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Sugar spoon

G-spot rabbit vibrator by Golden Triangle


The Facts Phthalates and sex toys.
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Okay and then...awful

The sugar spoon may be best used as an actual spoon instead of a sex toy. It works well at first but the honeymoon was pretty short-loved with this item.
pretty, smooth vibrations, can change direction of rotation
stopped working in a few weeks, shaft too thin, very smelly
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I received this as a Valentines Day gift. My boyfriend and I thought the idea of a "spoon" was nice, as it would collect all sorts of delicious lady juices. As first it was great. The first thing I noticed was its design and color were quite pretty. Everything after this initial impression was downhill.

The vibrations are relatively strong but still smooth, unlike some vibrators that feel like you're masturbating with a jackhammer. Still, while the vibrations are okay here, the 25 dollar vibrator I own puts this one to shame. MUCH stronger. If you're sensitive this might be good for you, however if you need a little more stimulation this is not a great toy.

The spoon itself entirely ineffective. It does nothing. It does not provide much internal stimulation. For this reason the name is quite misleading: it doesn't do enough to even create any juices in the first place, let alone catch them! The size was another area this toy did not deliver in. The actual shaft is thin, so if you're a size queen don't bother. The clitoral attachment may in fact be wider than the vaginal part. This isn't an issue for me and is actually preferable since I'm more of a clitoral stimulation type, but for most this might be a turn off.

The smell of the vibrator was not very pleasant. The strong plastic-y smell would not go away no matter how much I washed it. This didn't go away with use either. The scent was so strong it would make my genitals smell like rubber. I have had toys made of the same substance but the smell on this one was just too much for me. If you do choose this toy, please use condoms as it is made of jelly which is porous. In addition to being porous, there is no flared base on this, so I would avoid using it for anal.

There are some multiple speeds for the vibrations and for the rotation, which is nice. You can also change the direction on the rotation which some might find nice. Still, all in all, I don't think this was a worthwhile investment. For three weeks, this was a pretty good vibrator|Clitoral vibrators: Sugar spoon. And then, it just stopped vibrating. The rotation worked but not the vibration. Shortly after (maybe two weeks) the rotation also stopped working. This is something you expect to happen with those little watch battery vibrators but not with this. I just gave up on the toy and threw it out.
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  • Betty Rocket
    That smelly smell was the smelly smell of JELLY! :)

    Did it do anything for your G spot? I think the spoon shaped head is supposed to stimulate your G.....
  • Domineight
    It didn't really do much inside at all for me. I have had jelly before that didn't smell like that. I'm glad I joined this site though because I didn't realize just how unsafe it is.
  • Oggins
    You're right! Jelly can be considered unsafe but, not just because it usually contains phthalates but, it is very porous and cannot be properly cleaned. You can cover it with a condom to protect yourself and it makes cleanup easier too. Heh, the smelly smell reminds me of sponge bob......
  • Betty Rocket
    Domineight-Most of the jelly I have owned ( i have no more, thank god) emitted that horrible smell to one degree or another.

    Oggins-that's where I snatched it from....ANCHOVIES :)
  • Bulma
    I am not quite sure I understand how the spoon shape would stimulate the G-spot, or much else as far as that's concerned. It really doesn't look that useful at all, and I must say, your summary cracked me up. Sorry it was such a let down, and broke that fast :( Thank you for helping me avoid this one though, and nice review :)
  • Yeah, I think that spoon/scoop tip was meant for different kinds of stimulation- maybe also good on the clit. Too bad that it broke, though. Was it, in fact, quieter than similar vibrators like the description mentions?
  • Nashville
    If it smells take that as a warning sign to not buy jelly. This sounds cheap and like an absolute bit of junk. Unfortunate because the shape is cool.
  • Red Riding Hood
    I'm sure it wasn't made with the intention of being strong in the first place. The one I used had a great gyration, though. Sadly that was the only good thing about it. Sorry it pooped out on you so soon! What a waste of money just to make those! And such a good idea, too.
  • moonlitlilly
    Great review!
  • Sunrise
    Thanks for the review!
  • jeangel246
    Thanks for the review
  • angel142stx
    Thanks for the review
  • Eucaly
    Thanks for writing this review!
  • Nemon
    Thanks for the review!
  • kierrakeke
    thanks for the review
  • AzealiaB
    great review, thanks!!
  • Entropy
    This is an odd looking toy, good to know the spoon end is ineffective, thanks for your review.
  • Lil
    great, thanks!
  • LavenderSkies
    Thanks for the review!
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