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Bonsai joy

G-spot rabbit vibrator by Erotic Embrace

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Elastomer cactus

The Phthalate free "Bonsai Joy" is comfortable to use and offers a lot of stimulation. The bead-like shaft is covered in little fingers to tickle and tease your G-spot. There is a little nub in back to massage your perineum and ticklers in front to take care of your clit too.
Phthalate free Elastomer, bullet can be removed, soft comfortable feel, no smell
The bullet is quite loud, inner core is not completely sealed off, clit stimulator is quite short
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The “Bonsai Joy” by Erotic Embrace is essentially a large bullet with a sleeve attachment|Bonsai joy. The sleeve is Phthalate free Elastomer, and water based as well as silicone based lube may be safely used with it. It is still porous however, so cover with a condom if sharing. The material is quite soft, and this being my first experience with Elastomer, seemed nearly like Jelly. While the feel is the same, there is no horrid smell or taste. The little “fingers” are very soft and didn’t cause me any discomfort.

The shape of the toy is quite nice, and while the three “balls” that make up the shaft of the toy don’t look like much, they are very stimulating during a thrusting motion. I didn’t notice the finger like nodules as much as I expected, but they did help add a little extra something to the sensations internally. The three bumps on the shaft (one on the first ball, and two on the second ball) weren’t noticeable to me during use. The shaft is not floppy thanks to a firm core. The core is a bit of a concern to me for other reasons though. It is a hollow tube that is exposed, so to thoroughly clean the toy it would have to be removed which would be a pain. It is a good thing that it is located where it would not be touching skin, or it would be a huge issue for me. I think the manufacture should have taken the extra step to seal this off for ease of cleaning and sanitation purposes.

The front of the base protrudes out in what is probably an attempt at a clit stimulator. This would probably work wonders IF your clit is located within one inch of your vagina... unfortunately my clit is about 2 inches from my vagina, rendering this part of the toy useless for me. There is a little nub on the back part of the base, and I will say it is for perineal massage, because there is no way it could reach anything else, or at least not on this woman.

The shaft is slim in size with the middle and largest ball being 1 ¼ inches in diameter, and the insertable length 3 ¼ inches long. The curve to the toy was nice, and it did provide some noticeable stimulation to my G-spot, although I wasn’t able to get very significant pressure applied even with the firmer core. This toy wouldn’t be very effective for G-spot at all if it didn’t have the vibrations. Thankfully the vibrations carry through the toy nicely and the finger on the end seems to amplify them.

Speaking of vibrations, the included bullet is fairly moderate in power. There are three levels of vibration and one pulse mode. The lowest vibration is barely felt, and the strongest is adequate enough to get me off, but it’s not the most powerful I’ve used. While the power is moderate, I felt the level of noise was higher than typical in a bullet. While inside of the sleeve, under a heavy jean quilt and a couple blankets, it could still be heard in the hallway outside of my bedroom. When I closed the door it could still faintly be heard, but I had to try to hear it.

The controls are simple with only two buttons to operate it. The button on the right turns it either on or off and the button on the left cycles through the 4 different modes. The cord is 21 inches long, and given there is nothing to protect it from getting “pull injuries” I would suggest putting a tiny bit of super glue in the hole both on the control pack and on the bullet, as this will help prevent the wires from being damaged as easily. The battery compartment lid just slides out then flips open revealing where the two AA batteries go. The little diagram inside makes sure you get them in the correct way, eliminating the guess work. I noticed that the edges of the battery compartment lid were quite sharp and needed filed down to prevent injuring myself.

Clean up is simple since the bullet can be removed from the sleeve. I wash mine in the sink with warm water and mild soap, although your favorite toy cleaner would work as well. I am very careful to avoid getting water inside of the toy where the core is, to prevent any unwanted growth inside there. Don't forget to remove the batteries before storing!
This toy is quite pretty with the purple translucent Elastomer and the cute little flowers covering the sleeve portion of the toy. While this it meant as a G-spot toy, I can't help but think it would also make a great anal toy. I have not had the time to try it this way yet, but have plans to do so in the near future. After I have gotten a chance to try this anally on both myself and my husband, I will write up a follow up review. I will of course use a condom when using it anally (same for sharing), as this toy can not be sterilized.

I rated this toy 3 stars because even though I really love the way the shaft feels, there are some large flaws with the toy that should have been corrected before being put on the market. Mainly I think the core needs to be sealed off to prevent the growth of anything unsavory, and the battery pack should not be so sharp as to actually hurt me. If this toy were finessed a bit, I think it could easily become a 4 star toy, maybe even a 5 star toy if it fit my body properly. I will continue to use this toy for nice internal stimulation, because I really love the shape of the shaft. A different toy will still be needed to provide the clit stimulation lacking from this, but that’s okay because I’ll just have one more excuse to use my Hitachi :)
Follow-up commentary
I have finally gotten the chance to use this toy anally, and it was a little different experience that I was expecting. I was thinking it would be good for some subtle thrusting action, but found that it was not. It works best as a plug, and it makes a very nice plug. The thinner "neck" portion of the toy is different enough in size from the ball-like shaft that it stays in place very well...thus my difficulties in using it for thrusting. A very slow and deliberate in and out motion feels okay, but is a little uncomfortable because of the three smaller bumps on the shaft. I didn't notice them vaginally, but anally they feel like walnuts instead of peanuts. I used a condom over it, which smashed the little ticklers down, negating much sensation from them. As a plug for double penetration is where this toy shines. The shape of the base holds it curving the correct way, so it doesn't spin around like some toys can. It didn't slip around at all, and there was no fear of it popping in or out. The majority of the vibration stayed at the base, but enough carried through the shaft of the toy that my husband was able to feel it on his penis during DP. The bullet protrudes a little far, and when in missionary position my husband's balls rested on it. He found this to be incredibly stimulating, and liked being able to adjust the intensity with the wired remote. The firmness and curve of the toy shoved his penis right against my G-spot, which doubled with the sensations in my ass, made for a very satisfying orgasm. My husband had similar reactions to this toy as I did, although not having as greedy of an ass as I do, he found the round tip a little tricky to insert. Once it was in place though, he greatly enjoyed it. The biggest drawback for him was that although it is fairly firm, he couldn't get much pressure to his prostate. The inner core does not go all the way to the bullet, leaving you without a good way to move the toy around. You can wiggle it a little, but if you try to angle it too much the material will just give. You are pretty much stuck with the pressure you get from the shape of the toy. It was enough for my husband though, and it did heighten the sexual experience. No matter the position we were in, it did not slip out. This toy worked much better for us as an anal toy than a vaginal toy. We were really pleased with how well it stayed in place and how much it enhanced intercourse when used for double penetration. I will most likely not use this toy for vaginal play again as it is now our DP plug.
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  • Elastomer does seem like a better alternative as far as softer materials go. I checked out the company- they only use elastomer for toys, as a body-friendly and healthier choice.
    Is the hollow core of the sleeve exposed because of the end that's over the bullet, or somewhere else as well? And, can the sleeve come of that bullet to be put onto other ones, should you so choose?
  • Bulma
    The hollow core is exposed on the inside of the sleeve portion, at the tip of the bullet. That is the only place it is exposed, but that's one too many as far as I'm concerned.

    The bullet is the averaged sized larger bullet that is quite common, and it can be swapped out for any bullet of similar size. It's a good option for someone who wants more vibrations or more than four settings to choose from.

    That is awesome that the company makes toys out of elastomer, instead of jelly. I do think this toy is a bit overpriced though.
  • Jimbo Jones
    I agree, it doesn't compete well with similar jelly toys at that price, but it is a better material health-wise and should last longer than jelly. Make sure you update us with your anal experience when you try it out.
  • Bulma
    Sure thing ;)
  • Epiphora
    Haha, an attempt at a clit stimulator. Seems like you could say that for a LOT of toys.
  • Bulma
    Yes, I think you could say that ;) Those women who do have clits within an inch of their cunt, sure have a good variety of toys that would work well for them.
  • Bulma
    If my review is not helpful, I would appreciate some input as to what you thought was missing or what I could do to improve it.
  • razmataz
    Thanks for the review!
  • Crystal1
    Sorry this was just sort of average, but glad you found a good use for it! I'm a little too freaked out by the appearance to let it anywhere near my favorite body parts!
  • jeangel246
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  • Jon S
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    nice review
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  • ViVix
    I won't be filing the battery compartment, but great review!
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