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Four minus three play kit

While the bullet is fairly strong, and provides good clit stimulation, the sleeves are pretty worthless and can not carry the vibrations from the bullet. The concept is good, but the material used just doesn't allow the vibes to be felt.
Fairly strong bullet, pretty purple color.
Sleeves couldn't conduct any vibrations from the bullet.
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The 4 Play Kit by California Exotics is a four piece bullet set. It includes a plug-in jack, a bullet, and three soft pliable attachments. The plug in jack has two speeds on it, and holds two AA batteries. The bullet has a sufficiently long cord that plugs into the jack. The bullet itself is about the size of a thumb.

Each of the three attachable sleeves, are uniquely designed to provide different sensations. The attachments are made from Phthalate free PVC, the bullet is made from ABS and the unit is not waterproof. Lubes should be rubber compatible if used. The bullet, and each of the sleeves, should be washed prior to using and before and after each use. Warm water and anti bacterial soap should be used to clean each piece. If the toy is being shared, a condom should be used. The jack, bullet, and sleeves are all a medium shade of purple.

Attachment number one (by my numbering-not theirs) is a straight tube with four different balls placed along it. Two of the balls are larger than the others. This attachment is about two inches long.

Attachment number two is slightly shorter than attachment number one. It curves on one end and has a suction cup appearance on the end. It also has a spiral ribbing along the tubing. The suction cup has five tiny nubs on it.

Attachment number three is about one and one-half inches long, curves on one end and has a suction cup on the back side of the curved end. This tubing is ribbed also. However, the suction cup does not have any nubs on it.

The bullet is fairly strong when held in your hand. However, when any of the sleeves are attached, the vibrations decrease significantly. The bullet can be felt through the sleeves, however it is very weak. The sleeves simply slip over the bullet and stay in place pretty well.

The speeds are controlled by a simple switch on the side of the jack, scrolling up turns it on, and a slight upward movement increases it to the highest level. To turn it off, you do have to go back through the low setting. The plug in is on the end of the jack so accidentally knocking it out would be pretty hard, unless you got the cord caught and jerked it out.
We tried each of the sleeves out, and found that none of them conducted the vibrations of the bullet. I could not feel anything, when any pressure was applied to the sleeves. However, the saving grace of this toy is the bullet. When used by itself it provides pretty strong vibes, especially on the clit. When teasing with the attachments, it did tickle a little and was fun to try out on each other. But when the time came for stronger stimulation, this toy fell short. The toy gets three stars because of the intensity of the bullet, and not the sleeves.
Follow-up commentary
The only good point about this kit was the bullet and it has since lost its zest. The intensity of the bullet has faded, even after putting in new batteries. I had hoped that by using AA batteries instead of watch batteries, it would last long and be stronger. Initially it did, and was, but that has gone away now. This toy will probably stay on the bottom of our toy drawer, and eventually end up in the trash somewhere down the road.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • her.royal.redness
    At least you've got a new bullet? Sorry it didn't quite live up to your expectations! Thanks for the review!
  • Epiphora
    Uck, it looks like a big failure.
  • Mamastoys
    her royal-yes we got a new bullet and a fairly good one at that. Not going to complain....it was a surprise me item and I asked to try it out...
    Thanks for the comments!!
  • Mamastoys
    Epiphora- yeah, it pretty much was a failure minus the bullet. But that's OK..at least we know now! Thanks for hte comments!!
  • Sammi
    Too bad about the sleeves.
    Good review!
  • Nashville
    I can't say I've ever tried PVC, what does it feel like exactly? Similar to jelly?
  • Mamastoys
    Sammi- yeah, too bad about the sleeves but I was afraid that was what it was going to be when I saw them.. oh well...got a bullet! Smile
    thanks for the comments
  • Mamastoys
    Sleeping dreamer, yes, it really feels like a combo of jelly and rubber..kinda soft and squishy but yet harder than just jelly.
    bet you really know now, uh?!?!? not the best description but I don't know how else to say it! LOL
  • Fun Lover
    At least it was free and wasn't a disapointment you had to pay for. Glad you enjoyed the bullet. Thanks for the review!
  • Naughty Student
    Whoa those attachments are kinda freaky! Shame about the bullet, thanks for the review!
  • Mamastoys
    Fun lover- my thoughts exactly!! thanks for the comments!! Smile
  • Mamastoys
    Naughty Student- I thought the attachments looked strange and hoped they would work...oh well..
    Thanks for the comments!! Smile
  • Viv
    The sleeves look like something out of a sci-fi movie! Too bad this didn't work out for you!
  • Mamastoys
    Saurou- I was really hoping they would work but they are funny to look at at least! Thanks for the comments!
  • falalena
    nice review.
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