Triple stimulation vibrator

Darling, It's Better Down Where It's Wetter... Take it from Me!

Seeking a tidal wave of pleasure to take you away? The Triple Orgasm Orange is a tri-stim vibe that will vibrate, rotate, and pulsate you into an O! This aquatic vibe is both multifunctional (3 target areas, 192 combinations, functional on land and at sea) and powerful (8 speeds of rotation/vibration)! Those seeking powerful anal stim may be disappointed, as the A-spot arm tends to slip out. However, those wanting to dive into sensory play and submerge themselves in pleasure will love this toy.
Orgasmic! Diverse functions, speeds & patterns: 192 possible combos! Waterproof. 30-day Warranty.
Anal stimulator can slip out. Freaky fish head. Not very informative packaging. Loud.
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The Triple Orgasm Orange by California Exotic Novelties is a triple stimulation toy that will make you all kinds of wet! This vibe is great not only for its variety of stimulation (A-spot and C-spot bullets, plus a rotating G-spot shaft), but also for its variety of patterns (8 levels of vibration/rotation and 3 different functions for a total of 192 possible combinations). With its dual bullets and dynamic non-jamming beads, the Triple Orgasm Orange is ideal for those who like to be overwhelmed into an O. And because it's designed to be 100% waterproof, this fishie-themed vibe can be taken into its natural environment for underwater orgasm expeditions! Exploring the depths of your orgasms is easy with the Triple Orgasm Orange, so go ahead and take the plunge... you're sure to discover that it's better down where it's wetter!

Note: The Triple Orgasm Orange was designed for a female anatomy, and this is how the toy is best used. Because the shaft is relatively straight, this vibe will not work well for P-spot stimulation.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Sensory play
    • Solo
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Behind sound-proof doors
    • Tub/shower/pool
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Anal
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The shaft of this toy (which includes the insertable G-spot, C-spot, and A-spot arms) is made of slightly porous albeit phthalates-free, latex-free, and hypo-allergenic TPR. This transparent TPR is very smooth, with little drag. The material is extremely squishy and, therefore, very comfortable during use. The C-spot and A-spot arms are amazingly flexible and can bend in literally any direction (this is $%^&*! AMAZING during use; see Experience section). Because the G-spot shaft houses the three rows of beads (see Design section), this part of the vibe cannot and does not bend unless the functions are being used (see Performance section). The TPR which covers the C-spot and A-spot arms is very thick, whereas the TPR covering the G-spot arm is relatively thin (especially where the rotating row of beads are). The "pro" to this thinner section is that the beads' movement can be better felt; the "con" is that this area is more susceptible to tears/holes. I would see to it that this area is treated ever so delicately, since a pinhole could forever ruin the cleanliness and waterproofing of the product. The base of this vibe is made of non-porous and phthalates-free ABS plastic in a fun(ky) orange color. The screw-on cap located at the base's bottom is conveniently grooved for added grip when twisting on/off.

And now for the texture! The C-spot arm is molded in the form of a fishie's head and upper body. This sea creature has some serious aesthetic texture to it: raised eyes, lips, dorsal & pectoral fins, splashes of water, a chin, and a forehead. PHEW! Although the fishie is made for external, clitoral stimulation, all that glorious texture is simply irresistible! This fishie head can be inserted vaginally (or, with a condom, anally) for a phenomenally orgasmic and altogether different sensation (see Experience section). The A-spot arm is also textured. Most of the A-spot arm is grooved like a fish's tale; this texture is also mainly for aesthetics, since it is barely insertable. The top and bottom tips of the tail have 14 and 4 raised bumps, respectively. These bumps, however, cannot be felt during use; instead, they are more for grip than for sensation. Unfortunately, this aspect of the vibe is a fail, as the A-spot arm easily slips out (see Experience section). The G-spot shaft is marvelously textured, and this is where it counts! The shaft is definitely phallic in form: there are a glans and sulcus, as well as raised sections (I suppose these are supposed to resemble veins, but they don't. To me, they look like weird penis abs). Perhaps the most delicious aspect of the main shaft's texture is a raised, circular bump below the glans. This provides extra G-spot stimulation and feels amazing during use. If that's not enough texture for ya, the 3 rows of 6 beads (that is, 18 beads in total) contribute bumpiness to the G-spot arm's shaft. And although there is a seam that runs along all arms of the vibe from front to back, it cannot be felt during use, which is absolutely wonderful!

The packaging of the Triple Orgasm Orange says this toy is unscented. Well, call me crazy, but I detect a scent of, erm, orange! The smell is very light but, after almost a month of use, has yet to fade. As an added note, the once see-through TPR has begun to cloud, again after less than a month.
    • Light odor
    • Somewhat porous
    • Squishy

Design / Shape / Size

This vibe has an oddly phallic-slash-maritime theme: The C-spot arm is in the shape of a lusciously fat-lipped fishie, the A-spot arm is in the form of its tail/the wave from which it is jumping, and the G-spot shaft is some freaky penis apparently shishkabob-ing said fish, Ursula-style (Wahoo, Little Mermaid!). The Triple Orgasm Orange has great dimensions and is a pretty weighty vibe (13 oz, almost 1 lb!). This vibe has four main design components, which I will describe individually:

The Fishie: Clitoral Stimulator
The clitoral arm is, according to Cal Exotics, a "Turbo Charged Head Exhilarator" (what I like to call "a creepy, wide-eyed fishie that gyrates"). Inside of the transparent fishie is a large and powerful bullet (about 1.5" in height and .75" in width). The mechanics of the bullet can be seen in action since the bullet is housed in a translucent orange casing. At 2" in total length, the C-spot arm is fairly large and ergonomically curved, allowing it to comfortably reach your clit and hit all necessary hot spots. Once you have gotten over the fishie's blank stare and have used its bullet, the fishie can be appreciated for its sensational functions (but more on that later; see Performance section).

The Phallus: G-spot Stimulator
The main shaft of this vibe is shaped like a phallus and is an insertable length of about 5". This shaft has three main sections (top, mid, and lower). The top section is where the thickest TPR is located, and it is designed to have the shape and texture of a real penis' glans and sulcus. Inside the top section of the shaft is a capped metal rod, which rotates in circular patterns for added pleasure (see Performance section). Directly below this is where the G-spot bump is located. The mid section of the shaft is where the beads are contained. There are 3 rows, each with 6 beads. The rows are separated by thin plastic "plates." To ensure that there is never any jamming, each bead is held in place by two little plastic prongs, one from the plates directly above and below said bead. The effect of this design is that the bead rotation is two-fold: the plastic plates themselves rotate, causing the beads to rotate in a large circle, while the beads themselves rotate on the prongs (If that's not clear, the best analogy I can think of is the Earth's rotation as it orbits the Sun and its own axis). The lower section of this shaft is hard because it has solid plastic underneath its thin layer of TPR. It is this part of the vibe which houses the G-spot arm's motor. There is no curvature of the G-spot shaft.

The Tail: Anal Stimulator
Although the A-spot arm is 4" in length, only 2" of it is insertable. In an attempt to better its fit, this tail-shaped anal stimulator is slightly curved in the direction of the G-spot shaft. Unfortunately, I've found the tail to be too thin and too short to stay in for the duration of a session. Even the bumps which are supposed to add grip do not help the tail stay put in your ass. Also, since the tail lacks reach due to its short length, the toy must be positioned a certain way if the tail is to be kept in at all (see Experience section). The mid-section of the tail houses a small, solid orange-colored bullet. This bullet is not as strong as the one in the clitoral stimulator, but its vibrations are good nonetheless (see Performance section).

The Base: Compartment, Cap, and Controls
The plastic base is designed for easy navigation and good grip. The back of the base has three raised lines which allow you to have a better hold on the vibe should your hands be slippery with lube. On the front of the base is a raised rectangular area where the controls are located. The ridged cap screws off to reveal a rubbery O-ring which acts as a waterproofing sealant, as well as a battery compartment. This battery compartment comes all the way out of the vibe. To remove the battery compartment, simply pull the red string attached to it. The compartment easily slides back into the base.
    • Beginner
    • Power queens
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Note: The controls and functions for this vibe can be a bit overwhelming; however, they are easily learned and become second nature once you get used to the vibe.

The Triple Orgasm Orange's controls are located on the raised rectangular section of the vibe's base. At the top of this area is the "On/Off" button. This is the *only* way to turn the vibe on or off. Please note that the vibe can be on without being in function; there is no way to lock the vibe in "Off" mode, so make sure to remove batteries when the vibe is not in use to avoid power drainage. Underneath the "On/Off" button are two sets of arrows and a central button. The presence of both up and down arrows means that cycling through patterns to get to the one you want is not necessary with this vibe! When facing the vibe, the arrow buttons on the left control bead/head rotation; the central "F" button controls the pulsation patterns; and the arrow buttons on the right controls C-spot and A-spot bullet vibrations. If ever you become confused as to what is on and what is off, simply look at the LED lights: there are 3 red LEDs that turn on when their respective functions are in use (one for "On/Off," one for vibration, and one for rotation. There is no light for the pulsation "F" button).

The vibration and rotation patterns can be used individually, with each other at regular function, each with its respective pulsation patterns, AND with each other and both of their respective pulsation patterns. (Stay with me!) The pulsation patterns (the "F" button) cannot be used without at least either the vibration or rotation function being on. The packaging says that there are 192 possible combinations. Because the (annoyingly) minimal packaging does not explain *any* of this vibe's functions, I will outline them here.

The Vibrations
The vibration buttons control the C-spot and A-spot bullets (there is no G-spot bullet). There are 8 levels of vibration. The first 4 vibrations are a low hum (in both feel and sound), increasing in depth with each click of the "^" arrow. Even at 1, the vibrations are by no means weak. Instead, the lower the vibration number, the throbbier the vibration. At the 5th click is when the vibrations become considerably more high-pitched in sound and much, much more intense (and surface-level) in feel. I would describe vibrations 5-8 as ticklish, if that makes any sense. These last 4 vibrations are definitely for Power Queens. I myself am a Power Princess, but even I can't handle the last few levels for long!

The Rotations
There are 8 levels of rotation. Because the G-spot shaft does not vibrate, the main difference between the 8 levels of rotation is in their speed (one being the slowest and 8 being the fastest). The rotation happens in three ways: The phallic head rotates in a circle, the beads rotate on their plates, and the beads themselves rotate on their respective axes.

The Pulsations
There are essentially 4 pulsation patterns (2 for the vibration motors, 2 for the rotation motor). Each level is distinct, so I will describe these in detail:
*Vibrating* Pulsation Patterns
-To turn on the vibrating pulsation patterns, first turn on the vibration to the desired speed, and then press the "F" button until the desired pattern is reached. (The speed of the vibration can be increased and decreased while the pulsation pattern is on.)
1. The first vibration pattern causes an intense vibration to switch between the C-spot and A-spot bullets. While one bullet is vibrating intensely, the other bullet continues to vibrate at a lower frequency. There is about a second-long delay between each switch. The result is a steady back-and-forth of throbby and ticklish vibrations.
2. The second vibration pattern is identical to the first, except there is no pause between the switching of the intense vibration. This is a quicker, more powerful pattern.
3. If you press the "F" button a third time, it turns the pulsation patterns off, causing the vibrations to go back to regular function.
*Rotating* Pulsation Patterns
-To turn on the rotating pulsation patterns, first turn on the rotation to the desired speed, and then press the "F" button until the desired pattern is reached. (The speed of the rotation can be increased and decreased while the pulsation pattern is on.)
1. The first pulsation pattern causes the head and beads to rotate first in one direction, and then in the opposite direction. Each oppositional direction lasts one complete rotation. The head and beads always rotate in the same direction.
2. The second pulsation pattern causes the head and beads to rotate in semi-circular rotations. After the semi-circle is complete, the head and beads rotate in the opposite direction. The head and beads always rotate in the same direction.
3. If you press the "F" button a third time, it turns the pulsation patterns off, causing the rotations to go back to regular function.

Note: This toy is loud and sounds similar to a remote-controlled toy car. So, while this vibe is pretty noisy, the level of loud really depends on the function being used. The loudest function is the rotation (even when the shaft is inserted). The vibrations are moderately loud. When the vibrations and rotations are used together, the sound can definitely be heard through the door. The noise cannot be heard over running water.

Congratulations! You haven't drowned in the confusing functions and controls! And so, how does it perform in relation to sensations? The Triple Orgasm Orange performs, well, orgasmically. This vibrator delivers intensity and, more importantly, overwhelming orgasms. Using the Triple Orgasm Orange is like diving into a pool of sensory overload. It's amazing. And don't forget that this vibe is 100% waterproof; make a splash and take it into the bath with you! To read more about my experiences, including more ways I've found to use this vibe, see the Experience section.
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Like all novelty toys, this vibe must be washed before and after each use. To clean the Triple Orgasm Orange, wash it with either warm water & anti-bacterial soap or with a toy cleaner. To avoid water damage, make sure the waterproofing O-ring is in place and that the cap is sealed tightly before washing the product. After having washed the toy, allow it to dry before storing it. The original packaging can be used for storage (see Packaging section); however, a sterile container can also be used to store the product. Because the TPR material does collect fuzzies, be sure to keep the vibe in a lint-free environment.

Please note that, because the Triple Orgasm Orange is primarily made of TPR, it is somewhat porous and, therefore, cannot be completely sterilized. As a result, the toy must be used with a condom if it is going to be shared with a partner and/or used for both vaginal and anal play.

The Triple Orgasm Orange's TPR material is *not* compatible with silicone or oil-based lubricants. Only use a water-based lube with this toy. This vibe requires 3 AA batteries (not included) to operate. To preserve the life of the toy, remove the batteries when the toy not in use.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging for this toy is not discreet at all, nor is it very informative. The front and back feature photos of the vibe that are almost to scale (the vibe photos are a bit smaller; however, the photo showing the "Actual Size of the Micro Bullet" [the A-spot bullet] is almost twice the size of the real bullet). The front bears the name of the vibe in large letters, with basic information about the vibe. The back of the package features a little more information, like arrows pointing out key features (i.e.- the "Turbo Charged Head Exhilarator" and the function controls). The information located on the packaging is the only information about the product that is included, since the instruction manual is a generic "Vibrator Instruction Manual" (interestingly enough, it's the exact same "instruction" pamphlet that I complained about in my review on the Sphere). Inside the colorfully animated, glossy cardboard box is a clear plastic clamshell that houses the vibe. This packaging is cheap, but it can be used to store the Triple Orgasm Orange while the container lasts.

What is nifty about the packaging is that it allows you to register your Triple Orgasm Orange online. Above the bar code is an item number, and on the back of the package is the product registration website. Registering your vibe is free (all that is required is the item number, your name, home address, and e-mail). Once you have registered the product, you get a free 30-day warranty on your vibe! However, to redeem your warranty in case of a malfunctioning toy, you must be able to provide the original receipt, so hang on to it!
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet


I'd like to begin this section with a quote:
"Fish are friends."
-Bruce, Finding Nemo, 2003

And although I generally abhor animal toys, I have to admit: this little fishie is my friend, my climactic chum, my hot-and-bothered homie. Does that sound ridiculous? It's not; let me 'splain.

Using the Triple Orgasm Orange is an intensely sensual experience. Like, being "serenaded in the sea" level of sensual. The strong, throbby clitoral vibrations are enough to make me come... but add a spinning vaginal doo-dad, a buzzing anal bullet, and a couple of pulsation patterns and HECK! It's like drowning in a pool of pleasure. And yes, I'll admit, the head/bead rotations alone aren't enough to get me off. And yep, the short anal arm easily slips out, which, admittedly, can be an annoyance. BUT when all three functions come together (and they can and do come together), I come, too. Add some Shunga Secret Garden to the mix, and (!!!!) the orgasm is almost unbearable (in a good way, of course). And when I'm not applying copious amounts of that magical serum, I'm using this vibe in the shower. And that, too, is an extremely satisfying experience. The only thing that is a really bothersome about this vibe is that the head/bead rotations are easily stopped by contracting muscles (this *will* happen once you start getting that tingly feeling). This causes the motor to overexert itself, and it's bad for the vibe. But oh, well. To be honest, I've reached my most satisfying, spine-tingling, moan-y, and deeply throbbing orgasms with this little fishie (whom I have affectionately named Squirt... 'cause that's what he makes me do). It's quite glorious, actually. If/when Squirt dies, I will be replacing him with Squirt the Second. He's that good.

But anyways, you may be wondering if I've found any other ways to use/navigate this versatile toy. And the answer is, heck yes! Here are a few...

1) The vibrations in the C-spot arm are so strong that I have successfully used them to pleasure my nipples.
2) The C-spot arm can be used internally. Because the fishie's head is so detailed, it is very textured. However, because the head is so squishy and short, it's a bit difficult to shove Squirt up in there. And since there's obviously not much thrusting to be had with him, it's not an end-all experience. BUT. The vibrations are very strong, so it feels very, very good. Plus, my G-spot is pretty low, so Squirt's 2"-long self delivers the vibes directly to that area on my anatomy.
3) The G-spot shaft can be used for anal penetration. (Remember, because this is TPR material, a condom must be used when switching between vaginal and anal play!) I'll openly admit that I am a n00b when it comes to anal play with toys. So, having the rotating shaft spin around in my ass was a new and pretty damn good experience.
4) This is, I believe, the most magical of them all. Because the C-spot arm is so flexible and relatively stretchy, it can reach my clit while the G-spot shaft is in my ass. So now there is a rotating, spinny doo-dad going to town in my butt, while an intensely throbby and downright amazing fishie propels my clit to an O. There aren't even words to describe how amazing this feels.
5) I like to hold the vibe by supporting it from underneath with my pinky, ring, and middle fingers. My index finger I place on the the cap. And this leaves my thumb free. What I like about this is that I can use my thumb to navigate the C-spot arm via the protruding dorsal fin. This gives me direct control over how the C-spot arm moves; I often use the head for pressure play and for teasing with vibration, especially when it comes to the ticklish levels of 5-8.
6) Yet again, Squirt delivers. The lips on this fish are so broad and thick that they are perfect for spreading the clitoral hood and delivering vibrations directly onto the clitoris. With Squirt, there's never any looking for my clit or re-adjusting the toy. This fishie's head (and lips) are so big, you will never misplace your clitoral vibes.

My advice: Make this vibe a part of your world. ASAP!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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