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Cherish What it Does; Don't Dwell on the False Promises.

Cherish is a good clitoral vibrator, but does not do all that it is advertised to do. There are only 8 functions. There are no instructions. My Cherish did not have a memory chip. The ticklers don't tickle. However, it is a good vibrator with a brush texture and many functions, with a rechargeable battery included! It is also fully waterproof and easy to use.
Quality material, textured, waterproof, 8 true functions, rechargeable battery & charger included
No memory chip, not 10 functions as advertised, no instructions included, not really ticklers
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This vibrator is more of a hand held clitoral stimulator, but some might find pleasure using Sweet Obsession Cherish for teasing the nipples, thighs, and external perineum areas. While the product description says this is entirely insertable, I did not come to the same conclusion because it is simply too small and would become too slippery for me to control. Some may find success with very minimal insertion into the vagina (dipping, teasing with the head-area of the toy, about 1" long), but I would absolutely advise against using this toy anally. It is unsafe for anal play; it does not have a flared base.

Sweet Obsession Cherish is best designed for masturbation solo, but it is small enough to be used with a partner as long as they are careful not to mash the "ticklers" too hard into you. (This feat may be difficult during sexual intercourse, but it manages well for certain positions like doggie style.)

Overall, Sweet Obsession Cherish is a cute, unintimidating toy that will work well for solo and partnered encounters.
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Material / Texture

This toy is made out of hard, shiny ABS plastic with a circle of tightly-spaced non-porous silicone "ticklers" located at the head of the toy. While the toy is on "off," the ticklers are soft but a little abrasive and barely 1cm tall. In theory, this toy is designed to be an exciting, soft, textured clitoral stimulator. It has potential to be amazing for those of us who dislike how "boring" smooth bullets can feel.

However, I found a great change in the texture once vibrations were coursing through my Sweet Obsession Cherish. The "ticklers" seemed much firmer and did not really tickle. They felt too firm. While they added a little bit of texture and flexibility to an otherwise hard-plastic toy, they did NOT tickle as they were intended to do. Analyzing the toy, I think this texture may have worked better if the silicone ticklers were a bit longer and more rounded at the end (rather than a blunt straight cut across all of them).

They weren't a total fail though, as they did provide a bit of variety from other hard-plastic clitoral vibrators out there. I think people who like a bit of texture in their toys, along with a little flexibility, will really enjoy Sweet Obsession Cherish.

Those with sensitive noses will also love that this toy had zero smell. I was not covering my nose and dodging chemical-fumes when I unwrapped this little Cal-Exotics vibrator. It also has no discernible taste.
    • No odor
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

I cannot say I have another vibrator quite like this one!
However, the current product stats on this one are off. Taking out the measuring tape, I found that Sweet Obsession Cherish is about 4.25" long. Her ticklers are absolutely tiny, and together they form a circle on the head of the toy that is about 3/4" at its longest and 1/2" at its widest. The widest circumference around the body of the toy is 3.25", however if you chose to measure around the head with the ticklers, it comes closer to 3.75". This makes the diameter at the bottom of the toy 1", while the diameter measured at the top is slightly over that. For insertion, I would not generally recommend going past the silver band where the battery compartment is twisted on (even though this toy is waterproof, if you go past that point you will no longer be able to access the on/off button or function button). So, by my call, I would wager that only 2.75-3" is safe for insertion.

Of course, I'd also like to add a disclaimer that it is a bit difficult to measure this toy when its head bulges and twists forward a little to a point. I may be off by a quarter inch, but I did triple-check!

Measurements aside, this vibrator has a sort of handle-area around the battery compartment, where two control buttons reside. I found this toy to be exceptionally easy to hold and maneuver during playtime. I think most women will find this toy to be very easy to use and will really enjoy its size. Bullets can be difficult to hold, while larger vibrators might feel too big and heavy. Sweet Obsession Cherish is neither of these things. It is also really easy to find both pinpoint stimulation or broader stimulation, depending on how you hold and angle her.

The size is also a benefit for travel- it is relatively small and can easily be stowed away in luggage or even a purse. Of course, I suggest putting this toy in a plastic bag or pouch of some sort because her ticklers will get dirty otherwise.
Cherish is pretty discreet as well, and does not scream "PENIS" like some phallic shaped toys do.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Sweet Obsession Cherish has two control buttons that are both easy to access and understand. The top button has the universal power symbol stamped on it, and it will turn your toy on or off with a quick click. This is helpful for people who live with roommates or have small children. If you are interrupted, you won't be fiddling around frantically. The bottom button has a zig-zag on it to indicate that it scrolls through vibrations and patterns.

The other perk of this vibrator is that it supposedly contains a memory chip. This would allow you to start on whatever function you let off on. This can be very convenient if you were interrupted during your session, and you don't want to scroll all the way back to the function you were using before... Or if you simply have a favorite mode that you always choose. This can be inconvenient if you are someone who prefers to always start on low and then end on high.
Unfortunately, my Sweet Obsession Cherish does NOT have this memory chip.
I have tried it several times and unless there is some secret way to crack into it... My toy just didn't come with that memory function. (And yes, I have tried it with and without taking the battery out between turning it on and off.)

Anyway, let's move on to the functions of this vibrator. The vibrations are somewhat focused on the head of the toy, with a definite power in the ticklers, but they are felt all over. You will feel this in your hands. You will also hear it in your ears, because it can't be completely muffled with covers and light music. However, it is not distractingly loud.
The box says there are 10 functions in this toy.

1. Low steady
2. Medium steady
3. Short pulses
4. One short pulse, one longer pulse
5. Two short pulses, one longer pulse
6. Four pulses, in escalating power. Low, low-medium, medium, medium-high. Then back to low..
7. A revving engine that starts low, ends high. Starts back up at low.. The revving engine lasts about 6 seconds.
8. A wave that starts on medium and goes to high. Then goes from high back down to medium. Lasts about 6 seconds as well.
9. More short pulses.

Wait, that's only REALLY eight. You can't honestly repeat a function and call it another function..
Let me start over, as I am holding the toy in my hand right now. Maybe I missed something... Wait, now I have a third steady vibration that seems lower than the original two.
I can only get "ten" functions after flipping through the nine I stated above, and then clicking the function button again to go back to the first function. Only then do I get three different steady vibration levels.
And the "tenth function" is still the same short pulses you see with #3 above.

In truth, this is actually just eight functions. You only access nine after coursing through one round of all "nine," and even then it just puts a weaker steady vibration as low. I am not willing to turn on my vibrator and go through 9 button presses just to get to those three steady vibration levels.

I didn't find this vibrator to be as powerful as it is advertised to be. It is more of a 3.5/5 for me, and I think that is because the ticklers disperse the power and diffuse it a bit. The vibrations on this toy are definitely high and buzzy, rather than low and rumbley.

Care and Maintenance

As far as cleanup goes with Sweet Obsession Cherish, I prefer to wipe her down with a toy cleaning wipe immediately after use. However, this will not really completely clean up her many ticklers. For that, I find myself at the sink with warm water and antibacterial soap, trying to get in between the many silicone ticklers. This is a tedious task for anyone who is particularly OCD about cleanliness. Not at all fun, but necessary.
While silicone can undergo a 10% bleach solution, I am not entirely sure the plastic body of toy will react well to the solution. After reading some articles on disinfecting children's hard plastic toys, it does seem safe but I'd look into it more before deciding to douse this in a mild bleach solution.

Please be sure to only use water based lubricant with this toy. Silicone lubricant will most likely damage the silicone ticklers on Sweet Obsession Cherish.

This toy is easily stored, just so long as you do not leave it in an enclosed space with another silicone toy (they may just want to melt together forever). I keep my Sweet Obsession Cherish in a little plastic bag in the bottom drawer of my wardrobe.
I advise using a protective bag or pouch for people who are storing this toy with possible dust, hair, or lint. Silicone loves to attract lint, and the tiny spaces between the ticklers can prove difficult to clean.

Now, to discuss the battery.
This toy comes with a rechargeable battery, and a charger/adapter for that one battery. There are "instructions" on the side of the box that do an okay job at explaining how to put together the charger/adapter. I use quotes around "instructions" because they aren't very detailed, and they say that the instructions are included inside the package. Well, don't get too excited, because they aren't included. I found myself reading everything that I possibly could on the outside of the box, trying to figure out all the details of my rechargeable battery.
I was successful, so let me give you a run down.

The toy runs on one battery, and lucky for us it is rechargeable and included. However, the battery charger has slots for two batteries. So if you end up absolutely loving this toy, you may find yourself wanting to buy another battery to keep charging for when the first one dies. The battery is 3V lithium (RCR123A, which I assume is the specific model they included). The charger that is included with this toy is 100-240V, and the box says it is able to be disassembled for convenient and easy travel.
Well, I say that is only in theory. Because, all that really meant to me when I opened the box was, "What the heck, my charger is in pieces and now I get to figure out how to make it work." It's not the hardest thing in the world, but I don't think the disassembled version is very much smaller or more convenient for travel. The smaller pieces are at risk for getting lost.
As for putting it together, if you follow the 3 pictures on the side of the box, you should be able to figure it out. The smallest piece, with the prongs to plug into your outlet, slides onto the side of the thickest piece- right above white text that says World-Wide Traveling Battery Charger. The other large piece, with two cells for the batteries, kind of slides/clicks onto the charger. This is the piece I had trouble with, but ended up flipping it upside down and figuring out how it connected.

Once your charger is assembled, you'll want to put your battery in for charging. The "+" and "-" sides are noted in the cells for the batteries. What is not noted is that there are pieces that slide down to accommodate the battery and keep it snugly in the charging port area. You'll have to push that tab down to insert your battery.
When the charger is plugged in, there are flashing lights on the side that flash green and red. There is no explanation on the box for this, and I haven't figured it out either. They were both flashing as I charged my battery, which doesn't seem to confirm a full charge or simply a "charging" status. In fact, when the charger is plugged in without batteries, it will steadily flash green without flashing red.
I wish there had been more instructions and explanations for the charger and battery.

The box tells you that it takes 4.5 hours to fully charge a totally drained battery. The box also says that the fully charged battery will last 1 full hour when used on "high" and 1 hour and 20 minutes when used on the lowest setting.
My battery came with a charge, but I did put it in the charger for a half-hour just to be sure it wouldn't immediately die on me. I've used this for about forty minutes, on high, without having it die prematurely. I suspect that the charge and drain times are accurate, but I can't say for sure because I do not use my vibrators for over an hour.


This toy is not discreetly packaged. It comes in a plastic box with a tray inside that houses the toy and charger/battery pieces all separately. On the front there is a blonde woman, with heavy eye makeup, fully clothed staring toward the camera. I assume she is a porn star, but I am clueless.
It tells you on the front that this toy is rechargeable, 10-function w/ memory chip, totally waterproof, with silicone ticklers. There is a plastic window in front to display the toy.

This package is not discreet and would not make a great gift.
You do NEED the package though, if only for the minimal battery instructions.
The box also has a picture of the toy on the back, with arrows telling you what the two buttons do, and where the tickers are located (in case you couldn't figure it out yourself).
They also give you a website to register your product for a limited warranty.

You could use this as a storage box, as long as you don't mind the sultry blonde staring at you every time you open your sex toy drawer.

Personal comments

While I do like this toy, I don't feel that it is everything that it advertises itself to be. It is not 10-function, it is not the most powerful toy from Cal-Exotics, it does not have a memory chip, it does NOT include instructions for the toy OR the battery and charger. It also does not really have ticklers on it. The way the silicone was designed on this toy only makes them adequately called a "silicone brush texture." They are too firm to add a tickler sensation.

Sweet Obsession Cherish is still a very good vibrator. It has higher quality materials, an interesting design, texture for stimulation, and a rechargeable battery source. It has eight functions, which is still more than a lot of clitoral vibrators out there. It is also waterproof. I have rinsed it and splashed it several times without issue, and I have even performed a submerging test on the toy. I submerged the toy in water in a plugged sink, scrolling through functions for a few minutes. There was no water leakage.
I do enjoy it quite a bit, and I was able to reach orgasm with this toy without too much frustration or annoyance. Ultimately, that makes a good toy for me.
Follow-up commentary
Well, big surprise here in my follow-up... I don't like this toy. In fact, it sits in its box in my toy-drawer now and gathers up dust. I dislike that I was so misled with the product information. It really just agitates me that I was given a toy without a memory chip, and with less settings than advertised. I'd like to think my product was a dud, but come on! How do you manufacture something missing a memory chip? Don't they all go through the same factory line? ...Anyway. I don't recommend this toy, and I am glad it is still listed as out of stock and unavailable on EF. Don't waste your money! Cherish is definitely not cherished.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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