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Want dual stimulation without some creepy animal staring at you from the end of a vibe? Are you weirded out by "realistic" toys, yet still seeking a phallic feel from a toy? The Sphere is a vibe that offers all this and more! Its unique silicone bulges give pin-point stimulation, as well as a more realistic feel. And with 10 vibrations that range from low to high and steady to patterned, this toy is sure to please! All in all, the Sphere is a vibrator that can be summed by one word: Fierce.
THE SPHERES. Soft. Strong, patterned dual stim. Great for vibes/thrusting. Easy to use/care for.
Irritating seam. Not *really* waterproof. No Back button. Misleading packaging. No info on company.
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The Sphere is a rabbit-style vibe that offers 10 rhythms, ranging from steady vibrations to pulsating patterns. Made of luxuriously supple and soft silicone, the Sphere is flexible enough to be used for both vaginal and anal adventures. And although this toy is not made to look like a penis, the Sphere feels curiously phallic during use: its silicone material conducts body heat so it feels more like skin, and its specially designed “spheres” resemble the head of a penis. It is these bulges (one at each tip of the G-spot and C-spot arms) that make the Sphere so unique. These "spheres" are designed to be firm yet soft (allowing for pressure play) and constructed to feel just like the head of a penis! The Sphere is also water resistant and can accompany you into the shower. Overall, the Sphere is a toy that works well and feels wonderful. Just be weary of the seam which runs along the entire shaft of this toy! And be sure to read the entire package carefully... some of the information printed can be misleading (see Packaging section for details).
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Solo
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Shower (not tub/pool)
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot
    • Anal

Material / Texture

The Sphere is composed of two primary materials. The shaft (which includes the insertable G-spot stimulator and the external C-spot stimulator offshoot) is made of high-quality silicone. This portion of the vibe is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, latex-free, phthalates-free, odorless, and non-porous. The silicone is luxuriously soft, velvety smooth to the touch with little drag, and excitingly flexible. This supple material will do no damage to your delicate insides as you pound, wiggle, and/or thrust this toy. The silicone is also a great conductor of body heat, giving the Sphere a skin-like feel when in use (see Performance section). The base (which houses the buttons and detaches to reveal a battery compartment) is made of ABS plastic which is smooth, non-porous, and phthalates-free; the O-ring which acts as the alleged "waterproofing seal" is also made of plastic. The materials used in the Sphere comply with the European Standard for Safety of Toys (see Packaging section).

The only flaw in texture is, unfortunately, a major flaw. There is a seam that runs along the Sphere from back to front, present on both the G-spot and C-spot stimulators. Although the seam does not appear to be raised very much, it is definitely noticeable during use without lubrication. Using the Sphere while lubricated (whether the lube be store-bought or natural) alleviates this problem, and then the fun begins. However, if you become dry during use or try to insert/use this vibe without any lube, it is truly a very painful and uncomfortable experience.
    • Flexible
    • Seam
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Sphere is a moderately sized vibe, with a total height of 7 1/2" (4 3/4" of which is insertable), a circumference of 3 1/4" (1" diameter), and a total weight of 8 oz (1/2 pound). The Sphere is beautifully crafted, with a design that is both body-friendly and excitingly stimulating. The shaft of this vibe is ergonomic, with a subtle curvature of the insertable arm that allows its plush tip to concentrate vibrations on the G-spot. The C-spot arm is also slightly curved for better reach and vibe delivery. About 2" of the G-spot stimulator and all of the C-spot stimulator are pure silicone, allowing the toy to bend to your anatomical needs and sexual uses. The main shaft of the G-spot arm is silicone with a hard, plastic tubing underneath that houses the motor; this part of the shaft is firmer but still soft. Beneath the bulged tip of each arm is a strong bullet that is controlled by a single motor (see Performance section). The plastic base of the vibe is smoothly rounded and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Although the texture and dimensions are wonderful, it is the Sphere's unique heads which truly make this vibe so fierce. The delicately plush arms form a single bulge at each of their tips. (No animals attached to this vibe!) These eponymous spheres, made of the soft silicone, focus the vibrations on the G-spot and C-spot, respectively. Although the entire shaft is made of soft silicone, its dense sphere is firmer, allowing the bulge to better conduct vibrations and deliver on pressure play. The G-spot bulge is, perhaps, the best part of this vibe. Just underneath the G-spot sphere is a raised lip. This feels absolutely marvelous during insertion, especially when done repeatedly while thrusting. The sphere of the G-spot feels a bit like the head of penis (the glans); the lip compliments this phallic feature by resembling a sulcus. The sturdy base and lip of the G-spot sphere give the toy a life-like feel. Each vibration, each entrance, each exit excitingly entices an O.
    • Ergonomic
    • Partner play
    • Phallic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The two controls for the Sphere are located on the plastic base. The lower button is a standard on/off control. The upper button (marked with what looks like the waves on a heart monitor) cycles through the 10 different rhythms and can also turn the vibe on (but not off). Neither of the controls allows you to "go back"; with this toy, there is only cycling forward. The Sphere's "10 Rhythms of Ecstacy" (sic: spelled incorrectly on the packaging) are as follows:

1. High Vibrating
========== (This is a steady, fairly intense vibration.)
2. Med Vibrating
---------- (Steady; one notch less intense than the above vibration.)
3. Low Vibrating
----------- (This steady vibration is very, very subtle. Perfect for those with sensitive clits, or for warming-up Power Queens.)
4. Step
N\N\N\N\N\N (This vibration is hard to graphically depict, but it basically begins with a vibration that steadily builds up to a peak, falls, and then repeats. Perfect for teasing!)
5. Hi-Lo
MMMMMMMMMMM (This vibration is a quick peak-and-fall that repeats. I would describe it as a throbby pulsation.)
6. Dip
-_-_-_-_-_- (This vibration is very similar to the above Hi-Lo. The Dip, however, is much more intense and faster. The vibrations are much sharper. Perfect for taking you over the edge!)
7. High Pulse
- - - - - (This vibration is also comparable to the Hi-Lo. The difference here is that the High Pulse delivers a cycle of quick high-intensity vibration that is followed by no vibration at all.)
8. High Steeplechase
n_n_n_n (One of my favorite settings. This vibration is more intense, as it delivers a drawn-out high vibration, followed by a low, throbby pulse.)
9. Low Steeplechase
-u-u-u-u (The Low Steeplechase is much like the High Steeplechase, except the vibrations are much deeper. The steady vibration also lasts a slit second longer than in the previous setting. I would describe this as a throbby vibe.)
10. Low Pulse
- - - - - (Like the High Pulse, except less intense and throbbier.)

All in all, the Sphere performs beautifully. With its 10 vibrations ranging from Low to High and steady to patterned, the Sphere provides a fair amount of variety. The silicone shaft and arms conduct body heat wonderfully, adding to the realistic feel of this toy. When warmed by the body, the supple material of the Sphere feels very skin-like. Although the Sphere is constructed as a G-spot/C-spot vibrator, the packaging says that it can be used anally as well (I have not tried this; see Personal Comments section). The noisiness of the toy is contingent on the level of vibration in use. At its highest speed, the Sphere is moderately loud. It can be heard through dorm-room walls and doors, but not over running water or music.

The main let-down with the Sphere is that it is not 100% waterproof as the packaging leads you to believe; rather, it is water resistant. The Sphere must not be submerged in water. This means taking the Sphere into the bath tub, pool, ocean, or any other body of water is a big No-No! The Sphere is only guaranteed waterproof in the shower and whilst being cleaned.
    • Multiple settings
    • Not discreet at all
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

Caring for the Sphere is simple, thanks to its primarily silicone material. The shaft (G-spot and C-spot arms) is able to be completely sterilized. Because of this, it is OK to share the toy with others as well as use it for both vaginal and anal use without a condom as long as the toy is sterilized before and after sharing. To clean the silicone portion of the Sphere, wash it with warm to hot water and soap. Do NOT put the Sphere into a dishwasher, washing machine, or a pot of boiling water. As previously mentioned, the Sphere is not 100% waterproof; it is only splash resistant. Please do not be misled by the packaging's conflicting claims to submerge this toy for cleaning purposes (see Packaging section). To ensure that the toy does not get damaged during cleaning, make sure that the base and O-ring are firmly secured and sealed when washing. The plastic base can be cleaned with toy cleaner or, very carefully, with soap and water. The Sphere must be washed before and after each use. Wait until the Sphere is dry to store the toy. The original plastic packaging is suitable for storage purposes. The Sphere also comes with a complimentary purple velvet bag for storage; however, because the Sphere is silicone and does tend to pick up fuzzies, storing the product in a lint-free zone is recommended.

The Sphere requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) to operate. To preserve the life of the toy, remove batteries when not in use. Please note that this toy is not compatible with silicone or oil-based lubricants; use a water-based lube instead.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Sphere's packaging is, by far, the worst part of this product. It is clearly made to sit on a store shelf and attract the attention of consumers. As a result, it is less than informative and overly flashy. This "con" is more than an issue of aesthetics and personal opinion; as I will explain, the marketing-driven packaging sends mixed messages and is SO ridiculous and over-the-top that it makes me question the quality of the product.

But first, the storage aspect of the package...
The Sphere itself sits in a plastic casing which snaps shut. Also contained in this casing are the instruction pamphlet and complimentary velvet bag. This clear casing slides into a colorful plastic sleeve. This sleeve is highly decorated and is where most of the "information" for the Sphere can be found (see below). Poking through the plastic casing and packaging sleeve is a "Try Me" bulb of the plush silicone. This "Try Me" silicone is nice for showing off the plushness of the product to a friend, but its novelty is short-lived since it quickly attracts fuzzies and becomes dirty. Of course, this can be easily fixed by washing the sample, but who really wants to repeatedly wash a "Try Me" swatch of silicone? This sample is also detachable (it's attached to the casing with crappy glue); however, if you do remove it, there is a gaping hole where the "Try Me" had once poked out. Ya can't win for losing with this one!

And now, the sleeve...
Where to begin??! The sleeve is cluttered with graphics, measurements, diagrams, instructions, cautions, notices, symbols, and more! The front of the sleeve shows a graphic of outer space (don't ask why), clearly shows off the Sphere, and has lots of flashy non-informational phrases to draw attention (i.e. - "Be One," "beauty in its purest form," "Safest Material on the planet," "Where the FUN begins!*" and on and on and on!). The back of the sleeve shows a labeled diagram of the Sphere, a diagram on how to insert batteries, basic information and tips about silicone (in 6 languages), cautions/warnings (also in 6 languages), a visual representation of the "10 Dynamic Rhythms," and some more symbols. Phew! With so much clutter and so much "information," the packaging is bound to send mixed signals. And it does. For example, the basic information provided about silicone says that it is "Water Repellent" and "Dishwasher Safe." Yes, that is true for silicone, BUT the toy is NOT 100% waterproof and NOT dishwasher safe (If you read further on in the cautions, the packaging states that "This product cannot provide water resistance in the bath or in the pool. Waterproof can only be provided when in the shower or while it is being cleaned with water."). Reading the package in its entirety, while necessary, is tiring on the eyes: the print is very difficult to read because of its extremely small size (about size 6 or 7 font) and because it is black ink on a multicolored background. The only reassuring information found on the sleeve are the notes which state that the Sphere is made in compliance with the European Standard of Safety of Toys and the EC Directive.

Symbols are also sprinkled all over the packaging. Some of these symbols are legit, others are fake. In my opinion, this is a red flag, as I see this as trying to "trick" consumers into thinking the symbol signifies a special feature, special recognition, or something of that nature. I have pin-pointed two fake symbols. The first is a symbol with the words "Technobeat 10." This could very well be a reference to the 10 levels of vibration, but it looks more like an award for being in a "Top 10" of some sort, since there is no other reference or explanation as to what "Technobeat" is. The second is a symbol with the words "Trendy & Innovative." This symbol is among the legit symbols for recycling, CE (China Export), and Do Not Throw Away. Its placement makes it seem that it is a legitimate sign; again, it makes it seem as if the Sphere has won some sort of award when, in fact, this symbol does not mean anything at all. In my opinion, this is very misleading and makes me question why this product is so uber-marketed.

But wait, there's more!
The "informational" pamphlet included in the packaging is terrible, too! It is generic and obviously used for all of NMC's toys (for example, under the Warnings section, #3 is "In case of NON-WATERPROOF vibrators..."; #4 is "In case of WATERPROOF vibrators..." The pamphlet does not distinguish which the Sphere is). The diagram of how to insert batteries is wrong, hence the diagram included on the already cluttered packaging sleeve. To boot, there is NO information anywhere about NMC, the manufacturer, except that it is located in Hong Kong. I even Googled "NMC Ltd" to see if I could get any more information, but the company has no website. The fact that there is so much flashy misleading going on and no information about WHO is making this toy really, really creeps me out. Other details that further the sketchiness and low-quality-factor of this product are the poor spelling and the unfinished/unedited nature of the product (i.e. - "ecstasy" is misspelled, the pamphlet says "DD/MM/YY" in the upper right-hand corner, etc.).

Seriously, I could go on about how sketchy the packaging is, but I will (finally) digress. I think you get the idea.
    • Confusing
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

As a toy, I really do like the Sphere. I enjoy the plushy material, the construction/use of the spheres, the two moderately-strong bullets, and the varied vibrations. I am, however, a bit bothered by the organization of the pulses. They seem rather thoughtlessly arranged since they do not build up (the order is generally from High to Low). For me, it is especially difficult to tease with a lower setting and then go over the edge with a higher or more intense one since the controls do not allow you to go back (you can only cycle forward). Again, this is just my personal preference, and it does not affect the toy's performance.

The seam is the worst part of the toy itself. The seam is very, very subtle but can definitely be felt. In fact, the seam is the reason why I refuse to try the Sphere anally. I can only imagine how painful that would be! Again, the aggravation caused by the seam can be minimized by applying lubricant.

The packaging has left me "meh" about the quality of the toy and the integrity of the company that makes it. I'll still use the Sphere, but I will proceed with caution and keep an eye out for any sketchy developments.

If you, fair reader, do decide to get the Sphere, my advice would be to get a reliable lube, put both to good use, and enjoy! Oh, and be sure to read the entire package (and this review!) carefully to avoid being misled.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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