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Sextreme electro-vibe

Traditional vibrator by Orion

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The Sextreme Vibe is a great jumping off point for anyone interested in e-stim play. The current is not strong enough to satisfy everyone though, so if you are more experienced in e-stim you may want something a little stronger.
Batteries included
Body safe
Great for beginners
The box is a turn off
The current may be too weak for some
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The Sextreme vibe is a very versatile vibrator that allows for vibration, electro-sex, or both. Usually electro-play toys are toys that plug into an electric power box, kind of like the TENS unit. Rather than pads to conduct the electricity, these boxes send it through sex toys (special ones made for it).

The Sextreme Vibe is usable alone or with a partner, although I would recommend use with a partner (just a personal preference though). What I would not use it for is anal play. The vibe has a small flared base (not any wider than the thickest portion of the toy itself) that just isn't very suitable for anal play. The biggest issue with anal play and this toy would be the cord. If the base should fail (I can't imagine that being too hard to do) then the only retrieval option left is the cord, which could break, and you would be left with an electro-sex toy up your butt and a potentially embarrassing trip to your doctor for removal. So, ya' know...I think it is a bad idea to use this toy anally from the get go.

The cost of getting into E-Stim can be very high, so this toy is a great starter for anyone interested in testing the waters. Rather than a box the vibrator is connected to a controller that is held in your hand. The vibrator can be used either internally or externally. It does make a wonderful clitoral vibrator while the electricity is turned off as well; I found that to be a plus since there was always a chance I wouldn't like the e-stim at all (that wasn't an issue though). Overall this is an excellent toy for any beginner looking to learn about and experiment with e-stim.

Material / Texture

The Sextreme vibe is supposed to be made of Silicone, but it does have a slight smell to it. The material is a bit matte, so it has a slight drag to it while being used. The conducting panels on either side of the vibrator are black, and a little more stiff than the rest of the vibrator (I believe they are still silicone though). The vibrator has a lot of give for the most part, but the middle had no give (the bullet is located there). Also, while there is give, the toy is firm enough to not flop around and cause you to lose interest and give up. When angled correctly it can hit the g-spot as well.

This vibrator works well for any body, really. The silicone offers a soft feeling (although a good lubrican may be needed). And there are no ridges and bumps, so if you really need those on your vibes, you may need to look elsewhere. There is a slight seam, but it cannot be felt during use at all. And there are no noticeable smells or anything to it...sorry, I didn't taste it though.

Design / Shape / Size

The Sextreme vibe is shaped like a traditional vibrator with the exception of a slight bulge in the center area. The whole thing is an opaque color and the sides have two black markings for the conductor areas. You must be touching both black areas to feel the pulsations. There is a small base at the bottom connected to the cord, but it isn't large enough to keep the toy from slipping in if used anally. The largest point on the toy is only 1.5 inches thick...thick enough for those who need some girth, but not too large for a beginner or anyone who prefers a slimmer vibrator.

The vibe is a total of about 6 inches long, with 5 of those being insertable...more like 5.5 insertable inches really. The Sextreme vibe is long enough to please just about anyone who might want to use it. Unfortunately you can't disconnect the cord, and it looks like a vibrator, so there is NO hiding this toy in anyone's sight. It isn't discreet, and I can't even begin to imagine traveling on a plane with one. I am not sure TSA would be pleased with this going through security.

The vibrator itself is very well made. The cord is strong enough to handle tugging (not that you should ever do that, though). A few safety precautions would be to avoid silicone based lubricants as they can leave your toy feeling tacky to the touch and not at all desirable to insert, to use the e-stim setting only below the waist, and do not take the toy into the shower or bath.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The remote is basic and very very easy to use (plus is comes with dummy proof instructions...AND BATTERIES!!!). There are three buttons, one for the vibrator, and one for on and to increase the electricity, and another to decrease and turn it off. I do wish there were dedicated on/off buttons for emergencies though.

The electricity feels like a pulsing on the skin at lower levels and causes involuntary muscular contractions at the higher levels. I am not exactly sure how many levels this offers (I think it is around 7) because I, personally, can’t go past the 4th level using my hands on it. While the toy was inserted the e-stim pulsing was weak at best, even on the highest setting. And when the vibrations are added the electric stimulation was hardly noticeable at all.

The vibration level (one setting only) was much stronger than expected. It is a strong steady vibration with a deep rumbly feeling that is easily felt while inserted. Since the vibrator is thick, the vibrator is filling enough that the vibrations are felt throughout the vaginal walls easily. Unfortunately the vibrator part of the toy is loud enough that other people will likely hear it through a closed door.

This is NOT a waterproof toy, so be sure to take care while cleaning.

Care and Maintenance

I recommend using toy wipes on the Sextreme vibe since it isn't waterproof. You can also wipe it down with a 10% bleaching solution to sanitize the toy. It does catch lint easily, so look before you use it to be sure it is fully clean. Silicone lube is a no go with the Sextreme vibrator as it is a silicone vibrator. Honestly, just use a nice water based lubricant.

If you like to wrap your cords around the toy don't do it too tight because the cord could come out of the base of the toy. Mine is kept in a satin bag (the vibrator part only) and the control sits out...I have the Devine Toy chest, so it goes in can keep it under some clothing or something though. It simply isn't discreet enough to leave in plain sight.


To me this was important enough to mention. It came in a basic box, BUT the picture on the box is horrendous. The girl on it, to me, looked like a hooker turned dominatrix gone wrong. Very wrong. View it here. I certainly would recommend repackaging the toy if you plan to give it to someone.

If I were to have seen this on a shelf of a brick and mortar store I would likely have walked by because I couldn't take it seriously. It reminds me of the packaging on the cheap novelty toy rather than a toy I would be willing to spend real money on. If the packaging were better, this would be an eye catching toy to a lot of people.

The instructions were informative and wonderful. If you feel like you need to read them, the cover how to use the toy fully and safely. An added bonus is the included batteries (3 AA). Rarely do you see that in a toy, and it made it impossible not to rip the toy out and use it immediately.
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  • Kayla
    Great review. You forgot to finish your sentence in your Summary portion though.
  • J's Alley
    Thanks! It's a good thing I save the reviews. Gotta love my copy and paste technique
  • Minxy
    You are so right about that fugly box! Great review.
  • Luscious Lily
    Great review! Yes, the conductive portions are still silicone; while silicone is an insulator, there are other materials that can be mixed in as powders to make it conductive. That's also what makes the black panels stiffer.
  • J's Alley
    Lily, you are my hero for knowing that! Thanks
  • Airen Wolf
    This could be what Sigel and I are looking for, he loves E-stim and would love to share it with me but the pads on his TENS unit don't do anything for me except feel uncomfortable. This looks like it might be the compromise.

    Excellent review!
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    I love this idea as well; too bad it is out of stock. Your link for the box picture is broken. Thanks for the review. Love the video. Excellent.
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    been looking for something like this for a while...good review
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