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Spellbound is a unique-looking g-spot vibrator. Its columns of balls down the shaft are more aesthetic than functional, although they add light stimulation to the vaginal walls. The head is a bit narrow to accurately hit the g-spot. This vibrator uses 2AAA batteries and has three speeds for stimulation. It’s phthalate-free, and can be enjoyed in the shower or bath as well as in bed. Thorough cleaning is time consuming.
Waterproof, phthalates-free, unique design and color.
Time consuming to clean, inflexible, angled tip small.
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The Spellbound vibrator is best used vaginally to stimulate the g-spot, although it can also be used for clitoral stimulation. At only 1 1/4" in diameter, it will work well for anyone who likes a larger size than the standard 1" but is not comfortable with larger sizes. It may work better for someone who has already found their g-spot due to the small size and angle of the tip.

Spellbound is waterproof, so it can be used safely in the bath or shower. It’s fun to use either alone or with a partner. Due to the angled tip and non-flared base, this toy is not suitable for anal penetration.

Material / Texture

The Spellbound is made of Velvet-cote, a type of plastic. It is sleek and smooth to the touch, odorless, and tasteless.

The vibrator is seamless, with the exception of the horizontal cap seam. When the cap is screwed on, however, the seam is not noticeable.

The exterior shaft balls are made of stainless steel. They add a bit of texture/sensation to the vaginal walls when the vibrator is turned on.

Design / Shape / Size

The Spellbound has an intriguing color and look. It looks like a standard g-spot vibrator, with a decorative twist of steel balls on the exterior. It comes in several colors – the one I received is a day-glo melon/mango color, and quite pretty. The base is in a matching color, with small ridges all around.

This vibrator is 7 1/2” long, with 6 1/2" insertable. The shaft is 1 1/4" in diameter at its widest point. The g-spot head is about 1 1/2" wide at the top, and quickly angles down to the shaft width. The top cap is about 2 1/2" long, and unscrews so that the exterior balls can be removed and cleaned.

Right below the cap on the main shaft are four columns of three steel balls. Each column is about 1 1/4" long. The stainless steel balls are about 3/8” in diameter and fit snugly together. Below the balled section are two rings for added labial stimulation when the Spellbound is inserted.

The Spellbound is not discreet, and is more likely to get comments on its appearance than it is to slip through an airport scanner.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Spellbound has three speeds which are activated by a push button on the bottom. The button is something like on top of a pen and clicks when pressed. It’s not as easy to push as some vibrator control buttons, although its location does allow for some unplanned speed changes.

The speeds cycle through low, medium, and high, before a fourth click turns it off. On high, the Spellbound is somewhat louder than a cell phone when used externally, but is fairly quiet when nestled in the vagina. The vibrations are strongest at the tip, and surprisingly, at the base. While the steel balls do transmit some vibration on the shaft, they are surprisingly weak.

The battery compartment is located in the base of the toy. This compartment is accessed by unscrewing the base 1/2 turn and then lifting it off. The Spellbound is powered by 2 AAA batteries, and the battery direction is indicated by + and – signs. The batteries are easy to insert and remove.

Since the Spellbound doesn’t have a flared base, it can be tricky to hang on to when using lubricants. It does work well in water, and no leakage into the battery compartment was noticed when using it submerged in the bath.

Care and Maintenance

The Spellbound is made of a plastic called Velvet-cote. It's phthalate-free, and non-porous. While it can’t be sterilized, the Spellbound can be cleaned with antibacterial soap and hot water or by wiping down with isopropyl alcohol.

To thoroughly clean the toy, the balls should be removed and cleaned separately. When the g-spot tip is removed, the interior of the top of the vibrator is revealed. A semi-flexible clear gasket holds the steel balls in place, and it can be slid up and off easily.

Care should be used when removing the balls that they don’t fly out and bounce away on the floor. The sink basin should also be closed, as the balls are small enough to slip down the drain.

The balls are made from stainless steel, and are smooth and seamless. They can be run through the dishwasher, boiled, or cleaned with soap and hot water.

Water-based, oil, and silicone lubricants are safe to use with the Spellbound.

The cleaning of this toy is time-consuming due to the balls, so be sure you have the patience (and nimble fingers) to do this every time. Using a condom over the toy will simplify the cleaning process.


The Spellbound comes packaged in an easy-to-open plastic clamshell with product information printed on the colorful insert. The packaging is reasonable for the size of the toy.

Personal comments

I found the Spellbound a bit difficult to insert. The tip and shaft are inflexible, and the angle of the tip is a bit awkward. Using a fair amount of water-based lubricant helped considerably.

The balls transmit some of the vibrations, but not as much as would be expected. Most of the vibrations can be felt in the tip. The balls do allow for a bit of temperature play. Since they are stainless steel they will retain heat or cold if the Spellbound is run under hot or cold water before use.

The head does press against the g-spot, although I think it is a bit narrow for optimal stimulation. A lot of pressure is necessary. Having recently (finally!) gotten to experience g-spot orgasms, I was able to achieve one from this toy both alone and with my partner using it, although it took me a while to get there.


I used this toy several times alone before I tried it with my partner, who was chomping at the bit to use it on me. It required lengthy sessions to get me to cum, but it did deliver.

The cleaning was a bit much, and having fumbling fingers didn’t help. I didn’t realize that the balls could slip under the drain stop, and I carelessly didn’t close it before cleaning this the first time. When I took off the gasket one of the balls decided to escape and fled down the drain. Luckily I had a pipe wrench and the ball stuck in the gooseneck! There’s nothing worse than having your partner see you attacking the sink with a wrench to retrieve part of a sex toy. Well, there might be, but it was pretty embarrassing. Later cleanings weren't so bad once I was prepared, but it definitely takes time to dissemble, clean, and reassemble.

My partner first got to use this on me accompanied by mango martinis (the colors were about the same, so I thought it would be fun). He enjoyed using this on me, although he didn’t like the placement of the button. He did like the fact that the button “clicks” when it’s pressed, so he could tell when he accidentally changed the setting (before I said something). Since the Spellbound doesn’t have a pronounced base, lube will make it very slippery and a bit difficult to grip when trying to thrust hard with it.
Follow-up commentary
What I really dislike the most is the cleaning of this vibrator. When I'm done with a toy session, I like cleanup to be quick and easy, but I don't feel this vibrator is thoroughly cleaned without removing the beads. This takes time and care, much more so than a regular vibrator.

I do like the look and color of this toy, but overall I have other g-spot vibrators that work as well or better and are not such a pain to clean.
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