Cheap, but boring (edited with more info)

While not the most exciting or innovative toy in the bunch, this is a good, cheap, starting toy that can be used with a variety of attachments.
Inexpensive, can be used with add-ons, easy to clean.
Boring, unexciting.
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So, this was one of the first toys my girlfriend and I used together. Because we are both poor college students, the price of this item was a big incentive for us to buy it.

The level of vibration is pretty good for external stimulation. Neither of us use the toy internally when it is vibrating, I can't comment on the level of internal stimulation. The toy is a good size though for internal insertion, especially if you or your partner are a little tight. It is not a good idea to use bullets anally, however, because of the risk that the cord could break off and the toy cannot be easily retrieved.

Otherwise, the toy is very easy to use, especially for quick stimulation. I generally do not use lubricant with this toy, but if you were to do so, use a lubricant appropriate for a plastic toy, such as water, oil, or silicone based lubricants.

The toy is smooth and sleek, and because it is so smooth it is extremely easy to clean and to keep clean, although the cord to the battery pack and controls does not disconnect for cleaning. The plastic bullet can easily be cleaned and disinfected with soap and hot water or with a quick wiping down using isopropyl alcohol.

The toy is generally pretty quiet, though a soft humming sound can be heard through the covers. No noise can be heard through a closed door or through a wall.

In terms of specs, the toy comes in two sizes: 1 or 1 1/2" inches long. The bullet itself is made out of plastic, as are the controls. The controls require 3 AA batteries, which sadly are not included.

There are five different vibrating settings, but to be frank, they are not really that different from each other. The five settings are:
Low Vibration
High Vibration
Pulsate and Vibrate
High Pulsation
Low Pulsation

There are a few disadvantages to this toy. First of all, the bullet doesn't present anything unique. There are a million different bullets made by a billion different companies, and this one is neither innovative nor out of the ordinary. You won't find anything in this bullet you wouldn't find in any other one.

Furthermore, by itself, the bullet is a tad boring. The stimulation is unvarying, while I tend to like variable force when being stimulated. Because the bullet is boring by itself, I tend to use an attachment, such as bunny ears or a dolphin, over the bullet to allow me to vary the sensation and pressure more.

That being said, if you are looking for a basic toy without the excitement factor, this toy is OK but is much improved with an attachment. On the other hand, if you want something more innovative and exciting, I would steer clear.

All in all, though, I would recommend this toy as a basic investment. After buying it, you can add on with bunny attachments or dolphin attachments to allow more variety and different types of stimulation.
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  • Contributor: J's Alley
    Some things you might want to include in your review:
    What type of material is the toy made out of? What lubricants are compatible with this toy? How long do the batteries last, and what type does it need? How many speeds or functions does it have? Does the cord detach from the battery pack for easier cleaning?

    Also, I would always use a cleaner to disinfect this toy. And you may want to let people know that using a bullet anally isn't a very good idea because it could "get lost" if the cord breaks.
  • Contributor: Sir
    Great advice, J's Alley. You know, I wish that people would have said the type of stuff that we've all been saying to new reviewers when I began! Would have really helped.

    Aside from that, I agree (very good questions, J's Alley!). You will also want to include whether it can be sterilized or not and shared between partners (if it's not sterilizable, generally, it cannot).
  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    Bullets don't have to be used just clitoraly. I have 70+ toys and I have never been bored with a bullet. It just depends on the user and their creativity I guess.
  • Contributor: Dove
    I suppose that's why that aspect of a review is a matter of opinion
  • Contributor: Purple Foxglove
    The informational aspect however, is not, and I am looking forward to reading the updated versions of your reviews. Hope you decide to stick with it.
  • Contributor: Dove
    Thanks! I got home late tonight so I didn't have time to do a good thorough edit. It's on the top of my agenda for tomorrow though Smile
    Thanks for the encouragement.
  • Contributor: 2BudZ
    We're all here to help Dove!
  • Contributor: BlooJay
    Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: buzz
    great review
  • Contributor: hillys
    Thank you for the review
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