure no water has made its way into the toy. I have never seen water in the compartment, so the toy is at least splash proof.

I place the toy in cloth and store in a toy bag. It is a large toy and should be stored carefully. It does attract lint and hair, so enclosing in cloth and then into a toy bag or box is recommended.
    • Cleaning takes some time


The toy arrived in a clamshell plastic container, which was easy to open. The requisite half naked woman with her hand down her panties was on the front. The package also had a sample of the texture on the front, so those who see the toy in a store can sample the feel of the dollops. As the toy looks like it might be sharp, this is a very good idea for sales in brick and mortar stores.

There were no direction on the package, except for battery requirements (these were actually inside the toy on some paper) and the aforementioned warning against using any toys in water.

I supposed this could be used as a gift box or a storage box. I don't store my toys in retail containers, and this container is quite a bit larger than the toy. I would make sure the person you are buying this toy for is likes large toys and strongly textured toys before getting someone this toy as a gift.
    • Not discreet


I usually don't have much of a problem inserting even large toys. The texture of this toy, as has been mentioned, was very different than any toy I own. I took my time with insertion, played with the labia and clitoris in between insertion attempts with the nice firm G Spot hook and was rewarded with a very interesting, intriguing and exciting experience.

The dollops can be felt all over the toy, and in my experience through the length of the vagina. I found this fun and arousing, and would certainly recommend this toy to those who like a little rough play, to those who have the patience to work this toy to it's best advantage.

There was no pain while using the toy, but the sensation was intense and different than most smooth or even lightly textured penetratable toys.

I am glad I chose this toy and will continue to use it. It is not my "go-to" toy for every day use, but when in the mood for some rough heavy play, this is the most excellent choice for me!
Follow-up commentary
I seem to be one of the few reviewer who enjoy this toy. I really do wish more people, especially those who enjoy....eh hem.... "intense sensation" would try it, however. It's such a great toy that I wish more people would give it a chance. Yes, it has girth, but if one can handle girth, its great. If not, using it as a clitoral vibrator is a good way to start use with this unique item.

The Taffy Tickler G-spot vibrator is not my every day, go-to vibrator, but it is the best for those days when I need a little.....punishment....I mean Intense Sensation. Not what I would term pain, not at all, but it does trigger some intense reactions.

I also find that it sensitizes me to further sexual activity. I can use this toy, and for the next few day, I find my orgasms are usually easier to come by and take less time to achieve. That in itself, is worth the price of the toy.

The C batteries assure that this vibrator is full of power and I have not yet had to change the batteries since I put the originals in (and I liberated those from something else, as I don't have C batteries lying around the house.)

For those who are intimidated, I suggest starting with using the G hook as a clitoral stimulator first. There is enough power in this vibrator, and enough texture in the hook (as well as the rest of the toy) to put most people right where they want to be.

It's not scary, I promise. Give Taffy Tickler G a chance.

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  • Contributor: P'Gell
    STL, the ticklers are soft, but they are for those who prefer things a little rougher.
  • Contributor: Eden C.
    As always, you have written a super amazing review!
  • Contributor: P'Gell
    Thanks Eden.
  • Contributor: Cori
    Thanks for the great review! This looks like the tongue rings I had in high school...ah, memories. I think I'll wishlist this one. Great video, as always!
  • Contributor: P'Gell
    Thanks, Cori.
  • Contributor: Antipova
    Your review makes me feel brave enough to try this, P'Gell---but did they really just discontinue it?
  • Contributor: P'Gell
    I hope not, Antipova. Check with the Admin to see if they have any left. It's a cool toy. I wonder if women were scared of it.

    I really do love this toy.
  • Contributor: Antipova
    It definitely looks like it's not for everyone, but >250 people had it on their wishlists... There are a lot of Topco products that have been out of stock for as long as I've been at Eden, and occasionally Ilya and Maxim on the forums will mention that their supply chain was dogging but they were working on lots of'em. Aw, I'll be sad if I missed it.
  • Contributor: Wicked Wahine
    Your review changed my mind about this & now I see it's discontinued. I am not a big texture person, but am intrigued just because this is finally something different! You write a really great review & the pictures & video are really helpful, as well, thanks!
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