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Gigolino may work for some, but some aspects may keep users from enjoying it. If you like firmer toys and expect Fun Factory strength, you might be disappointed with the way the vibrations travel and how flexible the head of the toy is. You might be better off with a rechargeable mini-vibe or a G4 vibrator.
Silicone, Waterproof
Too Flimsy, vibes dont travel well, value aspect
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Gigolino is G-spot vibrator by Fun Factory. It is a fairly streamline toy with the shape to help stimulate the G-spot. The tip can be used to tease the erogenous zones. Ir can work as a clitoral stimulator for some women. Gigolino is not designed for anal usage, but if you're determined you can use it. The toy is long enough that you can firmly grasp the back of it. Still, there are better toys out there for anal play.

Gigolino may be a bit intimidating for beginners since some of the dimensions can run on the larger side. Intermediate to advanced users may like a larger Fun Factory toy for a more reasonable price. Regardless, Gigolino can work in a dorm situation. The toy is fairly disreet for sound and even if you have roommates you can go into the shower since the it is waterproof. If you like firmer toys or need some pressure for G-spot stimulation, the flexibility of Gigolino may frustrate you. While it is the same motor (most likely) as other Fun Factory toys, Gigolino's design makes the vibrations diffuse too much. If you rely on the intensity Fun Factory usually gives, you might want to consider another of their toys.
    • Couples
    • Solo

Material / Texture

Gigolino is coated with awesome silicone. Fun Factory silicone has more drag and lint collecting potential than other silicone, like Lelo's and Je Joue's, but it's still a nice coating. A little water based lubricant can always make insertion easier. Silicone is a very body safe material and a great option for those who are sensitive or don't want to deal with the short shelf life of jellies, rubber and the like. The silicone has no residues or odors.

The toy is mostly smooth; it is the shape that gives in a dynamic feeling. It has a couple of sweeping curves about it that give it a modern, artistic feel. The tip ends in a wipe, softened beak shape. If new to g-spotting, you can slowly change the angle of penetration to see what type of stimulation of firmness you prefer. Gigolino is probably a bit too flexible for the average G-spotter. The top half or third is quite flexible; you can make it jiggle by shaking it. It will squish and bend away if you apply pressure with it.
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

If you're interested in the G4 series by Fun Factory but don't want to spend as much, you might want to try Gigolino as an option. He is half the price and his dimensions are bigger like some G4 models. The shape is similar to if the Big Boss and Elegance had a baby. Gigolino is 8 inches long with an insertable length of 5.5 inches. He also has a max circumference of 5 inches. To put this in comparison, the average female-oriented toy is around 4.25 to 4.5 inches, so Gigolino is on the larger side of toys. He might be a bit intimidating to beginners. Beginners may want to check out the mini-vibes like the Bimini Ocean or Spring.

Because of the size, Gigolino is a bit more to hide than your classic vibe. You can put the toy is a sock, towel, or lint free cloth. It is best to wrap it when traveling to protect the silicone coat. You may also want to remove the batteries to prevent the toy from accidentally turning on during travel. In terms of noise, Gigolino is quite discreet. He clocks in at about 2 Bees; you can use him with a blanket and closed door.
    • Modern
    • Sleek

Functions / Performance / Controls

Gigolino is easy to use. The buttons and means of operation are consistent with most other Fun Factory vibes. There are two buttons on the belly of the toy: a plus and a minus. Press the plus button to turn the toy on. It will go to its lowest setting. Press the plus button again to increase the intensity of the vibrations. The intensity can increase until the toy is around a low vrooms.

Here's where it gets interesting. The motor on the toy is strong, but the design of the toy doesn't let the vibrations travel through it very well. The vibrations are the base of the toy are a solid 4 vrooms, but it gets weaker toward the head of the toy. The head of the toy is a high 3 vrooms to low 4 vrooms. While the vibrations should be strong enough for many users, those used to the vibrations of Fun Factory toys might find this a dud. The vibrations are rumbly and deep at the base and thin out a bit the farther up the toy you go. The buttons are not hard to press, but I could see it being a little tiresome to adjust the buttons if using the toy for long periods of time.

After you reach the max intensity on Gigolino, press and hold the plus button for a second or so to reach the patterns. There are a few patterns of pulses that can change things up. Gigolino takes 2 AA batteries and is waterproof. He has an O-ring to prevent water from getting in. I have submerged him and have experienced no problems.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Gigolino is easy to care for. Soap and water is tried and true. You can also use toy wipes or cleaner. He is silicone, so he can collect fuzz and lint. It is best to keep him wrapped in a lint free cloth or pouch when he is not in use. Even so, you can wipe the toy down before use. Being waterproof, you can clean without worry so long as the battery cage is secure. When storing, keep Gigolino out of direct contact with materials such as rubbers, jellies, and other silicones. Porous toys can contaminate your silicone with bacteria, and silicone toys can have reaction when touching. They can potentially melt or experience some color transfers.

Only use water based lubricants with Gigolino.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging is Fun Factory standard. There is a card-stock box that you can slide out of a card stock sleeve. Then open the box to find gigolino inside. It would be nice if a pouch came with it for storage. There are instructions with the toy for proper usage and what not to do.


I have a bit of a Fun Factory collection going on. However, this is the first vibrator if have from them that is not rechargeable. It is nice that the company offers vibrators with the same perks for a bit less. The thing is that you are still better off getting a rechargeable version of your preferred Fun Factory vibrator if it is available. For example, the battery operated versions of the rechargeable toys are about 20 to 30 dollars less. If that toy is liked, you'll probably save more in the long run if you go rechargeable. If you want a battery operated toy because you don't like having lots of plugs or want something reliable when the power goes out, then go for the battery operated toy.

If we put aside how the toy is operated, I consider Gigolino a bit below par with the other vibrators Fun Factory has. It is not a mini-vibe, so those who want smaller might want to consider the Bimini Ocean or Bimini Flash. It's closer to the size of the toys in the G4 series, but it is more simple in terms of design, is not as strong when you need it, and is too flexible for some users.

Overall, I think the Gigolino is okay, but not the best Fun Factory toy out there. My favorite is still me Bimini Ocean because I prefer shorter toys overall.
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