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Decadent Indulgence? Not For Me!

This was such a fail for me that it's hard for me to say with certainty if this would work for others or not. I'm closely spaced from vaginal opening to clit and this missed the mark completely. If you're spaced the same, skip this toy. If not, there may be some potential here. The vibrations and flutter effect are pretty solid. I could slow down the beads at the highest setting but not stop them completely. I can't say for sure, but I think the average spaced girl might find something to
High end vibrations
Many speeds to choose from
Squishy material feels nice
Does not fit smaller space anatomy
Can slow down beads with PC muscles somewhat
Not waterproof
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Decadent Indulgence 3 is the third in a trilogy of traditional rotating rabbits by Cal Exotics. Rotating rabbits are designed to be dual stimulating, meaning that the shaft is inserted while the attachment simulates the clit. The internal shaft rotates on its own so that the user has to do very little to achieve maximum pleasure. This vibrator should be used vaginally, not anally.

I find that rabbits are best used for solo play since there's not a lot for a partner to see or do when using them. However, if your partner is having a lazy day there's no reason they couldn't use a rabbit on you or watch you use a rabbit.

Material / Texture

Decadent Indulgence 3 is made of TRP which brings it in at a 7 on the saftey scale. TRP is a squishy material, sort of like a jelly but higher on the saftey scale and less sticky feeling. It's very flexible - so much so that I'm able to bend the head of this all the way back without damaging the vibrator. This material would be a nice substitution for someone who likes jelly toys but has had issues with them or just wants to move up the safety scale. It's also a good material for a person that likes a little give to their vibrators as it isn't rigid or unforgiving. I do recommend using a good lube with this as the material does have some "stick" to it and will drag across your insides somewhat if not properly lubed up. Not fun for anyone.

I noticed a slight odor to the Decadent Indulgence 3 when opened, similar to a jelly material but slightly different, but it quickly went away after a few washes. There is a slight sour-ish taste. The box says that there is a "pleasant scent" to the Decadent Indulgence 3, which of course I can't smell, but it could be the reason for the sour taste.

Texture is added via the rotation balls in the shaft. There are 18 beads (3 rows of 6) in the middle of the shaft. They protrude out slightly. They were easily felt when inserted but were not so much texture that they set off my slight texture sensitivities. Unless you have an extreme texture sensitivity, I think most users will be able to enjoy the beads in Decadent Indulgence 3. They are neither too much or too little. There is also some ribbing around the head of the vibrator but this cannot be felt at all during insertion and hardly can be felt when running your hand along it.

Design / Shape / Size

Decadent Indulgence 3 is far larger than 90% of my toys. It comes in at a total length of 10 inches. From the very tip of the clitoral attachment (the flutter) to the head is 3.5 inches, from the base of the clitoral attachment to the head is 4.5 inches. It is 1 inch in width at its tip and 1.5 in width at the mid-point.

As always, I performed my hand test where I put something up against my hand to see if its going to be too large for me. It was hard to tell with this since half the device is remote control, but it seemed like the insertable length was doable via hand test. The actual length of the whole vibrator is monster-like. I feel like I'm wielding a weapon when holding this. I found this to be difficult to maneuver when in use due to the large overall size.

Herein lies the problem with the Decadent Indulgence 3. It's not really this particular rabbit's fault, it's just a problem with dual stimulators across the board. Either they fit, or they don't. It's all about getting one that works with your anatomy. This one was a no-go with mine. I'll go into more detail in the experience section, but suffice it to say here that it was a major failure.

A little on my anatomy. I'm closely space from clitoris to vaginal opening. There is about 1cm from the very top of my opening to my clit. If you're spaced the same, this rabbit will not work for you. The attachment will overshoot and end up nowhere near where it is intended to be. For those who are spaced on the average to long side, this might be worth a shot. It's hard for me to say how effective this would be in that instance because, truly, I could not get this thing to work for me to save my life. My educated guess is that given the right anatomy this could be an okay vibrator.

What I did like was that despite the fact that I could move the attachment all the way around with my hands, it did not go all over the place when I was using it. Even though it wasn't near my clit, it did stay in an upright position and did not end up horizontal. There's a lot of flexibility to the attachment so if it's close to a right fit you can probably maneuver this around to get it to work. It was just so far off for me there was no saving it.

The Decadent Indulgence 3 is not discreet. It is phallic in shape and even has the head shaped like a real penis. No question about it, this is a sex toy. It's large as well, so have a big drawer or storage pouch at the ready if you need to hide this one away.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The general breakdown is that the beads rotate while the attachment vibrates. The attachment is in the shape of what I'm guessing is supposed to be the oddest elephant I've ever seen, based on the Dumbo ears. It has the elongated nose so it flutters which makes it look like no other elephant in the world. The flutter effect works quite well (when I was able to get the positioning correct). The vibrations are strong enough to translate through the material down the shaft of the nose-looking thing. When used, this creates a quick back and forth motion, or "flutter," that feels amazing.

There are ten vibration speeds controlled by the middle button on the control panel. These range in strength from two to four vrooms. Many of these the change is within the same vroom - so from low level two vroom to high level two vroom. The vibrations start at around the center of the attachment and work their way up to the tip of the flutter.

Decadent Indulgence 3 contains a series of preset patterns. The first is the steady vibration. The second goes from the highest to lowest speed and back again. The next goes from lowest to highest and then lowest to highest again without going back down. The next is a 1-2-3 pulse. The final one is a quick, steady pulse. These are controlled by the "F" button on the control pad.

The far left button controls the ten rotation speeds. These range from what I would call a moderate-slow to moderate speed. At the moderate-slow speed I can completely stop the rotations with my hand. At the moderate speed I can slow them down with my hand. During use, I noticed that I could slow them down a bit with my PC muscles but could not get them to completely stop at the full speed.

The box suggests that there are "300 Patterns of Vibrations." I call false advertising on this. There's five patterns to which you can set 10 different speeds on the attachment and 10 different speeds on the rotation. That's not really the same as 300 different preset patterns, which is how I feel this is advertised. It seems like a bit of a white lie to me. I get that it adds up to 300, but I feel like the wording could be just a little better.

The controls are easy enough to use, but also easy to accidentally press during use. The control panel is wide and difficult to grasp for extended periods. The box says the lights glow, but even in a dark room I didn't see this happen. It's not a bad control panel, but it's not the best. I like that everything is separated out but the placement is not the best and the width is awful.

Oh, the noise. It's awful. When both the rotations and vibrations are turned on it's so very, very loud. Even just the attachment is loud for what it is but when you turn on both it's like small construction site. I can't find a way to muffle the sound and I feel like everyone in the house can hear this thing when I use it. It's distracting to me when in use as well. It's not the loudest thing I own, but close to.

Decadent Indulgence 3 is not waterproof. I would venture to say it's not splash proof. I wouldn't go testing this out if I were you. The battery compartment especially needs to be kept away from water.

Care and Maintenance

This toy attracts lint because it's a little on the sticky side and thus is kinda a pain to care for, especially since you can't run it under water. What I generally do is spray it with toy cleaner and then wipe it down with a fairly damp cloth. My toy spray alone doesn't seem to do the job because of the tacky texture. If it feels especially dirty, I'll run the very tip under water and use that water to clean the rest, avoiding the battery compartment.

You can use silicone or water based lubes with TPR, so take your pick.

I store mine in a shoe pouch as I did not have a toy pouch that would actually hold this massive thing. You could also keep it in its original box if you don't mind the half naked woman on it.


The Decadent Indulgence 3 comes in a gigantic box with gigantic lettering and a gigantic half naked woman on the front. Everything about this toy and the packaging is large. It features the toy of the front, shown vibrating, with random tidbits around it like "pure indulgence" and "take the next step." The back goes over some basic information on how to work the controls and the different functions of the vibrator.

There was a small instruction manual that simply went over how to put batteries in. The only instructions on the actual vibrator are what you see on the back of the box.

You could use this as storage if you don't mind the blatant sex toy packaging. You might end up using it even if you don't like it because it's difficult to find something large enough to hold this otherwise.

Personal comments

The Decadent Indulgence 3 was, bottom line, a fail of epic proportions for me. I would love, love, love to give this one star. However, I understand that pretty much all my issues with this are due to the fact that it's just not suited for my particular anatomy. I can't give this a blanket "don't buy" or "there are better things" because, honestly, this may be a five star product for the right girl. The vibrations are pretty solid and while I can slow the beads down a bit, at the higher level I can't stop them completely. The material feels good and balances out squishy with firm where the balls rotate.

If you're built anything close to the way I am, avoid the heartache and skip this one. You'll end up frustrated, pissed off, and wondering why you spend so much money on something that flat out doesn't work. If you're on the average spacing range and looking for a new rabbit, this might be one to consider. It's really hard for me to tell since this did nothing for me and I just couldn't get it to function for me no matter how many ways I tried it.


Where to begin? I hate this thing with the passion of a thousand suns, truly. Okay, maybe that's a bit much but this is officially my Least Favorite Toy Ever. It's not that it's poorly made or that the vibrations are weak. It's just that it fits me so badly.

When I go to insert this, no lie, the attachment overshoots so much it's almost on my stomach. It hits right below that little line where your public area and stomach meet. I really don't need a flutter sensation there. Does me no good. Last I checked, I wasn't going to cum from vibrations to that area.

If I put all of half an inch of the head in, I could get the attachment to work, but then I was so frustrated with light insertion that I couldn't get off from the vibrations that were otherwise pleasurable. Don't get me wrong, the flutter works really well and feels really good. But to use it, I have to render the entire shaft useless. For all that, I'll pull out a five vroom clit vibrator and call it a day.

I tried inserting this and bending back the clitoral attachment since it had so much give to it. I had it so turned around I thought I was going to rip the thing off. I have the rotation pretty much going of its own accord because my hands are both going to moving things around trying to make the attachment work so now the rotation doesn't feel as good. Then I'm doing so much bending and moving trying to get the darn clit attachment in the right place that pretty much nothing feels good anymore.

By the end of it, I was ready to haul this thing at a wall. I tried this a few times and every time without fail, I ended up not only unable to cum, but pissed off. I should not end masturbation sessions agitated. The only reason this didn't end up creating a hole in my sheetrock is because I needed it to write the review. Thank goodness, because sheetrock isn't easy to replace and I bet my husband would have been mad.
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