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Fairy massager

Rabbit vibrator by WHK GmbH

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Don't Be Scared! He won't bite. :]

Given the price, especially on sale, it’s worth the money you put into it. It can bring you to the edge and over time and time again, but it seems to be hit and miss with this company. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't. I was lucky and I'd purchase it again. But if I got another one that broke or wasn’t waterproof, I'd rethink it. If you wanna take a chance, this is a good vibe considering you're not breaking the bank, but that's just another $10 you could be saving for a better toy.
Waterproof, textured, great vibrations, yummy material, no adverse smell
Inconsistency in individual products shipped, weak rotations, production seam visible, loud
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This was my first rabbit vibrator. It was inexpensive, got meh, okay reviews, and had some pretty interesting texture on it. I think it was a great beginners vibrator, as it's not too big, not too small, and not too complicated. However, there's no way an advanced user is gonna look at this guy and go, "Oh my gosh! GOTTA put that on my wish list." But hey, that's no reason to knock it. This purple vibrator has the ability to rotate the shaft and vibrate the little purple bee attached to the bottom of the shaft. It's only one speed (sadly), but there's some good and bad there, which I'll go more into later.

You can use this for teasing, pleasing, or anything in between. I can see it as being good for foreplay, but it's really not something you can hold between you and your lover during straight intercourse. This guy would also probably be absolutely great for lesbian sex. I think it'd be really easy to make your girl cum with this thing, because it's got some INTENSE vibrations. I suppose it could be used as an anal toy, although I haven't tried. You usually want some kind of FLARED base for an anal dildo, but this toy already has the huge mechanical handle on the bottom, plus the bee vibrator. As you can tell, not much to worry about it getting lost.
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    • Bachelor/ bachelorette party
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

This vibrator has a hard plastic core covered in a beautifully textured TPR sleeve. Since it's made of TPR over plastic, it's flexible, and the sleeve you can bend, scrunch, and twist. However, together, you can only mildly move the shaft. You can't crank it into position to hit the G-spot. I had no issue positioning the toy to hit the G-spot, but then sometimes the clit vibrator doesn't hit the right place, so it's a little bit of one or the other syndrome.

Characteristic of TPR, there's no real smell that hits you when you first open it. If you get real up close and personal with the toy, you can smell a plastic-y grapeish smell. I'm not quite sure if the grape smell is on purpose because of the purple color of the toy, but I'm not complaining. I can't smell it unless my nose is on the toy, so it's nothing to complain about. The other good scent-related comment I have is that it doesn't retain smells very well, so even after a week straight of using this thing, it still smelled of fake grapes. The strange thing is, thought, it tastes like absolutely nothing, despite the smell.

I love the texture of this toy. You can squeeze it, pull it, stomp on it, chew it whatever, and it'll come right back to its original form. The one thing you really want to watch out for is that it's slightly porous. If you're going to share it, slip a condom over this bad boy to prevent disease and bacteria sharing.

The porous character of the toy also lends itself to some downfalls. On complete accident, due to careless partners and a rushed morning, this toy was left on a colored newspaper. I come home, groan, and groan MORE when I realize the front page of the newspaper is permanently transferred onto my fairy massager. No matter how hard I scrub, I CAN'T get it off. Oh well.
    • Bumpy
    • Flexible
    • Somewhat porous

Design / Shape / Size

This toy has a bumblebee clit vibrator complete with wonderfully vibrating antenna, wings, smile, and stripes. The bottom is a hard plastic handle and feels exquisitely balanced once you put the batteries in. The very bottom of the shaft has little "flowers" that slightly pop out from the toy. They look a lot more like amoebas to me, but that's just my opinion. Going down the shaft are five ridges. Someone else mentioned the "pinecone" effect, and this thing has DEFINITELY got some of this goin' on. Don't be afraid of it, though. The material is really squishy and almost sticky to the touch, so the effect is actually really pleasurable. You can't feel the five ridges on the toy when it's inside of you. However, you can feel the ridges when you insert the toy, and it's quite nice on the outer labia.

It's not a huge toy, so I'd say it's travel friendly. It runs on 4 AAA batteries, two up, two down inserted in the bottom so it's ready when you and your batteries are. No worrying about the proper conversion. Of course, if you put this guy through an airport scanner, security's gonna know whats up, but no one else has to. This toy is small enough to pack safely in your medium handbag with room to spare.

Functions / Performance / Controls

As I said before, there is only one setting for this toy, but one is almost too strong and one is definitely too weak. The vibrations are located in the head of the bumblebee and amplified by the antennae. The vibrations are really powerful for such a cheap toy! I mean direct stimulation by this thing WILL make your palm go numb. And the palm has a hard callous covering that's not so easy to penetrate. I think anyone can find the right vroom on this toy from the high power antennae to the medium powered head and the gently massaging body.

The rotations are cool to see goin' on, and pretty effective on the outer lips if the toy is barely inserted or when you press the shaft to your vagina. Once inside, however, you can't really feel much save for a light buzzing. In short, the rotations are pretty much useless. The thing that still saves this toy is that it feels WONDERFUL as just a dildo. It's a good size, about 9 and a 1/4" with 4 and a 1/2" insertable. The width (diameter) is 1 and 3/8", but it tapers thinner going up so it's a pretty non-intimidating size, but will do a nice job filling you up. I do like girth and being stretched a little bit, so while this is nice and will be more than satisfactory for most people, I was left wanting a bit more.

The bee vibrator is really flexible and can be moved in a complete circle parallel to the toy. You can maneuver it to wherever you like during play. While it doesn't purposefully stay where you put it, usually the skin to TPR contact will keep it in place, since the material is slightly sticky.

The handle of the toy is made of hard plastic reading "100% WATERPROOF" and two purple buttons underneath reading "ROTATE" and "VIBRATE" with line drawings of each sort of movement. The handle has little ridges on the back that allows you to fit three fingers comfortably. After you put the batteries in, you close the compartment with a little twist and press in either of these buttons to get it started. They're not easy to press, so there's no worry about accidentally turning the toy on or off during solo play. During play with a partner, however, the buttons can find themselves under your palm and get turned off... which is, well, a turn off. I had no trouble whatsoever with the design of the battery compartment, unlike the other reviewer. It's really awkward to try and grip it on the battery compartment. It's short and has a rounded flower-like design to the bottom, so it cuts into your hand a bit. It's much easier and natural to grab it by the actual handle, so I suspect other users probably won't have a problem with it.

The other review found that their toy wasn't waterproof. Mine, however, is. Thankfully! It has a nice little O-ring and passed all my water tests. Then the big test came, using it in the bathtub. Passed again! And the waves were pretty impressive :] It performed well under water and it seems a lot quieter in a nice shower. That's the one thing that really bums me out about this toy. It's LOUD. I have to go behind two closed doors to make sure I'm not heard. The rotation is pretty quiet; not surprising considering its relative uselessness. The vibration or the vibration + rotation is a whole other story. They're quite the pair. The racket that comes out of that toy is embarrassing. Even behind one door and a sleeping bag, I could hear the buzzing.

I've used this toy for a week straight and the batteries have not yet run out. There's four AAAs in there, so I'd be disappointed if they ran dead anytime soon, but I don't reckon they will.

There's also a pretty obvious production seam on the toy, so if any of you are sensitive to seams, this will not be the toy for you. It also doesn't help to make it appear any more sophisticated.
    • Easy to use
    • Not very discreet
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

I like storing this toy in an inexpensive wine bag. Someone suggested Etsy, and that's definitely a great idea. Their handmade stuff is the best, and some of the custom designs are hilarious! It's pretty easy to care for, but it is a lint and hairball attractor, so you'll need to clean it before AND after every use. Since it's made of TPR, you can clean it using warm water and antibacterial soap. Just be sure to get underneath all the ridges, because they can harbor some pretty nasty bacteria.

It is porous, so please don't share your toys or go anal to vaginal without a condom, okay folks? Putting a condom over the bumblebee head is required as well if you're sharing, but it's so much more fun without it, so you might be losing out on some vibration there. The little thing's so powerful though, so you might not be able to see any change at all.

The TPR sleeve is okay to use with any silicone or water based lubricant. Oil based is usually not recommended fo this type of material.


The toy's packaging was laughable, to say the least. Almost nothing related to the toy inside the packaging and seen here. There's a very non-discrete, made up, topless blonde girl on the front and a picture of a rabbit with rotating beads on the shaft. There's also a diagram that shows an easy load removable battery pack. Inside of a tight plastic case is the actual toy. The toy you get or see here on EF has none of these things. Oh well.

Also, being a complete newb, I didn't know how to put the batteries in correctly. There's tiny arrows inside of th battery compartment to lead you, but I totally missed those. After thinking my toy was a dud for ten minutes, I looked at the directions and they were surprisingly helpful in that account. Since the rest of the toy doesn't really need directions, as its very straight-forward, and you get what you paid for, I think the packaging is a relative success.
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative
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  • Trashley
    Oh! I forgot to add that this guy's also hypoallergenic, so no worry about getting some kind of adverse reaction. :]
  • Trashley
    Oi, and the vibrator nub is about 3" long. All the things I forget whilst having fun... :]
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