Delightful indeed.

The Dual Delight is a great rabbit to provide simultaneous stimulation for beginners and advanced users alike. It's non traditional rabbit design provides elegance while still providing users dual stimulation. It offers seven settings to choose from with four of those being steady vibrations. The flexible clitoral arm should fit most anatomies without worry.
Non-sticky silicone
AAA batteries
Not waterproof
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The Dual Delight is a dual-actioned non-rotating vibrator designed to give the user vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously to provide blended orgasms. The shaft and clitoral attachment do this through steady vibration and pulsation patterns; essentially working together to provide the ultimate playing experience.

Although rabbit vibes are intended for vaginal and clitoral stimulation that doesn't mean that a more experienced user couldn't use it anally with the clitoral attachment stimulating other areas. The clitoral head is large enough to protect your anus from swallowing it up, but I did not use it in that regard.

It has a curved bulbous head designed for g-spot stimulation by stimulating the front wall of the vagina.

Rabbit vibes are generally designed for solo use, however they can easily be handed off to your partner to use on you. I use the majority of my toys solo, but if you choose to use the Dual Delight with a partner you should not have any issues. You can also use this as a foreplay aid to get you ready for intercourse.

This non-animalistic design of the clitoral arm should appeal to most users. It is small enough to be non-threatening to beginners, but powerful enough to satisfy even the most picky of users.

Material / Texture

Dual Delight is made out silicone and ABS plastic. Both materials are rated high on the safety scale so you do not have to worry about putting something dangerous into your body. The shaft, clitoral arm, and push button are pure silicone whereas the handle and battery compartment are smooth hard plastic. Silicone is one of the safest product materials on the market because it non-porous, won't harbor bacteria, and can be shared with partners. It is a food grade material that is hypoallergenic and completely free of latex and phthalates. Silicone also maintains and retains body heat well and can be easily sanitized.

This silicone has a matte finish that is velvety smooth, soft, and non-sticky to the touch. It does not pick up any lint, hair, or debris as some silicones are known to do.

It does have a slight seam running vertically down the toy that is visible to the eye, but can't be felt while in use.

It does have a slight smell, but not anything overwhelming.

It is best suited for those who prefer smooth toys over toys with distinct texture.

The shaft is very firm, whereas the clitoral arm is flexible. The clitoral arm being flexible works in many women's favor because you can adjust it up or down to fit ones anatomy.

Design / Shape / Size

Dual Delight is a rabbit without a realistic rabbit design. It is purple in color with a glossy black handle, a decorative silver ring, and a pink push button control. It has four distinct lines outlining the toy, one on each side, and the other two are located at the front and back. These provide a little extra stimulation when inserted.

It measures from tip to base 8" with an insertable length of 4 1/2". From the tip of the toy to the nose of the clit attachment is a distance of 3". It is 1" from the clitoral attachment to the inside of the shaft. The head measures 4 3/4" around but gradually decreases in size to 3 3/4" around even to the clitoral attachment. The bottom of the shaft measures 3" around. The handle measures 5 1/4" around at the push button control. The clitoral attachment measures 2 3/4" around and has a length of 2 1/2".

It fits comfortably in my hand without any issues of it becoming cumbersome after long periods of use. Its size isn't as intimidating as some larger toys and great for beginners and advanced users alike.

Here is what it looks like compared to Vanessa and my hand.

Although not discreet in appearance, it does not take up very much room at all so it should be very easy to hide from prying eyes.

It can easily fit into a purse or bag for a little fun time away from home. Always remove the batteries before you decide to take it on any travels.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Dual Delight is a battery operated toy that requires 2 AAA batteries to function (not included). The battery compartment is located at the bottom of the toy under a slide down cap. Insert the 2 AAA's, slide back on and your toy is ready to go.

It does not have an O-ring so it does not have any waterproof capabilities. However, it is considered splash proof, just ensure you do not get any water in the battery compartment.

It has 3 controls located at the bottom of the toy that are very easy to use; a pink push button in the center to turn it on, a + button to change the settings and a - button to go back to a previous setting.

To operate, hold the pink button for 5 seconds and it will turn on glowing pink. Press the + button to go through the various 7 settings. When finished, press the center button again and it will turn off. The settings are as follows:

1. Low steady vibrations
2. Medium steady vibrations
3. High steady vibrations
4. Very high steady vibrations
5. Pulse-pulse-pulse
6. 2 fast pulses and 1 steady pulse-repeat
7. Super fast pulses

The vibrations of the clitoral arm are buzzy in nature and tend to be focused at the tip and in the middle. The shaft on the other hand, is rumbly in nature and concentrated toward the top part of the shaft but can be felt through the whole shaft but not as strong as the top.

With a mixture of buzzy and rumbly vibrations and seven settings to choose from, there should be something for everyone to enjoy.

As you increase the intensity, the toy becomes louder. At its loudest, it can be heard in the same room, but not through closed doors or thin walls.

Care and Maintenance

To prolong the longevity of the toy, use water-based lubricants with this and keep away from other silicone toys to prevent degrading of the materials.

Silicone is very easy to care for, and should be cleaned before and after each use. You can easily wash this with antibacterial soap and warm water. You can also use your favorite toy cleaner or toy wipes if you wish.

Due to the motor, it is not dishwasher safe or able to be boiled. If you are sharing with partners or switching orifices it is recommended to sanitize with a 10% bleach solution.

It is best to store this in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight without the batteries inserted to prevent any corrosion.


It did not have any packaging; it was just wrapped in plastic, but did have a small instructional booklet depicting how to insert the batteries, how to recycle the toy, and care instructions.


If this was made rechargeable and waterproof then this would be one toy that would never leave my toy box. The buttery soft silicone feels great when rubbing along your skin. The high intensity vibrations are suitable for even the pickiest of users. I really like that this rabbit has a dedicated forward and back button so I did not have to go through all seven settings if I missed my favorite setting.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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    Great review. I would agree with the features and functions. There are other rabbits that have the nicer options for a reasonable price.
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    Thanks. I like luxury features. I've found it in my latest rabbit Vanessa. That review should be coming soon.
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