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Goldfinger - everything it touches turns to... excitement?

Even though I have listed more pros than cons with this toy, the cons outweigh the pros for me, because they keep me from using this toy the way I want to and the way that would work for me the best. I really love the idea and presentation of this toy, but the design and execution just do not work for me. This toy would work better for me if it were stronger, or either a little smaller or a little bigger. This would work for you if you need something discreet that doesn’t pack a big punch.
Waterproof, Quiet, Discreet, Non-porous, Variety of settings, Compatible with all lubes
Strange in-between size, Runs on N batteries, Not strong enough, Not good for dual stimulation
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The RO-150mm Slimline is designed to be a clitoral stimulator, albeit not a super strong one. It can also stimulate nipples and it can be used to tease his testicles, perineum or shaft as well. Its tip is slim and pointed giving you the precise control you need to get the vibrations right where you want them. Its slim tip can even fit inside the clitoral hood, so if you require pinpoint vibrations you’ll get them. The Slimline can also be placed lengthwise on its side to stimulate clitoris, labia and anus all at the same time, creating the wonderful sensation of all-over stimulation. Lying lengthwise on its side it can also be rolled across the nipples for more diffuse vibrations as opposed to circling them with the tip for more direct stimulation, which does create a very different feeling.

It is excellent for use alone or with a partner to tease each other’s erogenous zones. It is not as easy to use with a dildo due to its size and shape, but it can be done. Positioning it can be tricky because of its length, and I found it nearly impossible to hold it in the correct position for pinpoint clitoral stimulation because it got in the way of the dildo. To use it with a dildo, or during intercourse, the toy must be used at an angle, or on its side, instead of on its end for pinpoint stimulation; in that position the vibrations are not as strong, so it did not work well for me.

The 150mm Slimline would be a good toy for those who do not require really strong vibrations, or users who are especially concerned with pinpoint accuracy in their clitoral toys. It’s a small unassuming toy, so it would not intimidate beginners, but it doesn’t have much new to offer the experienced toy connoisseur. It would also be a good option for someone looking for a discreet, quiet toy that still has pulsating patterns of vibrations.
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Solo
  • Where
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Travel friendly
    • Waterproof
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The RO-150mm Slimline is made of body safe, non-porous and phthalate-free plastic, with a safety rating of 8. There is absolutely no smell to it, and it is completely smooth except for a 1.25” long, 0.5” wide logo in the middle of the toy that says the name of the toy. This smooth texture would be fine for anyone that does not enjoy lots of texture on their toys. Being non-porous this toy will not absorb any of the lube you are using during play time. Like glass it is very slick, and a little lube goes a very long way.

Be aware that this toy is made of plastic that is colored gold. It is possible to scratch the surface, and the gold color can flake off. Make sure to store this somewhere it will not get scratched by other toys, so the gold colored surface remains intact.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

This toy is 6" long and 2.25" in circumference, or 0.7” in diameter. There is a slight seam around the toy about 1” in from the pointed tip that is not noticeable during use. The battery cap at the bottom of the toy is 0.75” long. The two N batteries take up a further 2.25”, leaving about 3” for the actual motor of this toy. With the batteries in, this toy weighs 40 grams or 1.4 ounces. That is just a little bit less than 3 stacked CDs weigh (not in their cases), so it's a very light weight toy.

My first reaction upon receiving this toy was that it is a very strange size and shape. Upon use, that opinion remains firmly intact. I find it rather long to use as a clitoral vibe, making it difficult to use during sex or with a dildo, but it’s a bit too small for insertion. It seems to be in a rather strange “no man’s land” size wise. (The manufacturer says it is “ideal for those hard to reach places”, so if you have trouble reaching your clit for any reason, this toy will extend your reach by several inches.) I also feel that the tip is a bit too small and a bit too pointed. I generally LOVE pinpoint stimulation with a clitoral vibe. This toy, however, is so small and pointed at the tip there is no room for placement error. I think the thin tip would be less of an issue if the vibrations were stronger. But, since the vibrations really aren’t that strong, if the toy isn’t exactly positioned in the precisely correct spot, you just won’t feel it. And that’s frustrating! Especially if the skin is slick with lube, it just moves around a lot and I had trouble keeping the placement just where it needed to be.

I inserted it as well, but could not feel anything. I tried twisting, tilting it at different angles, thrusting it, using all the different settings, but still nothing. It’s only about as thick as my middle finger, so that was about what I expected.

The Slimline is definitely travel friendly. It’s so small you could slide it right into your purse or pocket, as long as you take the batteries out. Being so small and not being a phallic shape also makes it fairly discreet. It could easily pass for a pen at first glance, as long as no one tries to borrow it to sign a check!
    • Discreet look/design
    • Partner play
    • Futuristic

Functions / Performance / Controls

I would like to start off talking about the vibrations on this toy. They are buzzy and they seem stronger than they are. It seemed like they were going to be fairly strong, until I started using it. It seems that the vibrations lessen once the toy touches your skin. So while they seem like nice vibrations, once I started using the toy the vibrations reduced significantly. I found that both misleading and disappointing. This is not a toy that will get me to orgasm by itself. It’s going to need some serious help to finish the job, but it does work for me as a warm up toy.

This toy runs on two N batteries (included in the packaging), not two watch batteries as the product page says. It has one button on the bottom of the toy that controls the toy functions. This toy has five different settings as follows:

1 – steady vibration, low speed (about 2.5 vrooms)
2 – steady vibration, high speed (about 3 vrooms)
3 – short pulses of vibration (about 2 per second), high speed
4 – shorter, more rapid pulses of vibration (about 3 per second), high speed
5 – even shorter, even more rapid pulses of vibration (about 4 per second), high speed

A brief push of the button shuffles you through each of the 5 settings. When you’re ready to turn the toy off, push and hold the button for 3 seconds, or unscrew the battery lid about 1/8 of a turn (if you’re using the toy in water, do not unscrew the battery lid). When you turn it back on, it will be back on the first setting no matter where you had it set when you turned it off. I do not generally enjoy pulsating settings on any of my toys, as I find they are too slow to really do anything for me. I personally prefer steady vibrations that I can simply move around for myself, but I did actually enjoy the fastest setting on the Slimline because it is a very rapid pulsing. For being such a small, inexpensive toy it does have a nice variety of settings, and they are noticeably different from each other.

The vibrations can be felt the strongest in the top 3” of the toy (from about the middle of the logo all the way to the pointy tip). They can be felt throughout the entire toy, even down to the handle, but they are not as strong at the handle as they are in the top half. They are fairly buzzy vibrations and not really strong, so be aware of that.

The button can be difficult to push at times during use. I advise not getting much lube on the shaft of this toy at all, because the toy must be gripped very firmly in order to properly push the control button.

The Slimline is a VERY quiet toy. Anyone who values privacy, or may be living with parents, in a dorm or with a roommate will value that aspect of this toy. When I am just holding it by the handle, it is virtually impossible to hear from across the room, and receives a 1 bee rating. Once the toy is touching something, however, be that your body, your mattress, your blankets, etc., its noise level does go up just a little bit. It still remains very quiet, and I still only give it a 2 bee rating since you can’t hear it behind a closed door, but you can just barely hear it under blankets. This is definitely one of the quietest toys I own.

The Slimline claims to be waterproof and it is, VERY waterproof, in fact. It can be used completely submerged in water, and as long as you have the battery cap on securely no water is going to get in. It does get just a bit louder when submerged, and the vibrations are dampened just a bit by the water, making it feel slightly weaker.
    • Multiple settings
    • Discreet sound
    • Lots of variety in function

Care and Maintenance

Being plastic, the 150mm Slimline is about as simple as it gets in the care and maintenance department. Hybrid, water, oil or silicone based lubes may be used with it. Its smooth surface makes it a breeze to clean with hot water and soap, or a toy cleaner. If you need to disinfect it, it can be swiped with alcohol or a dilute bleach solution, but should not be boiled or put in the dishwasher.

Storage is also simple with this toy, it’s so small you can store it almost anywhere. Keep it in the box it came in if you like, or if you don't have enough room for the box you can streamline your storage with a toy pouch, a plastic baggie, an old sock, or something similar. Remove the batteries when not in use, so they last longer.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • Low maintenance


The RO-150 mm Slimline comes packaged in a strong cardboard box measuring 7.75” long, 2.25” wide and 1.5” tall. The box reminds me of the boxes harmonicas used to come in, a textured, really thick cardboard with one hinged side. The top of the box has a clear section, so you can see the toy inside, and the toy is nestled in a tray made of plastic with a velvety coating that has a cut out for the toy to lie in. It kind of looks like those expensive gold pens you can buy as a graduation gift.

The box has the name of the toy and the company that makes it (Rocks-Off LTD) on the front, and on the back it has several facts about the toy in bullet points, and shows you proper battery insertion. There is a small sheet of paper underneath the plastic tray inside the box, and it has battery insertion instructions for the entire Bullet line, RO-80mm through RO-160mm. The information sheet also tells you how to get the most out of your new toy, how to store it and how to care for it and clean it. They are very basic instructions, with no information on what the functions or power settings are.

The packaging is nice, and would definitely be suitable for gift giving. The toy doesn’t really look like a typical dildo or sex toy, so even though you can see the toy through the lid of the box it isn’t obviously a sex toy. My first thought was that it was a fancy ink pen, even though I knew what it was already. The packaging would also be suitable for storage if space is not a problem. I keep mine in a smaller toy pouch, just because I don’t have room for the box in my toy chest.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift


I really wanted to love this toy. And there are definite aspects of it that I do like. I like that it is so slim, and I really like how pinpointed you can make the vibrations. I just don’t like the size of the toy, or the strength of the vibrations. I would like it much more if it was stronger, and about half the length (maybe 3” or 3.5” long max) or if it were double the girth. For me, the length of the toy makes it less compatible with penetration of any kind, and I am a lover of dual stimulation. If the toy were girthier, it could actually be used for penetration like a traditional vibrator, which would be nice. This strange, in-between size is a real drawback for me. It just isn't a practical size or shape for me to use. If it were stronger, I could overlook the strange size issue. It is simply not strong enough to get me to orgasm on its own; I have to be using something else at the same time, but this toy gets in the way of any other toy I want to use with it. I do really like the way it looks, and I like that it has so many different settings and patterns. Over all, however, I think this vibe will probably stick to being a warm up toy for me, or something for us to use together during teasing and foreplay only (even in the shower!) until the batteries run out. N batteries can be difficult to find, and I’m not sure I will bother with trying to find replacements when the included batteries finally die.

This toy presents itself as a high end, luxury toy. The design is very eye catching and the packaging really is top notch. But, even though the toy has some very nice features, my personal feeling about it is that whatever it can do, there is another toy already in my collection that does it a little better. Our overall impression of this toy: we were a little disappointed.

I am giving the RO-150mm Slimline 3 stars because it isn't a bad toy, it just doesn't work for me. I think with all the features it has, it will probably work for some users. For example, if you need something extremely slim, quiet, waterproof, discreet and portable with a variety of settings, but you don’t need a real power house vibe or a clit vibe for dual stimulation, this might be a nice addition to your toy collection.
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