Adorable, but probably not worth the price

The Rabbit Pearl's place in sex toy history was solidified by its staring role in one episode of Sex and the City. And should you choose to purchase this toy, the Rabbit Pearl could become a staple in your life too. Great for massaging the vagina, this toy is easy to love. However many may be dissatisfied with the lack of hard direct stimulation on the clitoris since the ears often miss the mark.
Triple threat: Clit, g-spot and vaginal stimulator
Cute, non-threatening
Lacks firm clitoral stimulation
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The Rabbit Pearl is a phthalate free battery powered vibrator meant to stimulate the vaginal opening, g-spot and clitoris simultaneously via rotating pearls, a rotating shaft and vibrating bunny ears. This device can be inserted in the vagina and used "hands-free," meaning that you might not need to readjust the position of the rabbit. The controls for the Rabbit Pearl toy are not on the base, rather they are located on a silver remote, which is attached to the rabbit with a purple cord. To prolong the use of this device, never grab the rabbit by the cord. And take care to keep slack in the cord while the bunny is in use.

I cannot recommend using this toy anally because it is made of jelly (technically food grade vinyl, so it might be safer than other materials), which can harbor bacteria. Also, this toy cannot be sterilized, so even with proper cleaning, using this toy anally and vaginally could pose health risks, especially without the use of a condom.
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Material / Texture

The Rabbit Pearl is made out of food grade vinyl. Hypoallergenic models are available for those who have material sensitivities. Technically, EF lists the Rabbit Pearl as a jelly vibrator, so be very careful regarding bacterial growth.

That being said I do love the material of this toy. It is extremely smooth. I clean this toy with moisturizing antibacterial soap, which also seems to increase the softness of this toy. Score!

The ears on the Rabbit Pearl are quite floppy. This is to be expected since they are made out of the vinyl. The shaft is also made out of the same material. And although you can squeeze it, the shaft is not too flexible when it is inserted in the vagina. The material does have a faint plastic-y smell, but it's hardly noticeable.

The Rabbit Pearl also has a sense of humor. If you examine the underside of the head of the shaft, you will see the drawing of a woman! The ribbing for the head of the shaft doubles as her hairline. Her eyes, necklace and earrings are all denoted with embossed circles. When looking at this toy from the side, the circles look like cum drops, which I initially thought was pretty tacky given the sophisticated reputation of this toy. Nevertheless when I figured out that these droplets were a woman, I was quite amused!

Design / Shape / Size

The Rabbit Pearl was designed brilliantly. Assuming this toy fits your anatomy, the multitude of sensations is highly pleasurable. Here are the specs (copied from the EF overview) of the Rabbit Pearl:
Length: 7 1/2"
Insertable length: 4 3/4"
Circumference: 5" / 4 3/4"

Although the Rabbit Pearl may look small, it feels more substantial while it is rotating. I would like to have seen it a ::little:: thicker though.

There is also a bullet placed at the base of the toy, which powers the bullet. This bullet is very strong! But I should note that the power of the vibrations decreases significantly when the rotation feature is turned on. The vibrations are also higher pitched. I usually get off on deeper lower pitched vibrations so this was a disappointment. The rabbit ears are also designed to stimulate the area around the clit, although you can move the bullet so the ears hit you in your ideal spot. I found that I just didn't like this type of stimulation. I like pressure against my clit, so there is no way that I could have ever been happy with this feature.

As far as the rotating pearls, I was surprised that they are not attached to the motor. While they do turn around the toy, they are pushed by some metal object. I expected them to literally be attached to the toy. I believe that the free pearls did add to the experience. I did enjoy the rotating pearls against my vaginal opening, however I have read many reviews complaining that the pearls either added nothing to the experience, or that they caused pain in the vagina.

My favorite part of the toy was the rotating shaft. While it didn't exactly stimulate my g-spot, I appreciated the unique sensation that the rotating shaft (combined with the rotating pearls) provided. It felt like I hired a masseuse to massage my insides! This is a real treat. But I should warn you, for sanitation purposes this toy should be used with a condom. I don't use a condom though (bad Sophie!)

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are approximately eleven levels of both vibration intensity and rotation speed. Since both features are controlled by a slider, the levels are approximate as they are marked by positions on the silver control bar. Unfortunately when the shaft and the vibration are turned on simultaneously, the power in each feature decreases substantially. I don't like either feature on hyper-speed, so I didn't mind. I just turned the dial up slightly higher on both features.

I think the hand held controller really adds to the toy. I hate heavy rabbits that don't stay in because of the bulky control pack at the bottom of the toy. It is also much harder to reach the controls when they are at the base of the vagina. With the Rabbit Pearl, you cans switch the settings by sliding the controls. No need for reaching! The control pack can get relatively heavy when the batteries are inserted. After all, it takes 3 C batteries! To maximize the life of your batteries, remove the batteries from the control pack when the toy is not in use. This will also prevent the batteries from corroding inside the toy, which could ruin your rabbit.

Care and Maintenance

Clean its cage once a week and give it plenty of food and water and you will be fine!

Actually that's pretty terrible and unsanitary advice for this toy because if you use it more than once a week, you're creating a breeding ground for bacteria :)

First you really should use this toy with a condom to maximize its lifespan. I don't, but I should. Cleaning is simple with soap and water. I wouldn't use bleach because I wouldn't want to dry/crack the vinyl. Also, you cannot sterilize this toy. Do NOT boil because this toy contains metal parts. Boiling will destroy this toy.

This toy is not waterproof so please do not use it in the bath or the shower. You can ::probably:: use silicone lube with this toy since it doesn't contain silicone. But I can't find any official site saying this, so I would just play it safe and stick with water based lube. If anyone has used this toy with silicone lube please let me know!

I keep my Rabbit Pearl in a Ziploc flat in my drawer. I don't keep it in my toy drawer because I don't want some other toy to accidentally sit on it. I have had no problems with deforming etc. Storing the Rabbit Pearl in a Ziploc also ensures that the toy won't dry out. I don't know if this is usually a problem, but I know that the air in my room is very very dry, and it would likely suck all of the moisture out of this toy. I guess you could keep it in a cage though, just for kicks! Just make sure there isn't a live animal present who could tear up your precious toy.


The Rabbit Pearl came in a very classy plastic container that was very well marked. It also had directions and material descriptions on it. Needless to say I thew that, and the manual (if there was one) away. I do remember that the box had a tribute to Sex and the City on it, which wasn't surprising since that show caused a rabbit-sensation in the USA!

The packaging was pretty, but it wasn't reusable. You could store your Rabbit Pearl in its original packaging, but it was really flimsy and, at least in my opinion, it wasn't designed for long term storage. But it might help provide a small "buffer zone" around your Rabbit Pearl.

Personal comments

Overall I really liked this toy. I'll admit it, I got it because of the ruckus surrounding the Charlotte episode. If you haven't seen it, Charlotte becomes a recluse because she uses her Rabbit Pearl too much. This toy is adorable and classy (although I'm sure it performs well in those fantastic not-so-classy moments ;) )

This toy was exactly what I thought it would be. I'm glad that I got to experience this toy, but I'm not sure that I would buy it again. I broke two of my main rules to buy this toy. Rule 1 was that I would never buy a jelly product. This toy was food-grade-vinyl but it still ranks fairly low on the EF material safety scale. Rule 2 is that I don't use battery operated toys. I haven't found C rechargeable batteries, so I'm stuck with the disposable ones (if possible try to bring your used batteries to a chemical waste disposing place, those things are toxic to the environment!) I don't like having the renewable expense of batteries. And I haven't found any rechargeable C batteries. I haven't used up my C batteries, so I can't comment on the battery longevity with regards to this toy.


I am sad to report that I couldn't orgasm from the "suggested uses" of this toy. I don't like fluttering things on my clit. Yeah I know, my clit is particular. But I did like the ears turned so they fluttered towards my ass. I had the (you guessed it!) LELO Gigi on my clit. Sine the ears were still far away from my anal opening (or whatever that technical term is), I am OK recommending this type of stimulation. Just be sure to clean the ears/ear region very very well when you're finished. Again, I should use a condom over the ears because they can harbor bacteria. But I don't. Then again, I don't really use this toy, I clean it well, and I store it in an airtight(ish) place so it probably doesn't have too much bacteria on it.

I did orgasm by playing with the shaft inside me and having the ears on my clit. I then took out the rabbit and put the bullet on my clit. The pitch and the vibration frequency was very high (again, not what I like in a bullet). I was able to orgasm, but I prefer other methods. Also this toy is loud, but I can cover the noise with music.

I mainly use this toy as a relaxation/massage tool for my vagina. Because sometimes my vagina just wants to feel loved :)
Follow-up commentary
I've only used this toy twice since I wrote the review, mainly because of the material concerns. I'll admit that it's definitely not my favorite. Not even in the top 10. I also considered selecting the "I don't like it anymore" option. But it was enjoyable and so I "barely" like it anymore.
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  • Contributor: Kayla
    You're definitely on a review kick! Smile Good review. This is really the one off Sex and the City? I need to keep up on pop culture.
  • Contributor: sophie2229
    Well different sites say different things. The real answer is that they make references to a LOT of different vibrators. I'll summarize!

    Rabbit Pearl: The one that Charlotte. The gang needs to stage an intervention to get her out of her house

    Rabbit Habbit: Miranda uses this one - I think she says that in the shop or something

    Hitachi/Acuvibe/practically everything else: Samantha uses

    But generally when people talk about the toy from Sex and the City, they mean the Rabbit Pearl.
  • Contributor: sophie2229
    and thanks for reading!
  • Contributor: removedacnt
    Great review, thanks!
  • Contributor: Aria VelvetPuss
    Thanks for the review, I wondered after the Sex and the City episode if it was really all that.
  • Contributor: sophie2229
    @Newme: You're welcome!

    @Aria: Thanks!

    For some it might be all that AND a bag of chips. But I think that most will agree that there are better, safer, and probably more durable toys out there for $75 (probably more like $100+ if you include the cost of batteries). You can practically get a LELO Ina for that amount of money (yeah, that toy is really high on my wishlist). And the Ina is guaranteed for a year. No warranty on this rabbit though!
  • Contributor: sophie2229
    @Newme: You're welcome!

    @Aria: Thanks!

    For some it might be all that AND a bag of chips. But I think that most will agree that there are better, safer, and probably more durable toys out there for $75 (probably more like $100+ if you include the cost of batteries). You can practically get a LELO Ina for that amount of money (yeah, that toy is really high on my wishlist). And the Ina is guaranteed for a year. No warranty on this rabbit though!
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    Good info
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