Great First Vibe

Overall, I would definitely recommend this vibrator to any of my friends - especially those with less experience with sex toys or sex in general. It allowed me to learn more about myself and what got me off, which translated into having a healthier, more fulfilling sex life with partners. It was easy to use, and I had great orgasms from my sessions - what more could you want from a vibrator?!
This was the ideal first vibrator. Very easy to use, and I had great orgasms.
Sometimes, I wished the clitoral vibration section was a bit stronger.
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First impression

This was my first ever sex toy purchase, and I was overwhelmed when trying to figure out what I wanted to try. I was pretty inexperienced with sex at the time and wasn't exactly sure what I liked. After reading the reviews, I decided to give this a try, and I am so happy I did. The packaging was discreet (which was vital to me, as I lived with my family at the time), and when I first opened it up, my initial reaction was how smooth the toy felt. Penises have bumps from skin and veins, but this toy was silky smooth. I remember just stroking it a bit before I tried it out, and knew that I had made the right purchase.

First Use

I had to wait some weeks before I was able to try it out - I wanted to make sure I was home alone in case it was loud and to make sure that I had time to enjoy it fully. I didn't have any lube at the time, so I made sure to get myself excited about using it. Before I started, I went through all the different vibration patterns, so I knew what to expect. Once I started using it, I stayed with the basic vibration just to see how it felt and if I would enjoy it.

I was so surprised at how easy it was to use - remember how I mentioned how smooth it was? Well, you should still have some lubrication (whether it be natural or store-bought), but you don't need a lot. It also felt a bit larger than I was expecting, but not in a bad way - it just took me a second to get used to the size. But that first orgasm got me hooked, and I was excited to try out the different vibration patterns to see which one gave me the best orgasm. I'm lucky enough that I can orgasm multiple times in one session, and I think the first time I used it, I got off 4 - 5 times before I was worn out.

Further Experience

This vibrator is by and large the best one I've purchased. I've bought a few more since then, but my orgasms are the best when I use this vibrator. The variety of vibration patterns and speeds makes the toy incredibly versatile and matches whatever mood I am feeling at that time. Some vibration patterns work better than others, but there wasn't a pattern that I disliked, or that couldn't get me off in the right setting. As I continued to expand my sex toy collection, I would sometimes use this toy with store-bought lubricant, which allowed me to be comfortable with the size faster, but most of the time, I would use this toy with my natural lubrication and have no issues. I never used this vibrator with a partner - I had this toy before I was comfortable using toys with a partner - if I had it now, I would be more than happy to incorporate it in our repertoire of activities.

Vibration Map

The clitoral stimulation was strong enough to have me reach orgasm quickly, but not so strong that it was overpowering. Since this was my first sex toy, the only way I had orgasmed previously was through direct clitoral stimulation only. This toy was my first experience with penetration orgasms, which were a lot more intense and longer lasting than just clitoral orgasm.

Sometimes, to get myself excited and work up my natural lubrication, I would use the tip of this vibrator on my clit to get a more intense feeling. Overall, this vibrator had a great balance of intensity without it becoming overpowering.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

As I mentioned previously, I am lucky enough to orgasm very easily. This toy was my first time experiencing a penetration-based orgasm, rather than a clitoral stimulation only orgasm. This sensation was so much more intense - it lasted longer and satisfied me much more so. I typically orgasm 4 - 5 times in one session with just clitoral stimulation, but when using this vibrator, I would only need to get myself off 2 - 3 times before I was satisfied and spent.
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