Bend It Like Beckham

Beautifully designed, this dual action vibe is quiet and unlike other vibrators in that it bends! The Bendable Touch from Evolved Novelties is most definitely a unique concept to explore, with it's ability to bend it to any angle you so desire. If you have trouble finding that elusive g-spot this may well be the vibe that will leave you smiling.
Bendable, dual vibe stimulation for any angle... very, very quiet.
The clitoral vibe is not as strong as it could be.
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I bet Beckham couldn't bend one like this... OMG!

The Bendable Touch or Flexem, by Evolved Novelties is a toy that should have been invented a long time ago. The Flexem will bend any angle and it stays in the position you put it in! To bend it is just a case of holding the base with one hand and bending it into shape with the other hand and it will bend backwards, forwards and sideways.

Material / Texture

The TPR material the vibe consists of is known to sometimes have a strong smell but there is absolutely no horrible smell when removed it from it's storage tin, and no still no issues there. The texture, feel of the vibe is firm to the touch yet it has a bit of give when you hold it and squeeze the bottom area of the vibe where you hold it is super smooth and it's simply a lovely toy to handle. The vibe has a tendency to attract dust bunnies so when not in use make sure you have it stored away in its tin away from all the greeblies.

Design / Shape / Size

The head of the shaft is the widest at the head of the shaft end and will insert easily, and you can use silicon or water based lube with the Flexem. The bendable section is slightly smaller in width and when bent does not leave any areas that overlap on itself so there's no risk of any discomfort when bent. The material is transparent so you can see inside the toy, and see where the actual bullets sit too. The bullet in the shaft is at the top and great for g-spot vibrations, especially if you have it bent the right way. It isn't pinpointed but rather overall vibrations all over the head area. If you like super strength vibrations it might just not get you there.

It's comfortable to use while lying down or sitting, and really any which angle you can think of without getting wankers cramp in your hand, due to the fact you can bend it into shape to suit. The bullet in the clitoral area though is not based in the actual tip, but further down which makes it less intense than it could be. When the vibe is bent in a more upright position the clitoral vibe seems to sit more firmly against the clitoris.

Total length is 8 1/2" and the largest girth of the toy is 1 3/8" which is more than satisfactory. Total insertable length is 5" so basically as far as dildo/s vibes go, it is a toy that will satisfy most - if you are a size queen then you might be a little disappointed and want slightly more to play with.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations consist of three settings (mild, medium and strong) with a one touch button at the base of the vibe. You need to push the button firmly to change the vibrations and to turn off you need to go through all the settings. It is however very easy to use. It consists of a bullet in the shaft end, and a smaller bullet in the clitoral area. It is extremely quiet even on the highest setting. The best part of this vibe is that you can bend it into place and it won't fall out... being waterproof means you can have hands free fun in the shower or the bath.

The Flexem takes 3 AAA batteries and it will take rechargeable batteries without a problem. When you first open the battery compartment (which is at the end of the base) it's a simple case of unscrewing the bottom and giving the vibe a shake so the battery compartment slides out. The batteries are inserted into a removable section and then it's just a case of sliding it back into the sheath and popping the base back on.

Care and Maintenance

The Flexem is a TPR toy which means it's less porous than say Cyberskin but more porous than silicon, so if you are going to share it please use condoms. It cannot be disinfected with boiling water so you need to wash with warm water and toy cleaner or a mild soap. It has it's own storage container that it comes in, so I would suggest you keep it in this. It is also a major dust bunny friend and will pick up any stray piece of fluff lying around so after use store it away.


Evolved Novelties have the most awesome packaging! The Flexem comes in a fantastic storage container, a tin that looks like one of those "click clack" lunchboxes. You don't need to worry about extra storage as the tin houses a plastic container the vibe will sit in comfortably. You could leave it exactly as it arrived, or if you want you can remove the interior plastic holder and just keep the vibe in the tin. The lid is transparent with a wee bit of text and Evolved's funky logo. There is a little bit of a blurb on the back with basic information on the product and a small safety note, one part made me giggle... " It should not be used for a prolonged or frequent basis". Also info on batteries required.

The whole tin has a kind of surfer look to it, tribal designs, and a bright baby blue with purple and black text. Hell I can't decide if I like the vibe or the tin more. If the vibe ever dies you end up with this cool tin that you can use for all sorts of things.

Personal comments

I was a little dubious as to how this would work and whether I would like it. I have found now that I have used this toy a few times, I really enjoy sitting with it in and having fun with the sensations of rocking backwards and forwards. It builds up to a nice crescendo of sensation and is great for a little g-spot massage in this position for me. I have used it quite a few times now, and the vibrations are still going strong so battery life is excellent.

The Flexem would be a wonderful toy for couples who like to incorporate a little vibe fun in their bedroom antics and a great toy for solo play as well.

This could also be an interesting toy to use for those who like to do the Cybersex thing as you can sit very comfortably in a chair with it inserted. I have used it quite a few times now, and the vibrations are still going strong so battery life is excellent.


If you want to see just how bendy this is check out the blog
Follow-up commentary
I've used this toy sat at the computer watching porn because of the bendable function it has it's totally chair friendly. The vibrations are not great and I like intensity but it's a damn good starter to a bit of personal teasing and a build up to other toys.
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