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Fukuoku five finger massage glove

Massage mitt by Finger Fitting Products


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Adjustable Hands

This is a fantastic glove that incorporates the classic techniques of a full body massage with the new element of high powered vibrations. I relish every massage that my husband gives me when he has this glove equipped!
It adds a new element to a classic personal massage.
If you have a small hand it won't work as well because you can't fill out the entire glove.
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I'm a selfish lover and I'm not ashamed of that. In the beginning of my marriage I was fresh faced and eager to please, I was always trading up my pleasure for his. As time went by I realized he was more than capable at making me feel amazing, so I've let him take the reins these past few months and work his magic.

Every night I get my back rubbed, I'm a lucky girl! Of course, at least twice a week he'll grumble or whine, but no matter his mood he's happy to help me relax. I love feeling his strong hands delicately caress my back, he knows what touches drive me wild and what touches help me to fall asleep. He truly has the gift of massage so I was thrilled when he got the Fukuoku five finger massage glove|Fukuoku five finger massage glove.

Every masseuse has their trusted aids that they rely on when giving the perfect massage, the glove has become his. The low setting on the glove creates a harmonious buzz that vibrates up my body wherever he touches. Best of all, a caring massage can turn erotic with just a flip of the switch. The highest setting is high, I can't deny that. I need intense buzzing in order to have an orgasm and the glove's highest setting is just enough. Whenever his gloved hand ventures between my legs I can't help but laugh. It's a bit funny seeing a bright pink glove that looks like it's better suited holding onto a ski pole than my clitoris. But regardless of the humor that comes from the sight of it, the way it feels is the selling point.

I'd be lost without this glove. My husband doesn't often ask for a rub down, he's much more orally inclined and would trade an hour of bliss on a massage table for 5 minutes of pumping his cock between my lips. Whenever I've used it, I was never able to get it to fit. It does have an adjustable strap to secure the glove over my small wrist, but my fingers are too short to touch the tips. Regardless, I've persevered and have found myself in the shower on a few occasions. The glove is waterproof, isn't that brilliant? I don't have a lot of toys I trust taking into the shower with me, I do have my Paris Duckie massager|Paris duckie massager - Discreet vibrators, but that can only do so much. With the glove, I'm able to move my fingers independently and touch wherever and however I want. It makes shower time a lot more intimate, that's for sure!

The Fukuoku™ five finger massage glove opens up massage possibilities, it's fun to use for the right sized hand and truly makes a personal massage, personal.
Follow-up commentary
A friend of ours has a running joke of "adjustable hands". I don't know exactly how my husband got the nickname but it's his and we laugh about it often. The Fukuoku glove certainly has adjustable hands as it's able to fit both my wrist as well as his. His hands aren't small either! Compared to mine they're like oven mitts and it's nice for him to be able to unstrap the glove and then tightly strap it onto me. While the wrist fits me, my fingers are still too short to reach the tips, his however fill out the glove completely. We haven't used this as often as I thought we would but when we did we enjoyed it and that's all that matters. You can't exactly surprise your partner with this as it makes a sound similiar to wind pants when it rubs against something or you rub your fingers together. That familiar sound of "swish, swish" lets him know exactly what I'm up to. A plus for women is that you can give yourself an in depth personal massage. You can have your thumb vibrate against your clitoris while your other fingers vibrate against your labia or deep inside your vagina. It's a lot more powerful than other vibrators I've tried, however, after using it your hand is a little numb. For finger play I still prefer my TantraBeam|TantraBeam review, however the TantraBeam only makes one finger vibrate where as the Fufuoku glove makes all 5 fingers vibrate.
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    For those that rated this "not useful at all," do you have any questions I could answer about this massage glove? Is there any additional information I could add to my review? Do you have any questions about this product or my experience?
  • Nashville
    Does anyone have any questions about the Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove?
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    Interesting product! Good review
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