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I'm hard pressed to write a review on this toy, because quite honestly, there really wasn't anything truly remarkable about it to my way of thinking. It had a couple of interesting concepts, but for me, personally, they just didn't deliver in the long run.
Silicone, easy to clean, gentler vibe for those that don't like strong clit stimulation.
Not a functional shape. Vibes will be weak for most. Odd packaging.
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...Packaging was the first thing that I found a bit strange. If you have ever received in the mail or purchased at a craft fair homemade bath and body products, then that's what it will remind you of. Simple, see-through flimsy box, and the toy was in a Ziploc bag (which I admit, bugged me from a sanitary point of view as someone more paranoid could easily deduce that there was no guarantee that the toy wasn't contaminated in some way) with an insert that looked like it had been printed off of someone's personal computer. I'm not saying that this bothered me necessarily, I'm just saying I found the packaging approach different from what I am used to and there may be others reading this review who wouldn't be sure what to make of that and might even have a problem with it. So I felt it worth mentioning.

I will say that this toy's best feature is that it is made from non-toxic pure silicone. Its silky texture is quite pleasant against the skin, and it makes the toy easy to clean and store.

Supposedly, you should be able to remove the vibrator that is within the toy in order to thoroughly sterilize it, if the instructions that came along with it are accurate… but I can honestly say, that even with the use of lube or oil, that just isn't possible unless I want to pull on the cord and risk breaking the toy.

As for the toy itself, I admit that I'm unsure as to why it's even designed the way it is, unless they were going for something that wasn't so much functional or had a purpose, but just looked totally different from everything else.

If that is the case, then they accomplished their goal, because I don't really know what to make of it. But every time I look at it, the closest comparison to something else my mind can make is some sort of mutated centipede. It's like the poor thing couldn't make up its mind as to whether or not it wanted to grow up to be a dildo or a clit vibe and somehow got stuck between the two.

Simply put, it's a toy with an identity crisis. ;p
The vibes aren't that strong, so if someone needs strong clit stimulation, then they are out of luck with this toy. But if someone only requires gentler, lighter stimulation, then they would probably enjoy this toy. As I said above, the material is the nicest feature on this toy. The tickler tip does feel pretty interesting, and if you flip it over onto the smooth rounded back of the head portion, then that feels pretty good as well as it sort of simulates a sensation of an actual tongue. But I was unable to reach orgasm with this toy, and none of its other features did anything for me. The nubs are not placed well, and the toy is much bigger than it should be for just an external vibe.

Its price is also higher than I would have wanted to pay for a toy that didn't offer more “Wow!” effect. There are other cult favorite clit toys out there that are far better at rocking a woman's world for less money.

Normally, when I get a toy that I really like, I can write a very in-depth review about the entire experience… some of my reviews on my favorites have been several pages long, but I just wasn't that impressed with this toy. I can't really think of anything else to say about it.

But if you are someone who likes very odd looking yet gentle clit vibes made from silicone, then you might enjoy this toy.
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  • Contributor: Sundae
    To be honest this thing looks really scary, like a clit nipping bug! D:
  • Contributor: Miss Moxie
    This review made me laugh- don't lose your humor. =) Loved the "whether or not it wanted to grow up to be a dildo or a clit vibe" part. Also the packaging seriously made me CRINGE in real life. A ziplock bag?! Like what drug dealers put their products in- what moms use to store leftovers- and now apparently sex toys too!

    You should talk about what lubes can be used with this toy though, people new to the sex toy scene might not know what can and cannot go onto it. Other than that, great review.

    And yes @ Sundae- it is a scary looking bugger isn't it- pun totally intended.
  • Contributor: removedacnt
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Sammi
    Too bad - it does look rather interesting Smile
  • Contributor: SexyTigerX
    Kind of odd looking. It does look scary.

    Good reivew!Winking
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Good review
  • Contributor: zeebot
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Ms. Spice
    a[http://www].... too bad. thanks for the review tho!
  • Contributor: padmeamidala
    Thanks for the great review
  • Contributor: K101
    Wow! I guess all downunder toys are exactly the same in the flaw department! I just got the Snuggle Puss this month and still cannot get over how upset I am with it! It would've beenn perfect, but like with yours the bullet won't come out without breaking the cord, the vibes will NOT get you off at all and it is so large it's hard to fit. Then there's the petals which were a really fantastic idea, but they don't even reach the clit. Mine is useless so I looked at this one thinking hmm... maybe mine was just a miss, but I could try this one you reviewed. NOPE! Apparently for most, there's no hope with these toys. That sucks because I want so badly to be able to have fun with these. They are so unique and you really can't find designs like these. Anyways, the paper slip that you said seemed it was printed from someone's personal computer is the same slip that came with snuggle puss! It was strange. Mine came in a plastic clear box instead of a bag. Looks like they'd have more time to better construct these toys since they aren't worried about working on any packaging. I really hate that you didn't get to enjoy this. I know what a crappy feeling it is. I've tried and tried and even again last night hoping to get SOMETHING from the Snuggle Puss. I think it's just impossible with these and for the prices? wow! Lol

    Sorry for my rant. I am glad I read your review before I made another mistake on getting another down under toy. Thanks for doing such a detailed job!
  • Contributor: Jennysweets
  • Contributor: Top Living In A Lie
    thanks for review!
  • Contributor: Jon S
    ty for the review
  • Contributor: lzee
    Thank you fortaking your time to review this product!
  • Contributor: Nirelan
    Good review
  • Contributor: kawigrl
    Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: Princess Zelda
    thank you
  • Contributor: KRD
    great review! thanks!
  • Contributor: edeneve
    I need strong vibrations for vag use. good review
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