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Fukuoku five finger massage glove sex toy review

The Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove is a quality accessory to a long, loving massage. It's also waterproof so it can be used anywhere!
It keeps a massage personal. It's also waterproof.
The vibrations make your hand go numb.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I figured it couldn't hurt to get something that both my wife and I could enjoy. The Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove is meant for the receiver rather than giver, so I figured we could trade off and on.

For the receiver, it leads to a nice full body massage. Don't expect it to feel like a deep issue massage; while the tips have hard plastic vibrators in them that can be pressed into your muscles, it leads to a massage that feels shallow. The vibrations aren't necessarily soothing, but they're a different sort of stimulation that you wouldn't get from just your lover's hands.

I noticed that when my wife was wearing the glove, she was able to rub me down for longer than she has been able to with just her hands. Normally, she complains that the massage oil gets too sticky after a prolonged period of time. However, with the glove on, it kept her hands clean, and I didn't hear her whine once. Another thing that's been the biggest complaint of hers is that during massages her wrists are unsupported; the power pack on the glove is located right under the wrist, so I saw that she was able to prop her hand up with it, leading to her being able to give me a 20 minute massage.

For the giver, the massage can get slightly annoying. The glove is meant for a man's hand. When my wife was wearing it, the vibrating finger tips kept sliding around, and she wasn't able to grip them because her hands were too small. Unbeknowest to me, the tips slid right past the tops of her fingers and dangled unsupported inside of the gloves for most of my massage. I did notice while wearing it, my fingers went numb; this didn't happen to my wife because her finger pads weren't directly on top of the vibrators. Unfortunately, the one wearing the gloves feels more of the vibrations than the one being massaged with the gloves. At 45000 VMP, they should make it so the one getting the massage gets the majority of the vibrations.

I'll admit the main reason I wanted this was not to romance my wife but to have something new and different to masturbate with. The material of the glove at first touch feels silky, but when you're stroking your cock with, it it feels scratchy if you're not using lube. Ever heard your friends joke about "The Stranger," where you sit on your hand until it goes numb and then try to beat off and it feels like a phantom hand? While this won't make your entire hand numb, it does desensitize the tips of your fingers. I could masturbate with this, but I think using it once was enough.

The best thing is that your hand is still the massage. You're still required to do the hard work; the glove is just a helper for you and a vibrating accessory for whoever is laying under your hands.
Follow-up commentary
This has held up well. I'm happy to say that the motor and the exterior of the glove are still in top notch condition.
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