Silicone Lube – Slippery When Wet

System JO Personal Anal Lubricant is a good silicone lubricant. It contains good ingredients. It is great for many lube applications (including vaginal sex) and feels more natural than some thicker lubricants. I have been satisfied but not overjoyed with its use in anal activities. It should not generally be used with silicone toys because it may react with the material.
Decent silicone ingredients, stays slick, doesn’t gum up
Not thick enough for great anal play
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I have to admit, I like putting things in my ass. Historically, my favorite place to do this has been in the shower. There are primarily two reasons for this. First, people usually leave me alone while I am in the shower. Second, clean up is pretty easy because the water is already running. When I first started with anal play I knew very little about sex toys or lubricants. After I began learning more about these things I was introduced to silicone toys and a manufacturer called Tantus. From their website I learned that there is a very good type of lubricant that stays slick even in the presence of water. I was intrigued by the words of Metis Black, President of Tantus. She sang the praises of silicone as a lubricant which made me very anxious to get my hands on some or more accurately, get some on my hands. I researched like crazy for a little while and tried to learn as much as I could about it.

Within a few days, I had purchased and tested my first silicone lube. It was a great experience, but as with all good things, eventually they must come to an end, so when my supply became depleted, I needed to get more silicone lube. Since I always like to try new things, I didn’t go back to the same lube; instead I selected System JO’s Personal Anal Lubricant.

After having some experience with it now, I would have to say that I would probably select something different next time. Don’t get me wrong, this is a decent lube. It just isn’t in the upper echelon of silicone lubes. Plus, it is actually more expensive than the lube I had before and I don’t like it as well.

Personal Anal Lubricant does all the things that silicone lubes are supposed to do. It stays slick even in the presence of water and it doesn’t gum up even after being used for a while. My biggest complaint with it is that it is not quite as thick as I would like for anal play. Plus, since it is runnier it is more likely to make a mess and get on my linens if I happen to be using it on the bed. By the way, silicone lube isn’t a great thing to have to wash off your sheets. Also, it doesn’t stay where I put it as much as other lubes. I guess what all of this means is that I will work my way through this bottle and look forward to trying something new next time. Maybe I’ll use this one to shave to help it go away faster or, better yet, I’ll let my kids turn my shower into a slip and slide again.
I should let you know that my partner was pretty impressed with how this felt during vaginal sex. She said that its consistency actually felt more natural than our other silicone lube because it was not as thick. I found this to be an interesting observation and wanted to note it here to let people know that it isn’t a bad lube. Now, given that the lube is being billed as anal lubricant|System JO personal anal lubricant and it isn’t really that good for anal sex is not very good, but if you want a silicone lube that feels natural for vaginal sex, than this might be right up your alley.
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  • Contributor: Oggins
    Great review Jimbo! I'm glad you were able to find a use for this lube even though it didn't work out for what it was supposed to! I guess you could use it for things like putting bullets into your tantus products like others have mentioned doing with their not so favorite lubes. Letting the kids turn your shower into a slip and slide again would be way more entertaining though! =)
  • Contributor: Bulma
    Great review! Was there any discomfort for you when using this as an anal lube? I seem to have that problem with all silicone lubes I've tried so far, but it was the worst with this one. I didn't think it was quite slick enough and didn't seem to stay on the toy very well. I always hear people singing the praises of silicone for anal play, so I am wondering if I'm doing it wrong. I put the lube on the toy and on myself, do I need to get a syringe and actually squirt it inside? Just curious what the "best" way to apply silicone lube for anal play is. Thanks for the review Jimbo Jones, and nicely written :)
  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    Have you tried it with any Tantus toys? Just curious, since Metis Black is also convinced that good silicone lube can be used with good silicone toys.
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    Oggins - I guess I could use it before inserting bullets into toys - as long as it doesn't react. I will test that for CW and get back to you with the results.
    Bulma - I didn't really have any discomfort while using this for anal play. I think it took more of it because it didn't stay exactly where I needed it. I can't imagine how you are doing anything wrong in the anal application. Putting it on you and the penetrating object are the main things. I guess I do a little massage with it which opens me up a little bit and applies the lube to a greater area. The general idea with silicone lube is that even with a thin layer it is able to provide enough lubrication to keep things moving nicely. I don't have a good explanation why silicone lube doesn't work as well for you. Even Pink wasn't thick enough? By the way, thanks for the comments everyone.
  • Contributor: Bulma
    I will definitely try adding more massage and see if that helps. The Pink wasn't up to my standards for anal use either, though I thought it worked better than the system jo. I guess I just expect anal lube to perform as well as Maximus. Thanks for the review and the tip. Hopefully I get silicone lube to work better for me eventually (I am certainly determined enough ;) Thanks, Jimbo Jones for the fast reply and all the help!
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    Happy to help, Bulma. Now that I have had a chance to sample Maximus, I will have to say that it is very good stuff. The consistency is amazing. It has performed well for me in all kinds of play except water play. I guess that's why silicone lubes and Boy Butter will always have a place in my medicine cabinet. I knew you'd never give up on silicone lube until you had it working for you.
  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    Oh shit...I got a few products from JO a lil while ago and liked the lubes. I got this blindly. I hope I like it more than you
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    I'm sure it will be fine. I got pretty picky with my lubes before I reviewed this one. It was just okay to me, but it is might be exactly what others are looking for.
  • Contributor: Jenni Shelton
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    You are welcome, Jenny863.
  • Contributor: lzee
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    You're welcome, Izee.
  • Contributor: abbylover
    Thank you for the review
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    You're welcome, abbylover.
  • Contributor: ViVix
    I tried the cooling anal version and found it to be thick enough. I wonder what the difference is? Good review!
  • Contributor: spiced
    Thanks for a great review!
  • Contributor: Voldemort
  • Contributor: evie.amor
    Great review thank you! Can you recommend another silicone lube on EF that you like better for anal? I'm new to the world of anal and I'd like a nice silicone lube.
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