Finally, a System that works!

Bottomline: I experienced the most awesome orgasms that I've ever had whilst using lube when using this product. It makes the experience last longer and feel 100x better. If you are willing to invest in a genuinely premium lube, THIS IS THE ONE! It is worth the price, an then some.
Excellent smooth feel; not sticky nor greasy, and very clean feeling. A little goes a long way!
Nothing I can think of, just the difficulty to clean up.
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useful review
Do you love to use lube to whack off or to fuck someone's brains out? But are you bored with water-based lubes that get sticky and wear off quickly? Or are you tired of cheap brands that require too much to get the job done? If so, then System JO lubricant is the lube for you! It comes in many convenient sizes, for whatever budget you may have, but trust me... a little goes a long way. For jacking off, a tiny dab'll do. For anal, no more than a nickel-sized spot worked for me, with one secondary application of a dab later on. But of course, use as much as is needed for comfort. But trust me when I say that you don't need much to get the job done! That makes this product very economical, even though the price may seem steep at first.

And it IS WORTH THE PRICE! The feeling of the silicone based lube is FAR superior to water-based lubes, AND other cheaper silicone lubes. The "premium" in "premium silicone-based lubricant" really makes the difference. It is nice and smooth, allows you to jerk as fast or as slow as you want. It lets you enter your partner smoothly and quickly--or slowly; whichever you like best! It NEVER gets sticky, it never is overly slippery, sloshy, or greasy feeling, and you almost never need to reapply. The best thing I can think of to describe the feeling of using this product for jerking off is a good blow-job. The best way I can describe it when used for anal is simple: the best fucking anal sex ever. Of course, always practice safer sex and use enough product for comfort.

Overall, this lube earns my highest recommendation; it is the BEST I've tried thusfar, and I've tried A LOT of lubes, including System JO h2o (the same brand's water based lube). This truly is the best premium silicone lube on the market. Trust me, I'm horny as hell and use it a lot--and it never fails to please.

NOTE: I have it 1 "bee" rating because, as all lube does, it makes a slight sloshy-liquid slippery sound while jerking off, but not as loud as sticky lubes or watery lubes. It is by no means noisy though, and is actually very discreet. I'm just trying to be as honest as possible here.
As I explained above, this lube works really well for anal AND for jerking off. My advice is to use it sparingly for jerking off--trust me, a little silicone based lube goes a long way! But for anal, of course, use as much as necessary for your and your partner's comfort. But still, a little goes a long way. Also, because it is not water based, it needs soap to wash off--so make sure you use a nice mild soap and warm water to wash it off THOROUGHLY when you're finished enjoying yourselves. And as always, practice safer sex!
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  • Contributor: Bulma
    I'm glad you are enjoying this lube so much, though I would have to disagree about this being a superior silicone lube. Both Pink and Eros basic out perform it in terms of lasting ability, feel, and quality of ingredients. Silicone based and water based lubes do feel differently, though one is not better than the other (as long as lube quality is good) as it is mostly a matter of personal opinion.
    Thanks for the good review, and I hope there are many more to come :)
  • Contributor: Victoria
    Good review...very enthusiastic.
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    Great review, thanks
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    As a newbie in this area I found your review very informative and helpful. A sure wish list add, no shopping list add!
  • Contributor: bellasjunglepalace
    thanks for the review! I love this product great for all types of play but it is difficult to clean up!
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