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Rabbit vibrator by Nasstoys

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Doggone Butterfly

The waterproof Butterfly Climaxer is a phthalates-free rabbit style vibe with a wide, substantial clitoral stimulator, rotating shaft and nicely placed rotating beads. The control pad is easy to use with separate controls for vibration and rotation. This vibrator will likely work well with many different anatomies. Its power and noise level are moderate as are its dimensions.
Wide clitoral stimulator, nicely placed rotating beads, holds up decently to clenching
Does not hold up to positioning, drains batteries at an alarming rate.
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The Butterfly Climaxer by Nasstoys comes packaged in the standard cardboard box with the requisite hot blonde prominently displayed alongside the features of the toy. Inside is a plastic tray to hold it in place and an oddly sweet, vaguely glue-like smell.

The waterproof Butterfly Climaxer measures in at 9 inches (4 1/2 of those inches being insertable) with a diameter of 1 1/2 inch. The TPE material is jelly-like; soft, squishy, translucent and rubbery without the phthalates that often come with some jelly-like toys. It does have a slightly chemical, slightly sweet smell and tends to pick up lint easily - so washing it with soap and water or toy cleaner before and after use is recommended. (As is condom use, if you want to share, since it cannot be sterilized) Silicone or water based lube are both fine with this toy.

The 4 1/2 inch insertable shaft has a penis shaped head that eases into ripples reminiscent of a soft serve ice cream cone; they twist their way down the entire shaft. Nestled inside the rotating shaft about an inch and a half down from the head are the stimulating, rotating beads. The shaft ends in a wide, substantial, vibrating butterfly shaped clitoral stimulator.

The Butterfly Climaxer takes three AA batteries that snap into their own plastic harness which fits inside the twist off end. Vibration and rotation are controlled by easy to press buttons on the light up control panel above the twist off battery compartment.

The shaft of the Butterfly Climaxer rotates, as do the beads, while the clitoral stimulator vibrates. Rotation and vibration are separately controlled and each have three settings; high, medium and low. Each setting lights up a corresponding light, so it's easy to tell what level you're on at any given moment. Rotation can also be reversed with the press of a button.

Speed of vibration and rotation is average though each are a bit stronger if the other is not turned on. You definitely sacrifice a bit of power by using both at once. Noise level is also average for a rabbit type vibrator; loud but not chainsaw-like. You can hear it through a closed door but other sound in the room like a television or fan (or being under the covers) will muffle it.

The beads stand up fairly well to light clenching but do tend to stutter and stop with a hard grip. The rotation of the beads and shaft stops completely if you bend the shaft at all, making it difficult to position.
I had some issues with this vibrator from the first time I used it.

The TPE smelled horrible - which is something I hadn't experienced before. In fact, I thought y'all were nuts whenever I'd read about it. I get it now. Totally.

I washed the toy twice and let it air out a bit before using it, then washed the lint off again. I had issues with the toy itself that first use, mostly that the batteries drained down and I was getting no power, so I gave up for the time being.

I woke up the next morning with very, very sore and irritated girl bits. My entire vulva, labia and the entrance to my vagina were red and raw and painful. It sucked.

Can I say for sure it was the toy? No. But nothing else had been in there, so...

I waited a week, let it air some more and finally pulled it out again. I washed and rinsed it like a mad woman. I felt fear. I bit my lip, swallowed my apprehension and tried it again - this time with silicone lube. My reasoning was it might give me more of a protective barrier.

So there I am, beads rotating, shaft rotating, butterfly buzzing happily at my clit, thinking I just might dig this toy after all. The butterfly reached my clit perfectly, the beads are deep enough inside they didn't aggravate my vaginal entrance like the other rabbit vibe I have, it was holding up to clenching pretty good...

And then I tried to bend it slightly upwards to get justtttt the right angle. And it stopped. Damn it! But, okay, I can live with it. I'm gonna get off either way, just not as spectacularly. And then...

The power is suddenly about half what it was. No slow drain of the batteries, just a sudden diminishing in power just like last time. And now it's not enough to get me off.

Time I was using it? Maybe five minutes. I'm not real willing to accept a toy that loses that much power, drains the batteries that much, in five damned minutes.

So. Not my favorite. I suppose I could have bad batteries but since I'm ALSO exceptionally sore again, I'm not real willing to risk it.

The shape is great. The bead placement is great. The twisting ripples feel wonderful, as does the rotation. The butterfly hums happily and hits my clit very well. If this toy were another material and didn't drain batteries like a muscle car does gas, I'd love it. It is and it does, however, and so I don't.
Follow-up commentary
Taylor has a thing about using rabbit style vibes on me. For whatever reason, he really likes to do so. Maybe it's the challenge of getting things lined up just so. Maybe it's that he can always get me to take more of the shaft than I do on my own. Maybe it's just the little boy in him who likes the remote, and being in charge of rotation and vibration. I dunno.

Whatever it is, he recently pulled this one out to torment me with. And normally I would mean torment me in the best possible ways, with squealing multiple orgasms. Unfortunately that wasn't the case with this toy. Yet again it drained the batteries like a vampire after a year with no blood, and yet again it made me so sore and tender I couldn't stand it. I just don't get it. I've had jelly and rubber toys that don't give me a reaction like that, and TPE is supposed to be an improvement.

The Butterfly Climaxer simply hates me, and I pretty much loathe it too.
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  • Sammi
    Nothing worse than having batteries die at the wrong time, lol
    Great review!
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Review rocked! Toy did not Sad face

    My condolences to your unhappy girl bits and also nose. My airplane glue-smelling toy lost the edge off its sharp odor after a few days of sitting by itself in a wooden drawer. Has yours lost most of its smelliness by now, or is it still going strong?
  • Mamastoys
    ew[http://www...it] sounds bad..especially making you that sore in such a short amount of time....
    great review and thanks for being honest!!
  • Carrie Ann
    Thanks, guys. It's a bummer cuz other than the two issues this would have been the ideal rabbit for me. Sad face
  • Viv
    ouch! Sad face did a condom over shaft and clit stimulator help the irritation at all? sucks about the power kicking out on you. i've been there. Great review though!
  • Carrie Ann
    I haven't had to buy condoms for so many years the ones I do have are expired. Lol. So I haven't tried it yet, though I may. I'll decapitate the bunny if I go thru the effort of buying condoms only to have it lose power like that again!
  • VioletMoonstone
    Nice review, thanks for being honest!
  • lost686girl
  • Tbanda
    Thank you!
  • soe
    Thanks for the review
  • Teaser
    Great review and insight!
  • Rey
    thx for the honest review
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