Doctors might recommend it, but I won't

This "premium" anal lube feels pretty standard to me. I found that I need to reapply often and it is thinner than I like in an anal lube. Anal sex hurt when I used this, so I wouldn't recommend this lube for anal play.
Hygienic, washes off easily
Dries up fast, very watery, not slick enough to keep anal penetration from being painful
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Silicone lubes are all the rage in the “world of lube” and they should be with all the great attributes they posses. The rumor is that silicone lubes are super safe for your body as they don’t absorb or react, they are long lasting, super slick, and can be used for water play. I did some research about silicone lube and found out that pure silicone lube should only contain three ingredients. Dimethicone, dimethiconal and cyclomenthicone are those three ingredients. I also learned that dimethicone is the most expensive of the three and creates a more velvety lube. I started my search for silicone lube and narrowed it down to three. I ordered Pink|Pink lubricant, Eros Basic|Eros bodyglide, and Jo Premium Anal|System JO personal anal lubricant. I thought those three to be really great options and had gotten very good feedback and recommendations on the first two. Of course as with all silicone lubes, do not use this on your silicone toys as it may cause them to melt. If you feel you must, then spot test first please. Silicone is always latex safe, so yay for condoms!

I listed those three ingredients for a reason, as there are more than three ingredients in this. Polydimethylsiloxane (same thing as dimethicone from my research), Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (some type of silicone also known as D5), Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (same as previous, only this is D4), Dimethylsiloxane (again my research says this is dimethicone), hydroxy-terminated (a binding ingredient, although I thought silicone only binds to silicone?) I was left a little confused about the binding ingredient. Maybe I am missing something there but the other two silicone lubes I ordered do not list ingredients that are not silicone, and I know that those two are premium quality lubes. This one turned out to be my least favorite of the three.

Enough about the ingredients and silicone lubes in general. This lube is supposed to be an anal lube|Anal lubricants…honestly I hate it for anal play. I tried using this once and will not try it again for back door fun|The hygiene of backdoor fun. I lubed up same as usual, only found this very runny and difficult to control. I got a good amount of lube on my self and a little inside. I lubed up my husband’s condom protected penis, and we were ready to play…or so we thought. I am not an anal novice and anal sex is almost as common as vaginal penetration for me. Anal sex is old hat for me, but it just wouldn’t work right for me with this lube. It felt okay at first, not as slick as I like but I still found it highly pleasurable. I wish I could say that the comfort lasted, but it did not. It was only a couple minutes into our session when I felt the burning start. It just wasn’t lubing on the inside and all the dragging was really making me sore. We tried adding a lot more lube, but it didn’t help. I have never had a “dry” run with Maximus|Maximus review, and I felt like we weren’t even using lube with this stuff. Maybe I needed to squirt the whole bottle up there, I don’t know. I was just expecting this lube to perform a lot better than it did for its intended purpose. Needless to say, I was NOT in the mood anymore and we quit for the night.

When it comes to vaginal penetration or hand jobs I would say that this lube performs okay. Not great, not bad, just not worth the price tag for me. It has the usual slick but not frictionless feeling that I’ve discovered silicone lube to possess. I found that while it does not soak into the skin, it seems to dry up and disappear fairly quickly. When giving my husband a hand job, I had to reapply a couple times to keep it comfortable for him. When used in water, I again found it to be about sub-par. It lasted about 5 minutes when submerged completely. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get off in that amount of time. When used in light water (like the shower) it seems to last the same as it does out of water. I would say it lasted somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes. One really good note about this lube is that it is really easy to wash off. I just use a little soap and water and all traces are gone.

Was I impressed with this lube? No, not really. Do I think it is worth the price? Nope. Will I buy more once this bottle runs out? I highly doubt it. Would I recommend this lube? No, because there are better silicone lubes|Silicone based lubricants out there for similar or better prices. I would suggest you try Pink or Eros instead.
I must warn you that this lube is much slicker on the bottle than it ever got on my skin. While trying to use this one night I grasped it a little too hard, and it shot out of my hand and landed approximately 5 feet away. The bottle stays slick forever too, so I would suggest that you wash the bottle with soap and water after each use to prevent giving your lover a black eye with projectile lube bottles.
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