Touche Masturazor - massager by Shots media - review by Nashville

Touche Masturazor

Traditional vibrator by Shots media

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Funky But NOT Functional!

It was a funky idea but nothing more. While the outside of the vibrator was crafted beautifully, the inside was just disturbing.
Supple, hypoallergenic silicone.
Weak bullet, weak razor, weak cap covering the razor. Cheap, sharp metal inside.
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I love to try new things, however, when I first heard about the Masturazor I thought to myself I'd never be brave enough to try it. Masturbating with a razor? They must be joking. Nevertheless it arrived and I just had to thank Eden again for testing my limits and my capability of being a good reviewer.

I love silicone, especially medical grade silicone. The particular silicone of the Masturazor feels silky and taut. It has a velvety coat and a little give to make it a comfortable feeling vibrator. However, it's not my ideal vibrator. The head of the vibrator is bulbous but unfortunately the shaft is rather slim. The vibrator certainly isn't thick enough for me and I'm no 'Size Queen'. It didn't stimulate any of my right spots, in fact, it didn't stimulate anything at all.

The bullet is positioned right above the head of the vibrator. It's exposed, I didn't particularly care for that. I would have preferred it to be covered by silicone as being exposed has left a brownish "rust" looking substance over the sliding on/off switch. I washed it thoroughly after using it, dried it off with a towel and put it back in the box only to find a few days later that the bullet had the brown goop on the top of it and at the seal where it slips down inside the silicone. As this particular one did not come with a bullet key (being the first to review it, I'm thinking it was the only one in stock) I am unable to remove the bullet. I can't use this until it's clean so I'm going to have to find some way to pry the bullet out of it's hole.

Unable to use this as a vibrator any longer, I'll discuss the razor. The razor is housed in the opposite end of the vibrator and it's covered by a separate piece of silicone. This separate piece (that happens to be the handle of the toy) has the tendency to fall off, it doesn't click into place but merely sits unsecured on top of the razor head. The inside of the handle is lined by cheap, sharp metal so that the razor doesn't directly touch the silicone. Whenever I've cleaned the Masturazor and have had the cap come off in my hands I've never been afraid of being cut by it, however, I've been afraid of this metal lining and the metal seam on the side of the razor cutting me instead.

You're able to fully remove the razor from inside of the toy to insert the AAA battery which it came packaged with (Please be careful when doing so). You're also able to remove the head of the razor to switch out the blade. The Masturazor comes with two attachments; a brush and a comb which you can use over the razor to have longer hair lengths. The razor didn't cut any hair when the comb was over it and when I used the razor by it's self all it did was pull and tug painfully at the longer hairs. It did manage to do a fairly proficient job trimming my very, very short hairs but the motor was weak and the blade on the razor was too short to do much more than that.

The idea of this was frightening to me but I survived, I'm just left feeling really disappointed. The packaging of the Masturazor was gorgeous and the silicone was supple and of the highest quality, but the razor was cheap and the metal interior was disturbing. I might use this as a razor again but I'll only use it as a vibrator in the future if I'm able to remove both the bullet and the razor beforehand.
Follow-up commentary
I finally cut my hand on the metal the other day. I attempted to shave my legs and when trying to change out the battery I cut myself. That was the last time I'll ever try to use the Touche masturazor.
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    thanks for the review. didn't get much about the vibrator. the razor part kinda scares me too. I'm not into pain w/ pleasure.
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