Triple stimulation panty vibrator

Cara is an amazing little toy!

I had some serious doubts about whether this toy would fit me or stay put as a wearable toy, but those worries were all for naught. Cara is a fantastic wearable vibe that's comfortable, stimulating, and stays put during a variety of activities. In other words, it's everything you'd want out of a wearable vibe! Highly recommended.
Soft silicone, great fit (for me), wearable, stays in place beautifully, cute
Clitoral stimulator could be stronger, higher settings get a little loud for public use
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First impression

I'd been interested in trying a wearable, insertable toy for a while now. Unfortunately, the first such toy I tried that was advertised as "wearable" turned out to not work at all as a wearable toy, at least for me. I decided to try again, as it looked promising, though when it arrived on my doorstep, I was still pretty skeptical about whether or not this toy would work as advertised.

Cara arrived early, along with some other purchases, in Eden's usual nondescript brown shipping box. The sender is listed as "Web Merchants Inc.", so those with privacy concerns can rest easy. Inside this shipping box and nestled in brown paper, the Cara was contained inside very nice packaging (since I didn't order this as a review assignment, I recycled the box before I thought to take pictures of it; sorry!). The box features an indiscreet outer sleeve that has pictures of the toy and information about its features. This outer sleeve slips off to reveal a very nice, classy-looking plain black box that would be perfectly discreet for gifting and/or storage. Inside the box and nestled in a foam insert I found the Cara itself, along with its remote and charging cable.

Cara comes in a lovely light baby pink colour, and I was instantly impressed by how soft and smooth the silicone felt. Both the toy and the remote are covered in extremely smooth, silky silicone that produces very little drag and feels wonderful against the skin. I was a little surprised by just how small Cara turned out to be. I knew it wasn't a large toy, but somehow I'd expected it to look a little bigger. As you can see in my photos below, the insertable portion of Cara is roughly the length of a standard Bic cigarette lighter, and not much thicker. This definitely isn't a toy designed for someone with a deep G-spot, or someone who needs a lot of girth. However, since I seem to have a relatively shallow (or perhaps average) G-spot depth and enjoy small toys, the small size didn't bother me. The design is adorable, with its kitty shape, complete with a little flexible silicone tail to stimulate the perineum. The insertable portion of the toy is quite flexible, but the cat's "face" (which functions as the clitoral stimulator) is rigid and not flexible at all. This rather disappointed me, and made me concerned that Cara wouldn't fit my anatomy well and/or would not stay in place as a "wearable" toy.

Next I turned my attention to how the toy functioned. As with all toys I've ordered from Eden, Cara arrived with a charge, so I was able to test it out right away. Cara has a single button on the bottom of the toy itself. This turns the toy on and off when held for a few seconds, and cycles through the toy's functions when pressed more quickly (pretty standard). This toy also has a remote (though you don't need the remote to control the toy). To use the remote, you must first turn on the toy using the power button on the toy itself, then hold down the power button on the remote to activate the remote. A blue light will flash briefly on the remote when it's activated. Once the remote is on, you can change the toy's functions by pressing the second squiggly line button on the remote. If you hold down the power button on the remote, the toy will go into "stand-by mode," where the toy is still on, but is not vibrating. To turn the toy off, you must hold down the button on the toy itself. You cannot power the toy on and off with the remote. All pretty standard for remote-operated toys.

Cara has 9 different vibration modes. Three are varying intensities of steady vibrations, and the rest are patterns. The clitoral stimulator and the internal stimulator each have their own motor, but they vibrate in unison. I noticed that the motor in the internal stimulator was noticeably stronger than the motor in the clitoral stimulator, which was a little disappointing, but both motors seemed to have decent power and a good quality to the vibrations.

Overall, I was a little iffy about some aspects of Cara, but I was still very excited to give it a try!

With remote and a standard Bic lighter for scale:

In my hand (keep in mind I have small hands):

Button on bottom of toy:


First Use

Before trying Cara for the first time, I first connected its magnetic charger and let it charge up completely. Next, I took it off to the bathroom sink for a quick wash. As Cara is waterproof and silicone, it's very easy to clean and care for. You can wash it with either toy cleaner or a mild soap and rinse with warm water. Since this toy has mechanical parts, you cannot boil it or run it through the dishwasher (the heat would destroy the mechanics), but if you need to sterilise it, you can wash it with either a 5-10% bleach solution or rubbing alcohol, and then rinse thoroughly. Since this toy is silicone, you'll want to stick to using water-based lube and avoid silicone or oil-based products, as these can degrade the silicone covering Cara.

Once my new toy was charged and clean, I took it to my bedroom to try it out! Because of the wearable nature of this toy, I deviated from my usual masturbation routine. I decided that I wanted to test out Cara's wearability, so rather than going through my usual foreplay ritual, I simply lubed up the insertable portion of the toy with my favourite water-based lube and slid Cara into my vagina, lying on my bed in a missionary-style position. It went in very easily and comfortably due to its small size and lovely material. To my surprise, Cara instantly fit me perfectly. The bulged end of the insertable shaft immediately rested against my G-spot, and the kitty's little nose caressed my clit. Even more surprising, when I let go of my grip on Cara after inserting it, it seemed to stay put! I experimented a little with moving around, first slowly and gradually. I moved my legs around, rolled from side to side on my butt....Cara stayed put. I sat up in a cross-legged position....Cara still stayed put. Finally I stood up, and yes, Cara remained firmly in place. Starting to feel a little more confident, I decided to really test it out. I jumped up and down. I spread my legs wide. I put my panties and sweat pants back on. Cara stayed perfectly in place through it all! Once my pants were back on, I finally activated the vibrations. They felt great, and confirmed how well Cara fit my anatomy. The vibrations were targeted in just the right spots!

I decided to try doing some household chores with Cara still buzzing inside me. I was able to walk up and down the stairs, bend over, squat down, do dishes, do laundry, fold laundry, clean the cat box, and vacuum, all with Cara securely nestled inside me. I found that I really enjoyed the sensations caused by moving around with the toy vibrating in me. I could increase the pressure and stimulation to my clit and/or G-spot depending on how I stood, sat, or moved, and I had loads of fun experimenting with various positions and activities. I found that I really loved the little perineum stimulator as well. It created a wonderful, gentle little buzz and poking feeling around my back entrance that added a surprising amount to the experience.

Eventually, I sat down on my bed in a position that I found especially pleasurable, and was finally able to have a nice little orgasm with Cara. It wasn't mind-blowing, but it was a very satisfying end to my chore time! All in all, I was extremely impressed with this little vibrator, and I'm thrilled to have it in my collection. I couldn't believe how well it fit me and how well it stayed in place, and I really look forward to experimenting with it more.

Further Experience

Next, I decided to try taking Cara to work with me. Because of the pandemic, I spend a great deal of my work day working in a room alone, and it seemed like Cara might be just the thing to make my work day go a little faster. I took it to work in my backpack along with a small bottle of lube. Shortly after I got to work, I went into the bathroom and lubed up and inserted Cara. I did a quick check in the bathroom mirror to make sure that my little secret was indeed a secret and couldn't be seen through my clothes (it couldn't), then I put the remote in my pocket and returned to my work area.

The day most definitely did go faster! It was great fun turning on Cara's vibrations every time I started to get bored, and I was even brave enough to leave it on the lowest (and thus quietest) vibration setting while talking to some of my co-workers. I don't think I'd feel comfortable turning it up past the first (lowest) setting when I'm around other people, because the more powerful settings do tend to be a little louder, but so long as you were in an area with a decent amount of background noise (outside on the street, at a club or restaurant, etc.), I think it would be fine. And the first setting is virtually silent when the toy is inserted, so the first setting works great even in quiet areas.

This was my first time ever wearing a toy (besides a non-vibrating kegal egg) in public, and it was great fun! I definitely plan to do it again. Cara was the perfect toy for such an occasion. It's quiet, discreet, comfortable, and stays in place. And it's stimulating without being TOO stimulating. The vibrations are strong enough to be pleasurable without being overwhelming. I didn't have an orgasm when I used it at work, but I wasn't really trying to. It was just a fun, sexy way to make my day a little more interesting. And if there was ever a time where the vibrations started to distract me from my work, I could just turn them off and put the toy in stand-by mode until I was ready for more. The remote is small and fits easily in a packet. It's even small enough to be able to easily hide it in your hand (even for those like myself who have small hands).

I'm beyond impressed with Cara, and I'm so glad that I now have a wearable vibe I love! It opens up so many new play opportunities, and I look forward to many fun future adventures with this toy, both in and out of the bedroom! (Full disclosure: I'm wearing it right now as I write this review!)

Vibration Map

Cara definitely has the strongest vibrations in the insertable shaft portion, followed by the clitoral stimulator, followed by the "tail" that stimulates the perineum.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

My orgasms with this toy haven't been overly powerful, but it can definitely get me there, and reaching orgasm isn't always my main objective when using this toy. It can get me off if I try, but mostly it's just fun to move around and do stuff while wearing it.
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