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This rabbit vibrator is a lot more than meets the eye. There is so much variety and power it's like having 3 toys rolled into 1! Another plus, for me, was that the clitoral stimulator actually fit my body and reached the right place. This is a great toy to learn more about what pleases you as every tool to find out is provided!
Multiple speeds, pulsations, and vibrations
Multiple textures
A Learning Experience
Not able to sterilize
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Triple Orgasm is a rabbit vibrator, with every possible sensation anticipated and provided. At first use it was a little complicated to figure out all the controls and functions, but after working with it further, I have become a Triple O master!
The features and variety of this orgasmic toy ensures a good workout and a great orgasm for any woman. It stimulates every area of your vagina, clitoris and outside anal areas. With insertion, there is a delightful variety of vibration and pulsation. From slow and sensual to wild abandon, it is all there. With the rotating beads against your vaginal walls, and with the rotation of the head and shaft, this toy will absolutely blow your mind!

Mr. Frog, the clitoral stimulator is sheer pleasure on most settings, but almost non-existent on others, so you can pick and choose whether you want high or low stimulation in that area, or none at all. Mr. Frog's tongue is my favorite feature of the clitoral stimulator! Besides being adorable, that tongue flutters incredibly fast (just the way I love it)! Yet, the tongue, is gentle on the clit. It tickles and flutters rather than crushing your love button. On other settings the tongue is still if you prefer not to have that particular sensation.
The anal exciter is not actually meant for insertion, but to excite and tease the outer anal area. The material is too soft, too flexible and too thin to insert, but it vibrates deliciously. You also have the option of fast or gentle vibrations. When all 3 of these features combine, and you find your favorite setting for each one, the result is breathtaking! Triple Orgasm really lives up to it's name!
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Sensory play
    • Solo
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • On a bed only
  • Features
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Beaded
    • Waterproof
    • Textured
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Anal
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Triple Orgasm has a wonderful and pleasurable texture to it! It is nicely bumpy and heavily textured yet has a smooth and flexible feeling. I love squeezing on it! It feels really good, and bounces right back to it's original shape.
The insertable portion is made of soft pliable TPR. I was surprised to find out that TPR is fatigue resistant and noted for high impact strength. It feels so soft and flexible!

The soft, smooth, yet firm texture of the head makes it a pleasure to insert. It glides in happily! The beads inside Triple O feel wonderful and intense through the squishy, thinner material of the shaft. The feeling is exquisite.
The anal exciter has lots of little nubby bumps on it for maximum stimulation.

The base is made with hard ABS plastic and has grooves that ensure you will be able to hold onto it, even if lube gets on it.
There was no unpleasant smell when I received it and still isn't, in fact after using it several times there seems to be a pleasant smell coming from it! Seems unreal but it's true. There is no taste.
NOTE: I realize TPR is not everyones cup of tea and that some even have allergic reactions to it, but I have not personally had this problem with TPR. I have, however had strong undesireable reactions to jelly products, so I can relate to your complaint. All women have different bodily allergies and chemistry, so all women will not feel discomfort with TPR or jelly.
This toy DOES have safety features built into the material which I find very important.
Safety features: Food-grade material / Latex free / Phthalates free / Hypo-allergenic
These safety features are not present in jelly.

By now,if you are not a beginner, you should know how your body reacts to this material. If you DO have problems with TPR, there are toy covers and condoms that can be used to allieviate all discomfort.

I believe anyone who enjoys multiple vibrations and pulsations along with high intensity and a filling size would enjoy the Triple O immensely.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Porous

Design / Shape / Size

I was in awe as I examined the head. It features an amazingly realistic circumsized penis head, complete with glans and external urethral orifice. The size and shape was just right for me and easy to insert. It feels and looks very natural. The head is clear and you can see the rotation motor through the clear crystal like color.
I love the cool blue colors of the beads, motors and bottom half of shaft that show through the clear crystal looking material. The size and shape has turned out to be just right for me. Even the clitorial stimulator fits with my body and that is very unusual for me to find in a rabbit vibrator. The shaft filled me up nicely without being overwhelming. This toy has found it's niche in my toy collection and has persuaded me to use it often. I love it!

The measurements of the Triple Orgasm are as follows:
Length: 10"
Insertable length: 5"
Circumference: 4 3/4"
Diameter: 1 1/2"
Clitoral attachment shape: Frog
Weight: 13 oz

This toy is pretty large and not at all discreet, so hide it well!
    • Realistic
    • Smooth
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Triple Orgasm is full of bells and whistles. In fact there are so many I barely know where to start! This toy is quite overwhelming when it comes to functions. It will take a little bit of experimentation to find the combinations that suit you, but you'll have a lot of fun trying out each of the 192 possible combos, and maybe come up with a few more! Then, once you find them...SHAZZAM!

Well, I might as well tackle this by starting from the top! The head is clear and you can see the rotation motor as it rotates around. As I have stated the head is amazingly realistic, which I personally love! The head rotates with the shaft, and inside you can feel the tip stimulating the vaginal walls, firmly probing, and seeking out your pleasure zones. You can also use the head rotation outside on your clit which is a unique expirience, as it will massage the clitoris on level 1, function 3, very slowly in a very sensual, luxurious fashion. No vibrations are needed for this clitoris massage! Of course if you want them, they are there to be had.

Now on to the shaft:
On the rotating shaft there are 3 rows of blue non-jamming beads, a row of 1" beads surrounded by a row of 1/2" beads on the top and bottom. The bead rows are independant of each other so they can not jam! I have had other rabbit vibes with rotating pearls, which jammed up on me and remember the frustrations of that flaw! No worries with that here! These beads feel exquisite to my vaginal walls and definately add to the orgasmic experience! You can actually feel these beads spinning around vigorously to bring you to arousal.

The shaft features 8 levels of escalating rotation, on level 1 the slowest of the speeds, it feels like moderate rotation, not slow. On level 2 the rotation is noticably a little faster. The noise level up to here is pretty quiet, 2 out of 5 bees.
I can feel little difference between levels 3 and 4, but they are simular to level 2 with a tad of umpf. I would say they are pretty fast. Noise factor 3 out of 5 bees
When you move up to level 5 there is a noticeable swiftness of speed and bees, very noticeably louder. 5 bees.
Level 6-7 are pretty simular to 5 with a touch of OMG. 5 bees
Level 8 is out of control rotation and reminds me of a spinning carnival ride in my pussy! Quite dizzying. And still 5 bees.
On top of all that you have 3 functions of pulsation you can choose from to work with the levels above!
1. Pulses the head, beads and shaft first clockwise and then counter clockwise
2. Pulses head, beads and shaft back and forth in a sideways manner
3. Pulses very fast in a smooth clockwise twirl that has none of the jerking feeling the other 2 functions have. Very pleasant. When you use these functions, the noise levels seem to soften.

Now I will discuss the clitiral stimulator, which is shaped like a frog with his tongue sticking out as if to catch a fly. He is clear with a blue turbo charged bullet head motor exhilarator inside. Mr. Frog also has alot of functions! First off he has 8 speeds of escalating vibrations.
1. Feels rather weak. 1 bee.
2. Only slightly stronger. 1 bee.
3. Bumps it up where Mr. Frog's tongue is pleasantly working and feels pretty darn good! 2 bees.
4. Stronger vibes in Mr. Frogs body. Tongue slows a little. 3 bees.
5. Slighly stronger vibes. Tongue is getting back in action slowly. 3 bees.
6. About the same as Level 5-he's getting ready!3 bees.
7. Uh-Oh Mr. frog is having an attack of some sort! He is vibrating VERY intensly and his tongue is moving at warp speed! Very loud at this point! 5 bees.
8. A more solid deeper feeling vibration, with tongue moving fast, but with harder intent. 4 bees.

There are, still, 3 more functions Mr. Frog can provide with the levels above!
1. Pulsating vibration
2. Rhythmic pulsating vibration
3. A steady hard pulse
Again the levels of noise decrease with the use of the 3 variable functions.

Finally, we have the anal exciter. It also has it's own motor and automatically turns on and works in conjunction with whatever level of speed you have the clitoral stimulator on. The faster Mr. Frog goes, the faster the anal exciter goes! The anal exciter is not loud at all.

If you lack privacy, this toy will almost certainly be heard except on the very lowest of settings, which could reasonably be covered up with a TV or radio playing loudly.

Okay lets count this up! The box says there are 192 possible variations of vibrations and pulsations! Mind boggling isn't it?

The functions controls are located on the last 2 1/2" of the shaft. They are positioned on a raised panel. The on/off button is at the top, and lights up red when turned on. The rotating head, beads and shaft are controlled by up and down arrows on the left. The clitoral stimulator and anal exciter are controlled with up and down arrow buttons on the right. In the middle of all this, is a button with an F on it. This controls the 3 extra variable functions of vibration and pulsation for all 3 of the motors.

Triple Orgasm uses 3 AA batteries, which are inserted by unscrewing the 1/2" cap at the very bottom of the shaft. There is a handy string tied to the battery holder that holds all 3 batteries, so you can pull it out easily. Removing the batteries after each use will extend the battery life.
I'm not sure if you can just keep the batteries in that holder while not in use or not. It would be very convenient if you could. When inserting the batteries, the compartment is made in such a way that you can not put them in the wrong way. Very easy!

The performance of this toy has impressed me in more ways than 1, and I am a loyal Hitachi user!
The clitoral stimulator fit my body type, the vibrations and pulsations are strong, the shape and size is exceptional, the multitude of functions make the toy very versatile, and I'm in love with realisticness of the head. Having 3 areas stimulated at the same time is highly erotic. Much praise is in order!

Although Triple Orgasm is water proof, I've been too busy with this gem out of water to try it in the shower. Perhaps in my follow up I can elaborate on it's performance in water.
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Multiple settings
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

Triple O's insertable portion is made entirely of TPR, so it can not be sterilized, which is a bummer, but I love this toy and forgive it this because I do not share my toys anyway. If you do share, be certain to use a condom as TPR is porous.
To clean use warm soap and water or toy cleaner, making sure to pay special attention to all grooves, bumps and ridges that may hold onto lube, juices, etc. from usage. It is easy to care for as long as you take care of the detail work. I advise that you clean before and after use as TPR has a tendency to collect lint and hair.
The toy is 100% waterproof which makes it easier for you to clean, but be careful not to get the open battery compartment wet.
The battery housing features a rubber, watertight seal, so you will be fine as long as you have the cap on tight and right.
After cleaning, simply air dry and store.
I store mine in the box it came in (even if it is huge!) because the plastic clam shell holds the toy just right and I know it will be safe there.
Use a water based lube, so as to not damage and degrade the TPR material.
    • Detail work
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Triple Orgasm comes in a very large informative box with a life sized picture of the product on each side.
On one side there are arrows pointing to the various features and functions telling what they will do for you. There are also arrows pointing to the control panel and show what each button does and controls. It shows where the 3 synchronized waterproof motors are located and how they work to stimulate you. On the side of the box it tells you how to care for your toy, what type of batteries you will need, the materials used to make the toy and even a shows a web site you can go to and register your toy. Everything you need to know about Triple O is written on this huge box! In fact there is so much information that I could not list it all here. Much like the toy, the box has a lot of bells and whistles!
One strange note: The vibrator itself is made in Taiwan, but the package is made in the USA. Hummm?
This toy is a California Exotic Novelties toy.
When you open the box, Triple O is snugly encased in a molded plastic tray, made just for this toy, which you can store it in if you wish.
The box is not discreet at all, so I don't advise that you leave it out.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative

Personal comments

I am still working with the Triple Orgasm to find my very favorite settings. With so many it is hard to decide. But this toy has me really excited to find them! I have had strong, powerful orgasms, even though.
I found the head massage on my clitoris just a few hours ago! I have a feeling there will be other exciting and unique things like this I will find in the future!
This is a great toy to experiment with to find out exactly what pleases your body the best, as Triple O has all the capabilities to find even the most elusive pleasure zones.
On my follow up I will let you know what I have learned about my zones...
    • Exciting
    • Filling


This is a great toy to experiment with and learn more about your body. Beginners will be astounded at how much pleasure their bodies can give them, and at how many ways they can feel that pleasure. Advanced users can further their journey into eroticism, and maybe learn something about themselves they did not know before. It is fun to get a toy like this that you can learn from! That has so much variety and potential!

Take some private time and explore your body with it. Find exactly what pleases you the most! Have your partner join in on the fun, then THEY will learn how to get you to your boiling point! It's definately not your average school subject matter, but a thrilling adventure into mind blowing, skin tingling orgasms.
    • Learning what your body needs
Follow-up commentary
I still love my Triple Orgasm toy. It is still providing me with fantastic orgasms! Holding up well also. Material has not broken down a bit, and the beads have yet to jam up. I have been well pleased with this toy purchase.
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