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Fairy massager

Rabbit vibrator by WHK GmbH

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Fun, Squishy, and it Smiles!

The Fairy Massager provides intense clitoral vibration that can be combined with internal vibration and some g-spot stimulation through manual motion. While the battery case design could be improved, this toy provides adequate power and pleasant textural sensations along with an innocently smiling clit butterfly.
Powerful clit stimulation, flexible yet firm ridged shaft
Not waterproof as claimed, battery cap easily slips loose, barely noticeable rotation
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extremely useful review


The Fairy Massager comes equipped with a vibrating clit butterfly and a "rotating"/vibrating shaft. While the head of the shaft can provide g-spot stimulation if manually directed, the shaft rotation is very subtle and hardly noticeable when the toy is inserted. Shaft vibrations are moderate and can complement the stronger stimulation from the clit vibe. However, the clit vibe alone may be enough for many people, and luckily the shaft feels wonderful simply as a dildo. With its average size and pleasant texture, the shaft is a nice match to the powerful, flexible clit stimulator.

This toy might not be the best for partner play if the receiver is sensitive to strong vibrations. Before letting a partner take the reins, fly solo a time or two.

Material / Texture

This vibe features a phthalates-free TPR sleeve surrounding a hard plastic core. The sleeve is squishy and almost sticky to the touch, and smells like a rubbery grape scratch-and-sniff sticker. The smell is only noticeable within a couple inches of the toy, and does not seem transferable. Like other TPR toys, it attracts lint, dust and hair quite easily. Be sure to clean it before and after each use.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Fairy Massager is as nonthreatening as its name. Featuring a soothing rose-mauve sleeve and orchid base, it's an appealing opaque rabbit. The clit butterfly comes complete with body stripes, wing accents, and a cute smile.

From tip to base, the shaft has five groups of ridges that increase in thickness going down the shaft. The ridges are easily and enjoyably felt when inserted, but are not so hard that thrusting seems bumpy. Users of any experience level will likely enjoy the pleasant squishiness of the Fairy Massager shaft. While the width of the shaft is listed as 1 3/8", it doesn't seem to get that thick until the last ridge. Additionally, the toy simply feels more slender when inserted because of the give of the material. Those who love thick toys likely won't feel stretched by this vibe; it should be of adequate size for most people.

The clit butterfly is equally squishy, and quite flexible. While the body of the butterfly does not bend, the connection to the shaft is very stretchy. The butterfly can be easily angled 90 degrees to the left and right (side to side), and bent back so that the back of the butterfly touches the control box. Although this flexibility adds versatility, the butterfly may not always stay where you want it.

The butterfly antennae wave back and forth when the clit vibe is on, and can be placed on either side of the clit for some lovely stimulation. The butterfly wings are also enjoyable stimulators. For the most intense clitoral stimulation, touch the clit with the body of the butterfly.

One design aspect that could be improved is the battery cap that covers the 4 AAA batteries. In order to "lock" in place, the cap turns only ~20 degrees, which can easily be undone during play. Only a gentle nudge to the cap is needed to cut the power to this toy. Gripping the toy higher on the handle is recommended.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Warning! Proceed with caution! While the box reads "100% Waterproof," in short, it's lying. The plastic battery compartment is most certainly not waterproof. After a quick rinse over the closed, supposedly sealed end, water droplets ended up inside the cap, along the walls of the battery compartment, and on the batteries themselves. Don't submerge this toy unless you like your batteries corroded.

Now, the fun stuff! As the box proudly proclaims, the buttons on the toy's handle are "easy touch soft button[s]," but they require a little more force than you might expect. If the buttons are not pressed fully, you may experience a brief jolt of vibration, and then wonder what happened. Worry not! The power is there; you just need to be firm with the buttons. The top "Rotate" button toggles the shaft vibe on and off; the bottom "Vibrate" button toggles the clit vibe on and off.

The vibrations in the shaft are concentrated in the head of the toy. The strength of those vibrations increase steadily from the base to the head. The clit butterfly vibes are stronger and seem more intense nearer to the base of the butterfly, but the whole head and body area of the butterfly pack a hearty punch. Lining up the clit portion while achieving the desired amount of penetration may prove challenging.

As for the Bee/Vroom ratings, I'd like to clarify that when both functions are on, the toy can be heard (just barely) through a closed door (3 "bees"). If only one function is on, the toy is significantly quieter (easily 2 "bees"). As stated before, the clit vibrations feel much stronger than the rotation/vibration of the shaft. The clit vibes may be too strong for some (4 or 5 Vrooms), but it's unlikely that the shaft vibrations will overwhelm the average user (2 or 3 Vrooms).

Care and Maintenance

The Fairy Massager is compatible with both water-based and silicone lubricants. Since TPR is porous, condoms are recommended for sharing or if using both anally and vaginally. Using a condom on the shaft did not decrease pleasure, and neither did placing cellophane between the butterfly and clitoral area.

While this toy cannot be sterilized, it can be cleaned with toy cleaner or soap (antibacterial, if you like) and warm water. The ridges and design grooves of this toy can be a little tedious to clean, so be thorough. I recommend allowing the toy to sit out to dry if you have the time and privacy.


The cardboard box of the Fairy Massager includes a topless bleach-blond woman with generous eye makeup on the front, and a diagram on the back that, surprisingly, does not seem to apply to the toy. The diagram shows beads on the shaft, but these are neither seen nor able to be felt (if they do exist) on the toy itself. There is also a diagram and note about the "NEW Removable Easy-Load Battery Pack," but in reality the batteries must be dropped into the handle. Inside the cardboard box is a clear, hard plastic casing that snugly stores the toy.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Sammi
    This has a great look - too bad it's not waterproof as advertised (I'm a sucker for waterproof toys Smile ).

    Good review!
  • Backseat Boohoo
    Wow, that is one crazy looking rabbit! The shaft reminds me of a plant.
  • Rockin'
    @Sammi - It's not so bad now that I know how to care for it. I was just a little surprised because I intended to dunk it in a bucket of water as the "real test." Oh well. It's still quite fun.

    @Backseat Boohoo - Haha, yeah it's definitely friendly. Huh, I hadn't thought of it looking like a plant but now that you mention it, yes. Maybe that's why there's a little butterfly/bee thing attached to it, hehe.
  • Minxy
    This looks like it would be very painful to me. Nice review.
  • Rockin'
    @Minxy - Why painful? Is it too big? It is quite pliable and the ridges can be felt, but don't feel bumpy. Thanks for your comment!
  • Sera26
    Great review. Sounds like a fun, affordable toy.
  • Rockin'
    @Sera26 - Thank you for reading and for the praise!
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the review.
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