Finger Your Bunny Friend

Finger Friend is great toy to introduce into your bedroom. It's made of two body safe materials and has an adorable and non intimidating design. There is a variety in functions, and moderate vibrations which are light and buzzy. There might not be enough power in this little guy for everyone, but it's still a great toy.
Safe material, variety in functions, cute design, moderate vibrations, batteries included.
Light and buzzy vibrations, not enough power for some.
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The Bunny Finger Friend is a wireless bullet with a bunny sleeve to cover the bullet. You can use the bullet with the sleeve or without, and the sleeve can be used on another toy that fits the sleeve. Bullets are designed for external stimulation, and with this toy it's no exception. The external areas you can stimulate are the clitoris, nipples, shaft of the penis, testicles, and the outer area of the anus. You don't want to insert this bullet because retrieving it isn't easy. There is no cord, wire, or base to stop the toy from slipping in all the way. Do not attempt to insert this toy anally. Doing so could result in a trip to the ER.

Finger friend has moderate vibrations with a variety of functions. This toy is best suited for someone looking for light vibrations to tease the outer sensual areas of the body. It has a non intimidating appearance that is nice for those just introducing toys to the bedroom.

Material / Texture

There are two materials to consider with Finger Friends. The first is ABS plastic, which is what the bullet is made out of. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which is a common thermoplastic. It's derived from acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. Acrylonitrile, a synthetic monomer, is produced from propylene and ammonia. Butadiene is a petroleum hydrocarbon, and styrene is a monomer made by the dehydrogenation of ethyl benzene. ABS can be recycled. Sunlight can damage ABS plastic if left exposed for too long. ABS plastic combines strength and rigidity with the toughness of rubber.

The bullet is smooth, lightweight, and firm. It does have a cheaper plastic feel to it. There is no taste or smell to this ABS plastic. ABS plastic is always latex free and phthalates free because it's hypoallergenic. ABS plastic is non porous and can be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol for sharing purposes.

The sleeve of the bullet is made of silicone. Silicone is a man made semi-organic polymer that is rated 10 out of 10 on the safety scale. Because silicone is latex free, phthalates free, and hypoallergenic, it repels dirt and bacteria and is also non porous. Complete sterilization can be done by boiling, but you can also use a 10% bleach with a 90% water solution for cleaning. Cleaning like this should be done if you are sharing amongst partners. This is for your own safety.

The sleeve is squishy with a firm, but rubbery, feel to it. There is no smell or taste to the silicone. The silicone is stretchy, so it can fit over the bullet easily. The sleeve has swirls of texture along with bunny ears. This texture is used externally, so it's not going to bother those who are texture sensitive. There are also a few seams on this sleeve, but again these will not bother those who are sensitive to them. They are very fine seams.

Design / Shape / Size

Finger Friend is designed similar to the Silicone Finger Bunny. This Finger Friend is available in pink and blue. You get a 2" long and 2" in circumference bullet (0.6" diameter). The bullet has a rounded tip to allow it to nicely glide along the body. The bullet is broken at the 3/4" mark with a rubber ring to protect the bullet from water. This ring also marks the separation from the battery cap and bullet. The cap twist and pops up to allow batteries to be inserted. At the bottom of this cap is a single push button.

The sleeve is designed to look like a bunny. It has two ears attached to a little face. The face begins to swirl down the rest of the sleeve, but stops about half way down. On the back side of this bunny is a 1" diameter loop for your finger placement. There is some stretch to this silicone, so this finger loop can fit up to 3.75" in circumference (1.2" diameter). The very bottom of the sleeve has a 0.75" diameter hole to hollow out the sleeve. This is so the bullet can slide into the sleeve. It can also fit other bullets of the same size. Together, the toy totals 3" without the ears taken into consideration and has a a 1" diameter.

This toy isn't discreet, but it's fairly easy to hide. You can fit it into your purse or pocket if you'd like to. It would be all right for traveling, but be sure to remove the batteries because the button can be easily hit during traveling.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullet is powered by three "cell" batteries which are included. Cell batteries are better known as LR44 watch batteries. There is a clear sleeve inside the battery compartment to mark which way the batteries go. The clear sleeve is to remain inside, but there is another clear disc at the end of the batteries. This piece is to be removed in order to use the toy. To insert the batteries, just twist and pop the cap off. Slide them all in and put the cap back on.

On the bottom of the cap is a single, clear push button. This is how you control your bullet. There are 10 total functions to this bullet. Every time you touch this button, it will click to change the function. When you want to turn it off, just hold in the button until it shuts off. When you turn off the bullet, it won't remember the setting you were on, so you will need to cycle through all the functions every time.

The 10 functions are as follows:
1. Low steady vibrations that are 2 vrooms and 1 bee.
2. Medium steady vibrations that are 2.5 vrooms and 1 bee.
3. High steady vibrations that are 3 vrooms and 1 bee.
4. Shaking pulsation that is 2.5 vrooms and 1 bee.
5. A low pulsation that is 2 vrooms and 1 bee.
6. A pulsation that slowly works through the toy. It's 2 vrooms and 1 bee.
7. A fast jumping pulse that is 3 vrooms and 1 bee.
8. A fast pulse that works through the toy. It's 3vrooms and 1 bee.
9. An alarm clock snooze pattern to the pulse (on/off) that is high. It's 3 vrooms and 1 bee.
10. An alarm clock snooze pattern to the pulse (on/off) that is low. It's 2 vrooms and 1 bee.

The vibrations are mostly located at the tip of the bullet. With the sleeve on, the vibrations are mostly felt on the ears and face of the rabbit. These vibrations are light and buzzy surface vibrations. They aren't going to please a power queen, but they are good and moderate. The toy isn't noisy at all. There is no way anyone will hear this behind closed doors or from under the covers. You can hardly hear it when it's next to you. The vibrations do tend to tingle your fingers during use.

Finger Friend is also completely waterproof. You can submerge it if you wish. The sound of the vibrations will be muffled, but the power will not be. The toy does seem to slightly heat when under water, so be sure not to use it for too long submerged.

Care and Maintenance

The toy is easy to care for. You just need to wash it with soap and water before and after each use. You can also use toy cleaner or toy wipes if you wish. If sharing, be sure to clean the silicone sleeve by boiling for 3 minutes or using a 10% bleach and 90% water solution. The bullet should be cleaned with alcohol. Should you want to avoid cleaning your toys this way, you can opt to use a dental dam instead.

Once they are completely dried, you should store them somewhere discreet. The original packing is nice to keep around, because this little guy does tend to roll away. He might get lost inside your discreet location.

If you are using the sleeve with the bullet, you can only use water based lubes. Silicone isn't compatible with silicone based lubes; it can damage your silicone toy. If you are just using the bullet, you can use whatever lube you wish, because plastic is compatible with all lubes.


Finger Friend comes in a clear, clam shell packaging. The sleeve and the bullet each have their own placement in this shell. There is a paper insert with some useful information, but not much. This packaging is minimal, but good for storage. I keep my package around because this toy can be easily lost in a collection of mine's size. If you are gifting, wrapping is a great idea. I would suggest giving this gift in private unless the setting is adult novelty friendly.

Personal comments

Finger Friend is pretty much the same toy as Silicone Finger Bunny. The only difference is the sleeve. The vibrations are the same, and the patterns to the bullet are even the same.


I'm happy with my Finger Bunny. He doesn't have enough power for me, but he works for a warm up toy. I enjoy using him on my nipples the most. The light and buzzy vibrations tend to give me the shivers, which helps make my nipples hard. As for clitoral stimulation, he just doesn't cut it for me. I am a power queen and he lacks in this department.

If you need powerful vibrations, Finger Friend isn't for you. But, if you are looking for a warm up toy or don't require extreme power, Finger Friend could be your next best friend.

I gave Finger Friend four stars because the only thing he is lacking in is power. Other than that, he's a great toy.
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