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Downunder Toys offers the uniqueness of the Diva to stimulate the exterior of female genitalia. The forked end wraps around the clitoris, the domes on the shaft excite the labia and the smooth back side can approximate oral sex. It turned out to be a great toy for use on my female partner and she is certain that she will use it again in the future. Unfortunately, I found it to be poor for insertion activities and would not recommend it for this.
100% silicone material; decent vibration; great external stimulation for women.
Tips are uncomfortable during insertion; diameter is larger than anticipated.
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When I received the Diva, I must admit that I was a little surprised by its size. The properties tab at EdenFantasys lists the diameter as 1 ½ “ and does not have the “view actual size” option. I think the listed diameter does not include the domes that are located along the shaft which add noticeably to the diameter of the Diva. When I saw pictures of the Diva, I immediately thought of insertion (either vaginally or anally) and considered how the domes might feel as it was moved in and out. Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed in most of my insertion endeavors. My female partner found the pointed tips to be too stiff and pokey. She found it very uncomfortable for insertion. When it was my turn, the diameter is large enough with the domes as to make anal insertion difficult and uncomfortable as well. It definitely provided some prostate stimulation, but the discomfort made it difficult to enjoy.

After reading the description of the Diva on Downunder Toys website, I realize where I made my mistake. It seems like Downunder Toys really didn’t design the Diva for penetration. It was really meant for exterior stimulation. The pointed tips are for clitoral stimulation, the domes are for rubbing the clitoris and labia, and they even mention the smooth backside as being a good approximation of oral sex. This also means it isn’t well suited for us guys, maybe that’s what they named it Diva.

With this new found information, I reintroduced Diva to my partner and asked her to try using it externally. We got the vibrator back inside (lube helps a lot) and tried positioning it with the tips around her clitoris and the base up toward her belly. She thought that this didn’t make use of the domes along the shaft. We turned it around to that the tips were still on her clitoris but the base was toward her perineum and anus. The problem here was that the bed got in the way, so we elevated her hips with a pillow and problem solved she was having an orgasm in a few short minutes. She said the tips wrapped around her clitoris nicely and the domes gave great pleasure to her labia. The base even gave decent vibration to her perineum and anus. This was definitely a much more successful venture.

Let me conclude by saying that I think the Diva is a unique toy with some interesting features. It is really designed for exterior stimulation regardless of its somewhat phallic shape. The vibration of the egg is relatively powerful and transmits well throughout the toy, and isn’t too loud. I think it would be an even better toy if it also allowed penetrative possibilities, so I only give it four stars. I offer this warning: Insertion is accomplished at your own risk and is not for beginners.
As far as care and cleaning go, I found the domes to make the Diva more difficult to clean because the transitions to the shaft are abrupt so there are little areas there that need extra attention. The vibrating egg is removable, but it takes some lube and quite a bit of work to get it out of there. Some lube applied during re-insertion make it easier to put back in and remove the next time. I tested it with Toko and System Jo silicone lubricants without incident and it did fine with Boy Butter as well, so the toy seems to be fine with 100% silicone lubricants if that makes a difference to you, but I would still suggest you do your own test on the base before going full bore.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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