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Rabbit pearl

Rabbit vibrator by Vibratex

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An Old Standby

An old favorite, the "original" rabbit, the Rabbit Pearl remains popular because it is a good, solid toy. Not a lot of bells and whistles but it performs well and is very, very strong due to its C batteries. An excellent first rabbit, an excellent last rabbit.
Moderate size, simple, effective
Pearls can jam, doesn't hold up to clenching
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Since I've been bemoaning my bad luck with rabbit style vibes lately, I figured now was as good a time as any to review this old standby. Amazingly, this one actually works okay for me, despite its longish shaft.

The Rabbit Pearl is, I believe, one of the first rabbit style vibes. It's definitely one of the ones everyone recognizes, thanks to Sex and the City. It's made from elastomer - though the site still lists it as jelly, Vibratex has improved most of their materials and gone over to elastomer, which is a bit less problematic than jelly. It's still porous, though, so be sure to use a condom on this if you're going to share!

The elastomer is a pale, translucent pink that allows you to see thru to the workings below it. You can clearly see the rod that makes the shaft rotate, the pearl-like beads at the base of the shaft and even the motor at the very bottom. The rabbit shaped clit stimulator is completely see thru. It's kind of neat, actually. This is a squishy vibe. Not floppy at all, just pleasantly squishy to the touch. Unlike many jelly toys, the Rabbit Pearl is not sticky and doesn't have a lot of unpleasant smell to it. The slight chemical scent it had out of the box faded within days of having opened the box.

It runs on C batteries which are inserted into the wired control pack. It's not quite as fancy as some of the more modern rabbits where the batteries go into the shaft itself but, to me, I like the power of the C batteries more than a fancy bunny and the controller pack is really easy to use. I like that I can hold it in one hand, keeping it free of lube and goo, while using the other to aim and thrust the vibe itself. The cord is plenty long to reach from vagina to hand and the control pack is pretty self explanatory; a slider to control vibrations, another slider to control shaft rotation and the pearls.

Vibrations in the rabbit ear clitoral stimulator are amazingly powerful. I mean, turn it on high and watch him almost hop, he's so powerful. Those ears wriggle like someone is offering him a whole bushel of lettuce! You can control the vibes with the slider, of course, starting at a slow buzz before moving up to "Wowza!" The shimmery pearls at the base of the insertable part of the shaft spin nicely, though they are the older style that are not on a track and can occasionally jam. This is not a vibe that holds up to hard clenching well. The shaft itself rotates from slowly to quite rapidly, in very small circles, depending on the speed at which you set the slider.

There is a very, very slight decrease in power to both parts if you use them at the same time, but not enough to reduce effectiveness. It's also pretty loud, though a bit less so once inserted. You can likely hear it thru a closed door if there is no other background noise.

Overall, the Rabbit Pearl is 7.5" long with a 4.75" insertable length. This is kind of mid length for a rabbit and it worked well for me. It was a little bit long but not so much that it became ineffective. The rabbit clit nubby is also long enough to reach just about any clit, which is nice for those who have one that is further away from their vaginal opening. It has a pleasant girth of 1.5" that is manageable by most and usually enough even for size queens.

The pearls are the only thing that kind of freak me out. They work well but it's almost like there is too much going on when they're going. They're meant to stimulate the vaginal opening/first inch or so of the vaginal canal but mine must be uber sensitive because they were very, very noticeable and almost irritating at times. Enough lube (anything but oil is fine with this) is a must.

All in all, I genuinely like this rabbit. The shaft isn't bendable but it is slightly flexible, allowing me to tilt it so that it's comfortable for me. Everything lines up as it should. I don't get g-spot stimulation from this but it's obviously not designed to give g-spot stim, since it has no curve or true bend-ability. It simply stimulates the upper and lower part of the vagina, makes you feel full and nuzzles your clit at the same time.
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This is safe for anal use in that the rabbit stimulator would keep it from sliding too far up your rectum - and probably feels pleasant used anally, since the pearls are so stimulating and the rabbit, if aimed properly, would stimulate the perineum. However, if you're going to use it anally, DO use a condom or don't use both anally and vaginally. Elastomer just holds on to too much bacteria.

Clean up with soap and water, being careful not to get water in the base of the shaft or in the control pack. Remove your batteries after use to preserve the life of the toy and store by itself to keep it from reacting badly to other materials. This is one of few toys I use a plain old large ziploc bag for. Keep it out of sun and extreme heat, as well.
Follow-up commentary
I finally had to lay my Rabbit Pearl to rest. The material began to get a bit cloudy and began to hold onto scents more than it previously had so I took that as a clue that it was beginning to degrade. I can't complain, however, since it lasted me two years or better and performs far beyond most of the silicone rabbits I've tried - other than the Melody and Ina, of course.

I know many don't like the loose, floating beads and prefer the tracked kind but due to the length of my vaginal canal the beads barely made it inside of it and I really had no issues. They stimulated the entrance of my vagina and rarely stalled. Your mileage may vary but this is, truly, a classic for a reason.
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  • ~LaUr3n~
    i have not tried a "popping bead' one simply for this reason. I have a few girlfriends who shelled out big bucks for a similar design as their first toy and were all dissapointed. It's reviews like this that make me want to still try it though...against all the warnings. Do you know of a cheaper one that is still almost or as good?
  • Carrie Ann
    Unfortunately, I don't. I actually stay away from beaded rabbits in general because of the way they irritate me and how long shafted most of them are.

    I think, a lot of times, cheaper with stuff like this just means worse performance.

    I also think most of them are tracked balls now-a-days, since so many complain about these. I just refrain from clenching as much as I can and often pull the beads actually out of my vagina when I'm close to getting off to keep them from jamming. By then, I don't miss them.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I swear with these they all look like the same design, material etc. So I figured it was brand name price inflation.

    Tracked balls? Like in a grove and go around with the motor? Or do you mean the ones on the metal bar in the middle? Did I explain that well enough lol?

    Oh geez...I can't do anything when I cumming. I don't think I'd be able to pull out. I like freeze. Well...thanks anyways. I'm not ALL that curious since rabbit aren't my fave anyways. It just sounded cool.
  • Carrie Ann
    Metal bar = track to keep balls in place
  • ~LaUr3n~
    So combine my two descriptions...lol thanks. Track makes a different picture in my head. I've had those stop moving too, but at least they don't break. Thanks!
  • Jessica Elizabeth
    Ohh hey looks cute! I'm growing to really love rabbit vibes. I may have to try this one

    I think the separate control pack would be nice. Sometimes it's hard to change settings all the way down there. lol
  • Owl Identified
    I'm only familiar with the older style where they're kind of loose, floating around inside the toy. What on earth does a tracked ball situation look like? Oh toy technology, you leave me in the dust once again...
  • Owl Identified
    (I know you said there's a metal bar but I r still teh stupid)
  • Carrie Ann
    I can't really describe it! I no longer have the one that I had that was made that way. Basically, there's some sort of bar/track that keeps the beads in straight lines instead of being all balled up together. So they spin around in a line... or two... or three... and jam less, from what I've seen, though these don't jam on me all that much so... dunno?
  • sophie2229
    I kinda like the loose balls from the old model (that sounds kind of strange, sorry...)
  • Carrie Ann
    They feel less mechanical or something, hey Sophie? Maybe a bit more random and less whirry?
  • ......
    I've never tried this one but you have me curious now.
  • gone77
    Color me curious now, too. This just might make it on to my wishlist. Thanks for the excellent review, Carrie Ann.
  • Sammi
    It looks like an interesting one
  • Selective Sensualist
    Great review! I'm undecided about which rabbit to try since I've only had one years ago that was not exactly ideal for me. I'm adding this to my wish list to mull over. I'm also considering the Triple Orgasm Orange and the Vogue, which has recently gotten good reviews. Have you tried either of those?

    Oh, and I just loved this line: "Those ears wriggle like someone is offering him a whole bushel of lettuce! "
  • Rhazya
    Excellent review! I'd only suggest leaving out the Sex and the City reference as not everyone everywhere has heard of that show.
  • Nemon
  • Alyona
    Thanks for the review!!!!
  • lovebites
    thanks for the review!
  • Tbanda
    Good review
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