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"And we all lose our charms in the end..."

As far as rabbits go, the Diamond Butterfly is an okay choice. The beads do not stand up to clenching, but they do not jam, either, and if you can angle the toy correctly, the dual g-spot and clitoral stimulation this toy provides is wonderful.
Non-jamming beads; shaft rotation; variable speeds and rotation direction.
Awful smell; beads do not stand up to clenching; heats up.
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(This review ended up being way too long, so I had to split it between the review section and the experience section.)

The Diamond Butterfly arrives in packaging that is typical of California Exotics toys: plastic, garish, and covered with brightly-colored text proclaiming the toys awesomeness from the top of its lungs. A plastic tray holds the toy in place inside of the box. Kudos to Cal Ex for including a panel on the bottom of the box that briefly explains what the material is.

The box claims that this toy is "elegantly sized," but I don't know if I agree. Measuring the toy on one arm, it reached from the tip of my middle finger to a little less than halfway down my forearm. It is on the girthier side; I'd guesstimate that it is about as thick as a silver dollar. The Diamond Butterfly isn't the heaviest dual-action vibe I've ever seen, but I'd still say that it weighs in at about 1.5 pounds, maybe 2. The lower half of the toy containing the battery pack is white hard plastic, while the upper half of the toy is made of metal covered in clear TPE. The butterfly clitoral attachment is gigantic and unattractive, but the beads inside of the shaft are attractive. There is a small band of fake diamonds pasted on to the handle, just below the clitoral attachment.

The TPE material is pretty firm; you can squeeze it a bit, but it won't bend much, so if you can't get it to wiggle on to your g-spot, there's no way to fix the issue. It doesn't attract a ridiculous amount of lint, which really surprised me, since most jelly-like materials are total lint magnets. It smells awful, however; I gave this toy a whiff and it almost knocked me off of my feet. This nail polish remover scent is pretty strong and doesn't fade much, even after numerous cleanings, and it's overpowering if the toy is less than a foot away.

The Diamond Butterfly requires 3 AA batteries. You access the battery pack by unscrewing a cap on the bottom of the handle and removing a tray, which holds 2 batteries on one side and 1 battery on the other. I was a little thrown off by the removeable tray arrangement, since I've never seen such a thing before, but it's actually really easy to figure out. When the batteries are in, you can use the simple interface on the front of the toy handle to start the toy. There are two pairs of up and down arrows, one to control the power of the vibrations and the other to control the speed of the rotation. There is also a circular button located between them to change the direction of the rotation. Two sets of lights show you how high you have the toy turned up at any moment.

Power-wise, this toy is pretty impressive. The three vibration speeds are distinct and range from light to very powerful. The butterfly's antennae are supposed to stimulate the sides of the clitoris primarily, but they're very thick, so it really is full-on clitoral stimulation. The vibrations carry up through the shaft a little, but not very much, and I'd guess that the shaft's vibrations never go any higher than 2 bees. The three shaft rotation speeds are equally effective, but the only part that rotates is the head, which may be a downer for some users. The metal rotating beads provide decent stimulation through the layer of TPE, and they are speared by metal poles to prevent jamming. Unfortunately, the beads do not stand up to clenching and stop dead when if you flex your kegel muscles around them. On the plus side, the motors do not slow down when you have the rotation and the vibration at the same time; on the minus side, there is a brief but noticeable halt from the motors when you change the direction of the shaft rotation.
Like most rabbit vibrators, the Diamond Butterfly makes a good bit of noise. It only buzzes a bit on the lower levels, but it's REALLY loud on the two higher settings. Turning on the rotation adds to the noise factor. You can hear it from underneath covers, pillows, and probably through thin doors/walls. I have cinderblock walls, and it's usually impossible to hear anything, but when I left the toy on my bed unmuffled and walked out of my room for a sound check, I could faintly hear it buzzing. This is not the kind of vibe you want if you want to be discreet.

Another issue that the Diamond Butterfly shares with many other rabbit vibrators is the way it heats up. After about 15 minutes of continuous use at top speed, the handle becomes very warm. I haven't left it on for more than 20 minutes at a time for fear of having it spark out next to my genitals, but to be fair, it's powerful enough to give you an orgasm in less than that amount of time. Give this toy a rest every once in a while if you're settling in for a long masturbation session.

Surprisingly, this toy does not eat batteries like crazy. 3 fresh AAs should last you for 2-3 hours of use.

While the box claims that the Diamond Butterfly is completely waterproof, the fact that the batteries are not nestled that deep in to the toy makes me a bit nervous about submerging the vibe for long periods of time. I did take it in to the shower and it held up just fine, although there was a tiny bit of water on the inner lip of the battery compartment when I opened it up.

Overall, this is a decent rabbit. It smells, it's noisy, and the beads can't hold up to clenching, but it's also powerful and moderately sized.

Personal experiences and demonstration video are here.
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