Sextreme electro-vibe - traditional vibrator by Orion - review by Luscious Lily

Sextreme electro-vibe

Traditional vibrator by Orion

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The Sextreme is a nice, gentle way for vagina-wielding folk to see if electrostim is something they want to invest in exploring. It’s gentle enough that you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself with your foray into this kink, but strong enough to give you a taste. You’re out of luck if you want to introduce it to your ass or prostate, unfortunately.
Inexpensive intro to electrostim, silicone, batteries included.
Not butt-safe, only one vibration speed, electrostim isn’t for everyone.
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The Sextreme Electro-Vibe is an unusual beast in the world of electrostimulation toys. Most of these toys are electrodes that plug into a power box, either that of a medical TENS unit or a similar box designed for play. This standard setup allows for a great range of variety, variability, and power, but at a price. Getting started can easily run you hundreds of dollars, especially if you go for a purpose-made electrostim sex toy power box. If you’ve never tried electrostim, the price can be a huge stumbling block when deciding whether or not to give it a shot. It’s not for everyone, and if you’ve never tried anything like it, buying a whole set-up to test the sensations doesn’t seem practical.

This is where the Sextreme comes in. Unlike the usual electrostim set, it’s a single piece hardwired together: a small, slim controller/battery compartment, corded to the silicone toy. It’s much less expensive, too, allowing the curious to experiment without breaking the bank.

The business end of the Sextreme is shaped like a torpedo with a teeny, tiny flare at the end. The vibrations are strong, but not earth shaking. When the stim is turned on, it starts a steady pulsing rhythm that increases in intensity as you bump it up. Held in the hand, it feels like a cross between a prickle and a tiny involuntary contraction of the hand muscles. Inserted, it causes the muscles around it to contract ever so slightly every time it pulses, and the tingling can be felt along the conductive panels.

I found that the stim portion of the toy was not very strong at all. I own a basic medical TENS unit for treating back pain, and the highest power level on this toy is about the same as the first or second level on my box. The Sextreme never gets powerful enough to cause real discomfort, which is probably best in a beginner electrostim toy. Unfortunately, this meant I had to turn it up about half way to be able to tell it was on. On the highest setting, it felt like the little clenching aftershocks you can get after a very strong orgasm: fun, but not something that’s going to bring you to orgasm all by itself.

Anally, this toy started to show serious problems. While it does have a narrowed neck and a tiny flare at the base, it is definitely not safe for anal use. If you can take the full diameter of the torpedo, that base is going to slip right in. We thought it might be safe as long as the base was kept dry and held on to tightly, by user or by partner. Initially, the stim felt nice inside him, though it didn’t reach his prostate… for the few seconds when the toy stayed where it was supposed to.

Learn from our mistakes. Don’t put this one up your butt.

The Sextreme was made out of very body-friendly materials. The insertable portion is made of a very firm silicone, with a panel of conductive silicone (which is just as safe as regular silicone) running down each side. The wires connecting to the conductive panels are molded into the solid silicone body, and emerge from the base of the toy. The silicone is matte, with an almost textured feel that helps it stay put once inserted. A large plug covers the junction between cord and toy, and the thick, sturdy cord attaches solidly to the controller, which is made of plastic. The cord coating material is unknown, but as a whole the Sextreme is latex free.

Do not use silicone lubricants with this toy – they can react with the silicone body. A water-based lube is a must, both for comfort and for good conduction. Because the toy is not water resistant, care must be taken in cleaning. It can be cleaned carefully with ye olde soap and water, or toy cleaners/wipes. The silicone can be wiped down with a 10% bleach solution for sharing or swapping orifices. Do not use a condom with this toy, unless you plan on only using it for the vibrations. The condom will considerably damp the electrostim pulses.

Overall, this is a fun little toy. The stim gives a completely different set of sensations from any other toy we’ve tried, and when I’m not in the mood for that, the vibrations are nothing to be sneezed at. It was enough to show us that we’d like to keep exploring, but the Sextreme itself will probably disappear into the back of the toybox as soon as we upgrade, never to resurface. Because, bottom line? It never gave me an orgasm. Ever.
Safety information you should know before buying, directly from the product insert -

Do not use the Vib-Stim under the following circumstances:
1. You have a heart pacemaker or serious heart rhythm problem
2. You are suffering from acute and feverish conditions, infectious diseases, malignant tumors or tumors of the digestive system.
3. On the age of children under 15 (I believe this is a mistranslation of "If you are under 15 years old)
4. During pregnancy period.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Tuesday
    Luscious, If you leave it inside you for longer do the contractions become stronger? Or do they stay at the same weak level?

    Excellent review.
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