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Finally, A Dual Simulator That Fits Me !

This is my new Go To Toy. With all the different settings, I could play with this all night long. And set on low power, I can even fall asleep with it inside me. If I want a wham bam O, I grab my Layla Rabbit. That's maybe once in a while. This I can use for gently long lasting O's every night!
Two strong motors, waterproof, rechargeable, remote to change settings
None for me. Of course this fit my anatomy perfectly
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First impression

Hubs opened the package as his butt jewelry toy arrived at the same box. He washed the Jeu it and left it on my sink. At first glance it appeared so short and small. Nice deep purple color though. It had a remote like my other U shaped vibes. The two arms were shorter than the Unity but seemed thicker. The bottom was much different. So I was thinking this would be more powerful due to its size. And more comfortable due to its base. I was thinking the base would give additional stimulation to my lady parts.

After some close examination I noticed the arms flexed easily. And the ridges were on the outside of each arm. So that must mean I could squeeze the arms together and insert in my vagina or anus. I guess I'll be doing some experimenting with this. Sadly I didn't see any instructions in the box.

While getting familiar with my new toy I noticed one arm was slightly longer than the other. And each arm had its own motor. The motors were very strong. Hard to even hold in my hand. Guess that's why it's named Double Jeu, double play. One for my clit and one for my vag/G spot.
I also noticed ridges on the outside of the two arms. Perhaps for stimulating the chosen orifice and to aid in keeping it in.

First Use

My first use was super. I placed one end in my vag and the other pressed against my clitty. It fits nicely and hit my clit and G spot perfectly. The Unity was my previous favorite, but this will probably take over. The thicker arms did a lot more for me. And the base as I hope provided additional stimulation on my labials. It was so nice and comfortable I used it for about 40 mins. The Unity is very stimulating but gets hot after about 25 mins. Not enough to get me off. This has many settings. The first ones are low and mellow.

I used it while watching TV with the hubs next to me. It's not loud at all. He could barely hear it buzzing. After I came a few times, I performed oral on him with it still inside. Then, of course, we had intercourse. I was hot and wet inside, just the way he likes it. Unlike the Unity, I had to remove the Double Jeu. Unity is shaped for leaving it in while your man or toy goes in simultaneously.
D Jeu and Unity standing up

Further Experience

The Double Jeu is my go-to toy now. I often use a clit toy while watching tv. And like most gals, I always stimulate myself before having intercourse. I prefer this over wands because don't have to hold it and less noisy. It does a better job than the Unity. And doesn't heat up like the Unity. I'm sorry, but I need more than 10-20 mins of clit play. Give me 45- 60 mins please!

The arms both vibrate like crazy. Stronger than the Unity. I think the main reason I prefer the Double Jeu is the arms hit my spots better. I'm not a big gal if that says anything.

A few weeks later I decided to try it with both arms inside. Pressed together it was about 1 5/8" wide. About the same size as an average penis. (According to some literature he read) The arms are 2 inches " and 3/4" wide.
It shook up my insides and was pleasant. No knock out blow or flashing lights though. I preferred to use this on my clit and G spot.

About same width as the Bandit dildo
With arms together it's about the same width as an average erect penis.

Side view, both arms have those ridges
There are ridges on the outsides of both arms. For added stimulation.

Vibration Map

The vibrations are intense. Not wand like but strong enough for me. Both the arms have the same intensity.
The base also vibrates and does the mid section of the Jeu. On the map below I placed the "3" (Strongest) in between the two arms/shafts. To be concise, both arms would be rated a "3".

Both arms are about 2 " long. And you can see the ridges on the outside of the arms very clearly here.
The fork of the arms/mini-shafts vibrate also. That's added stimulation to my lady parts.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I love this toy. I enjoy long pleasant stimulation vs. wham bam orgasms. Like long sessions of lovemaking. I prefer to have 1,2,3 enjoyable O's over a 30-40 min period. This does it for me!

Also when I feel it coming and want to tone it down (to make it last) I use the remote and change the pattern to a more mellow one.

Did I tell you I loved leaving it in while I performed oral on him? If you have not tried this, you're missing out. Big time!
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