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Pretty Love is an accepted part of my toy collection. Despite its shortcomings with the repeated vibrations and its bendiness, it is still a good toy. It can go anywhere with you and can be that extra pick me up when you want to get into the mood. It is a beginner's level toy, and I believe that's why I found it not to be that exciting. I'm happy I have it, I just wish it had more because it could be perfect.
-30 vibration lie
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First impression

When Pretty Love came in the mail, it was in a plain brown box with some brown packaging paper, and the toy (with charging cable) was in a plastic baggy with no other instructions. My first impression when grabbing out this toy was how mini it is and how nice it is to hold. Because it is made of silicone, it is very soft to the touch, and the top half is very flexible. I was also shocked by the fact that it had some charge in it, so I was able to start exploring immediately.
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First Use

Since I could start using it right out of the bag, I played with Pretty Love by myself the first go around. I can honestly say this toy was mediocre at best at first. It was hard to reach that "O," and I almost gave up. The vibrations just weren't strong enough, and the patterns too boring (I'll get into that later in the vibration section). Maybe with some help from a partner, it could be better.

Further Experience

So after using this toy more, I have found that my first impression still stands. The functions, while vast in number, are pretty boring for Pretty Love. Its tip is just too bendy, so it's hard to apply pressure, and it doesn't really do anything for me if inserted vaginally...anally I'm not sure...It is very soft, and I love the texture of silicone, so I have enjoyed that. Because it is a mini massager, it is pretty small in size, and you have to go into Pretty Love with that knowledge and expect nothing more.

Vibration Map

Okay, this is where most of my disappointment lies with Pretty Love. The vibrations are medium strength and are focused at the head of the toy. The intensity of this toy stays the same throughout all the functions; you can't change it to have a lower vroom level or higher, it's just one. You can take a look at other reviews for Pretty Love to get the full layout of the 30 vibrations (I was struggling hard to keep track of them, and after the fifth try of trying to record them down I had to give up). This is my disappointment, there aren't 30 vibration patterns, and what I mean by this is that 6 of the vibration patterns are a steady vibration at this toy's only vibration intensity. Many of the patterns are also very similar to each other, so you don't know if you have started over or are just getting a repeat. To me, this was a bit of a lie, and I didn't like it.
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  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

My orgasm with this toy solo was "eh," but with a partner, it rocketed up. This toy, at least for me, is best used as an extra and not the main dish. It's great for warm up and for a little bit more stimulation while fooling around, but by itself, it's pretty lackluster. For beginners, this is probably a great toy.
Follow-up commentary
Okay, I was extremely critical of this little toy when I was first trying it out, but now I've come to love it quite a bit. I've discovered that the vibrations are not as weak as I made them out to be, they are a good middle ground kind of vibration, and it gets the job done every time without needing extras. It's very quiet and holds its charge for a very long time which I appreciate. I would definitely recommend this toy to anyone who needs a portable vibrator or to anyone who wants a great first body wand. It's great for beginners and for those who just want something reliable they can grab. However, I am still not impressed by it's "30" functions; I typically keep it on just one function because it's frustrating to go through the others.
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