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G-spot rabbit vibrator by NMC Ltd

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Great Balls of Fire

This toy was definitely a winner in my book; the g-spot arm pinpointed my g-spot and the clitoral stimulator provided me with good vibrations all the way through. While I understand this toy might not work for everyone, it's a great introductory dual stimulator.
Easy to use, good for beginners, 10 variational speeds, strong, battery powered
Seams and ridges might be troubling for sensitive bodies, might not work for some anatomies
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The Sphere is a waterproof, multi-speed, G-spot/clitoral dual simulation vibrator by NMC Ltd. Made of velvety silicone and hard plastic, the Sphere is a rabbit toy without a rabbit body. The Sphere functions like a traditional rabbit vibrator, but is devoid of any fuzzy inklings, as in place of bunny ears it has a small sphere as the clitoral stimulator as well as the g-spot stimulator.

A smaller toy than most rabbit-style vibrators, the Sphere provides beginners with a great intro to the dual-stimulation world.

Material / Texture

The Sphere is made of velvety silicone and hard, smooth plastic. The silicone (the entirety of the toy, up until the control center) is both firm and squishy; the majority of the toy is firm but the joints of the toy (by the clitoral attachment and 3/4 up on the way to the top of the g-spot section) are both completely bendable and flexible. Though they will not hold the shape if you release pressure, the mobility of the clitoral stimulator makes this a very beneficial bonus. The silicone itself is completely odorless, even if you stick your face right up to it and inhale, and the plastic portion has a very faint scent.

It is mostly textureless, except for the velvety silicone, though below each ball is a small indentation and then a small flare.

Design / Shape / Size

The Sphere has an almost simplistic design that is executed to complete and total perfection; two halves to one whole.

Starting with the insertable portion... It has got a gentle sloping curve meant to stimulate the g-spot, with a small but noticeable bump just above the bendy portion of the toy; I believe this was meant to stimulate the walls of your vagina during penetration, but personally? I don't even feel it. Maybe someone with a more sensitive vagina would be able to feel it, but I couldn't tell at all that it existed. On the back of the g-spot part of the toy is a faint 'spine' that people with seam-sensitivities will notice and hate. Again, for me? I didn't notice it at all until I was fondling and examining the toy. The bulb on the end of the g-spot portion is firm, but it does have a little give and take to it; you can squeeze it in, but it's nowhere in the realm of squishy squeezy.

The clitoral portion is a bit less than an inch long, with a small ball on the end of it as on the insertable portion of the toy. The bulb on the clitoral portion is significantly more squishy than is the insertable bulb, and the clitoral arm is very easy to bend.

For my body, the clitoral arm just never really matched up with where my clitoris was... I don't know if I'm anatomically challenged or if I just haven't been able to find That Perfect Spot, but it never worked perfectly. However. I found that even though I wasn't able to match it up with my clitoris, that I greatly enjoyed this toy. The many many many speeds and vibrational patterns of this toy coupled with the super strong vibrations made this a definite winner, even if I haven't been able to find the right spot yet.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Sphere was very easy to use and control, though battery changes are a little tricksy. To change batteries, you have to grab the base and twist it, and the top pops off. It takes two AAA batteries, but putting the top back on can be a little problematic because if you're like me, you've forgotten which way you twisted and turned it to get it off. But once you do that, it's smooth sailing all the way. It is a little hard on batteries, but I also run it exclusively at the highest of all power settings.

To power the toy on, you push the bottom button, and to turn it off, you just hit it again. Another way to power it on is to hit the heartbeat/vibration button (top button) once, but this will also shift the toy to the next vibrational pattern, and change it from whatever it was on last.

It has ten vibrational patterns, from solid (with three intensities) to pulsing, to roller coasters. It's actually quite fun to cycle through them and watch the clitoral portion move; on some of them it's easy to see the clitoral portion hitting back and forth as it vibrates--the intensity is that serious. The vibrations are centered both in the g-spot insertable and in the clitoral arm, right in the tips of each so no vibrations are lost in transmission.

This toy is also anal safe! I do so love versatility! Though I've not tried this toy for anal use or p-spot use, I can definitely see this toy fetching your fancy; you can position the clit tickler on your perineum without fear of the Sphere getting lost.

As for the actual g-spot function of this toy, I found that it worked magnificently. I was able to hit my g-spot quite easily and found that it held its shape well. While this toy worked for me, I often have a very easy time finding my g-spot so the flexibility and relaxed form of this toy might not work for those who need a firm touch on their g-spot to enjoy their g-spot toys.

For the intensity, it's remarkably quiet; even on its highest setting it cannot be heard over my (admittedly loud) window fan. With a door closed, this toy would be inaudible.

Care and Maintenance

Although the toy claims to be waterproof, I think that is totally wrong. When I took off the battery compartment, the "O ring" fell off. It's not securely tight and can't really provide a great seal. I'd not recommend submerging this toy, but it is safe to sink wash as long as you check the inside for wetness immediately after. You can also use an isopropyl alcohol mixture to clean this baby, or dip the silicone end into some boiling water--but be careful not to drop it in, as that will melt the plastic portion. It is definitely not advised to throw this thing in your dishwasher, due to the mechanics and plastic portion.

The Sphere comes with a purple storage bag which works well for keeping it safe and fuzz-free. I have not personally experienced lint transmission with this particular toy, I know that velvety silicone can be a fluff hog, so do make sure to inspect it before insertion.

You can use the Sphere with water or oil based lubricants only, but silicone lubes are not recommended because silicones do not play nicely together.

Personal comments

I was really holding out for a rabbit toy that didn't look like a rabbit, and I was debating between this toy and Lelo's Ina. Though I do still plan on picking up the Ina, I don't regret this investment at all.
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