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Taffy tickler g-spot sex toy review

I have been searching for my G-Spot for some time; but to no avail. That elusive little pleasure button has hidden itself so deep within me that I am beginning to question if I even have an operating one.
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I have been searching for my G-Spot for some time; but to no avail. That elusive little pleasure button has hidden itself so deep within me that I am beginning to question if I even have an operating one. I have tried many things in my quest to find it. I have done extensive research. I have used the Super Sex Sling for positioning. I have tried the Swirled Double Dong G-Spot Shaft, to name a few.

The Taffy Tickler G-spot vibrator did not help my pursuit at all. It emerged from the box looking like koosh ball body jewelry; the kind I have pondered getting for my piercings. The silicone points, which cover the entire surface, looked intimidating and uncomfortable yet were mostly soft. However, the texture prevented easy lubrication of the toy. The Eros Bodyglide|Eros bodyglide got trapped between the small shafts and did not spread evenly over the length of the toy. My hand was soaking by the time it was adequately lubed.

The Taffy Tickler did not feel comfortable either. The little spikes acted like sticky little hands, trying to cling to my lips as I tried to penetrate myself. I had to force the shaft into myself. And after it failed to give me an orgasm, the points became almost abrasive to the inside of my vagina. My hypersensitive skin aside, the silicone tips were not as smooth on the inside as they seemed against my hand. It didn't hurt; it didn't itch; the texture simply felt uncomfortable.

But most importantly, it did not give me an orgasm. Finally, I lay there with it inside me and slowly rolled up the vibration intensity. Then rolled down the vibration intensity. And rolled it up again. And rolled it down again. And rocked the shaft forward and back. My body did not react. My nerves did not hum, twitch, or tickle sweetly in the slightest. My vagina only seemed unhappily penetrated. And my G-Spot remained more dormant than ever. I tried multiple times to no improvement. My frustration discouraged me from any further experimentation with the Taffy Tickler.

It even resisted coming out of my body. The curve of the shaft and those damn little points clung inside me as hard as they resisted going in. I had to rip the shaft from myself; only increasing my body's disappointment in this specimen of g-spot vibrators.
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  • I really like the fact that you got courage to post an honest observation...probably taking a hit from the company. We have to help each other so they don't use us!
  • Just looking at it freaks me out... But the orthers seems to like it with lots lots lots lots of lubricant...
  • Dame Demi
    I definitely thing these vibes are best suited to external stimulation, as I have also have had severe difficulty with penetration.  Great, honest review!
  • ninasexy
    I too am finding it hard to locate my g-spot on my own. Can't wait to find the right toy that will do the trick.
  • Well I will let you know my trick if I ever find it hehe. 
  • Dame Demi
    I highly recommend the "Ooh!  That's It!" Gel for locating your g-spot.  Bring yourself to one orgasm first, then apply it to the swollen area inside your vagina (it was the first time mine was easy to find).  It makes you hyper-aware of the area, and lasts a long time!  I don't  know  yet whether it will help in reaching a g-spot orgasm, but it definitely helps you know where to aim!
  • Thanks for the tip, DD. I will definitely try it out!
  • joja
    Damn, I knew this thing was too awesome looking to be good.
  • Sweet-Justice
    I wonder if anyone has ever had a problem with the nubs falling off. : /
  • SapphirexIce
    Awesome Review!
  • Alaska Child
    Great review. I wondered about it after seeing it how comfortable it would be. It also seems like it would be very hard to clean!
  • P'Gell
    I had to read this review, because this is one of my favorite toys.

    There is no accounting for taste and if you love intense sensation, this is the toy for you.

    Sadly, its been discontinued. I am so upset.

    maryjane, the nubs don't fall off. Alaska Child, it isn't any more difficult to clean than any other textured toy.
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