Discreet rechargeable rabbit vibrator

Compact Powerful Futuristic Rabbit

This is one luxury vibrator! It should be named COM, "Continuous Orgasms Maker"! Unlike some other dual vibes, this one can be used for thrusting too.
Rechargeable, Petite, Ergonomic Handle design, Multiple patterns, Easy to use, Quiet
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First impression

Hubs ordered a new toy and asked me to pick one also. I love clit stimulation, and this caught my eye. I wanted a rabbit I could take on travels. This fits the bill, and the ergonomic handle was very appealing. When I unpacked it, I was quite pleased. It wasn't large and bulky like my previous rabbits. I was quite pleased with the size of the shaft and clit arm. Petite like me!

New Toys
Hubs got a harness extender and I the luxurious purple rabbit, Saiph.

I inspected this like a child getting a new toy. The shaft was short and very firm. I like the pointed bulbous tip on it. The clit arm was big which was my main reason for selecting this. The arm is very flexible and can be bent all the way back. However, the nub area was very firm. I suspect there is a motor in there. Hope it is super strong!

Packaging: Saiph arrived in a cello bag with a charging cord and mesh bag. His Extender was boxed.
No instructions came with an either toy.

First Use

I tested the buttons/control as soon as unpacked it. There are 3 buttons,( +, power on/off, -). Nice and simple just the way I like my toys. It did come with a charge, but I wanted to fully charge it. While charging a little light came on by the on/off button.

Light stays on during charging.

A couple of hours later the light went off. I washed it and was eager to try it but waited till it was time for bed. I normally warm up with a vibrator on my clit. With this, I wasted no time. I put some water-based lube on the shaft and slid it in. I loved the handle with the shiny hole design. And the hole was coated with smooth plastic. My G-spot is about 2.5" in so the size was perfect for me. I wasn't sure how the minions of nubs on the clit arm would feel. I hope they were not going to be too rough. To my surprise, the nubs accompanied by the perfectly shaped shaft felt sensational. With the handle, I pumped myself for a few mins. The nubs combined with the curved shaft was quite stimulating!

I powered it on, and Wow! I guess while I was testing it earlier, I left it on the highest setting. I powered it down and enjoyed myself immensely. My husband (known as OH on Eden), was feeling neglected, so I reached over and stroked him. I knew I would be playing with my new toy for a while and wanted to keep him interested.

I tell you, this is so strong I had at least 2 orgasms in 5 mins! When OH entered me he was quite surprised. I don't normally cum very easily. Normally it takes at least 15 mins of good strong vibrating. After he came I resume playing with my new found love. I left it inside on the lowest setting and fell asleep with it buzzing away. Boy, what a good night's sleep I got.

Further Experience

The next morning I left this by the bathroom sink for OH to wash. He always likes to see how much cum is coated on my toys. He's a good caretaker of our toys! He not only cleans them, takes care of charging them or changing the batteries.

The following night I was very eager to use this again. OH is a smart fellow. While cleaning the toy for me, he discovered quite a few settings. I had only used it on one setting but powered it up and down. By holding down the on/off button, it changes patterns. He said there are about 7 different patterns and maybe 5 levels of power.

I tested it as he mentioned and... Yes, he was correct. The pattern starts on steady and with each depression it changes and gets quite intense. Guess husbands are good for something besides cleaning.

I played with all the different settings and combinations of powers. Most of the higher powers were too much for me to handle. I preferred the medium powers and the increasing variation of rumbling patterns.

My favorite pattern was the one that had both shaft and clit arm vibrating at the same time. The alternating ones were good though. Again I had multiple orgasms. This time I was prepared though. I laid a thick towel over the sheets.

Vibration Map

In the higher settings, the vibrations felt in the shaft are earth-shattering. Too intense for me! I wish it was the reverse and that the stronger vibes were felt in the clit arm. I estimate the shaft to be 3 times stronger than the clit arm.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

My orgasms from this luxury vibrator are the strongest to date. I'm a little embarrassed to say I did wet the bed. My favorite way to use this is to start by thrusting gently. Then power it on and play with the different patterns and power setting. I usually settle on one in a few mins.

And of course, I will lay a towel down from now on. The towel also comes in handy when it's the husband's turn. When he pulls out, there is always a mess!

As for the diagrams below, I don't know which to choose. I can just say my orgasms were the most intense and longest ever. I couldn't tell when one ended and the next one started.
Pleasure Meter

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my orgasm

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