Double Your Pleasure

The Double Impact is a simple, but surprisingly powerful rabbit style vibe. Substantial girth and strong vibrations make it perfect for filling solo play.
Powerful and adjustable.
Poor quality materials.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I have to admit that I was skeptical about the Double Impact “rabbit” style vibe. For one thing it's made of jelly rubber, which tends to be smelly, sticky and unsanitary. Plus, in my experience, jelly material is a general warning sign for overall cheap toy construction. The Double Impact also runs on AAA batteries, which I've rarely found to provide enough power to get me off. I also had to wonder what exactly can be accomplished with a rabbit vibe that can't be accomplished with a vibrator and a dildo, or two vibrators?

I am truly delighted to report that I was completely wrong. Wrong in an Oh My God I am going to wake the neighbors sort of way. Wrong in an awesome orgasm in less than five minutes sort of way. Completely and totally wrong.

Ok, so I was not totally wrong about the jelly rubber. It is neither sterilizable nor hypoallergenic, making it a less than optimal sex toy material, but I guess you can always cover it with a condom if you want to share or are concerned about adverse reactions, infections etc.

As for the power issue, I was truly impressed by how much vibration this toy gets out of three AAA batteries. The toy has two bullet type vibrators embedded in the multi-penis jelly casing, one near the end of the insertable penis shaped-shaft and one in the mini-penis shaped, clit tickler. The bullet in the clit tickler seems to be more powerful, but that might just be because there is less jelly casing on the clit tickler. Either way, this arrangement suits me just fine, which is lucky for me because both bullets are controlled by a single dial at the base of vibrator.

While overall I feel that the lack of separate controls for the internal and external vibes counts as a negative, for me personally it did not matter one iota. This vibrator made me come harder and much, much faster than any toy I have ever tried. I do not come fast (ask my poor, patient boyfriend), but this toy had me moaning uncontrollably in five minutes flat. This is seriously some sort of record for me.

While a large part of me wants to scream from the roof tops, “Buy this vibrator! It is awesome!!!” I feel that as a reviewer I should take into consideration the limitations of this toy. It is after all made of jelly rubber, has no independent controls for the two vibrators and none of the fancy bells and whistles of the higher priced rabbit vibes such as silicone materials, beads and rotation. Personally, all of this pales in comparison to intense, multiple orgasms, but if you are sensitive to jelly material or really want separate control over the two vibrators, you are going to want to look elsewhere. Thus, my four star rating.
I had never used a rabbit style vibe before, so when the Double Impact arrived from Eden Fantasy, I was eager to get started. I pulled it out of the (rather trashy) packaging and loaded it up with three AAA. At 1 ¾” the main shaft is big and fairly realistic--for something made of clear rubber. Even with lube, I was obviously not going to just shove this baby home and get started. Warm-up was clearly necessary. I grabbed my Laya Spot vibrator and relaxed for a while. When I felt ready for penetration I grabbed the Double Impact, lubed it up with some water-based lube and turned the dial up. As I slid the vibrator in, the tickler extension created interesting sensations, but when the bullet hit—wow! Toe curling orgasm in minutes.

Next session I tried warming up with just the Double Impact in the bathtub. It was rather awkward and unwieldy for just clit stimulation, but it did get the job done. Better yet it held up to the dunking without issue.
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  • Contributor: Machina
    Do you think having a bullet in the shaft instead of rotating pearls was a positive or a negative?
  • Contributor: Juliettia
    Did this have the basic jelly smell when you opened it? Good review!
  • Contributor: Laccaria
    I don't have any experience with rotating pearls. I just know that they are found in some rabbit vibes. Since this vibrator made me come in less than five minutes, I can't say that I, personally, really care about beads. Smile

    I don't remember an overwhelming odor when I opened the package, but i didn't really want to find out. I always wash new toys before I use them, and one nice feature of the Double Impact is that it is waterproof so you can wash it thoroughly without worrying about damage. I just pulled it out to answer your question. I would say that it currently has a mild but distinct jelly smell.
    If this toy were made of silicone, I might buy some rechargable AAA's and never, ever look back!
  • Contributor: Shellz31
    Great review.
    I'm looking for a cheapish rabbit vibe (but not too cheap) cause the last one I had didn't work for me. So I was looking at this one but glad I came in to read your review.

  • Contributor: lamira
    Great review, thanks!!
  • Contributor: w-o-name
    Great review...thank you
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    Great review!
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    Nice review!
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